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What is the William Hill Casino welcome bonus?

William Hill Casino’s welcome bonus for new users registered on the portal consists of offering a 100% bonus of the first deposit made plus 50 spins. The promotional maximum for this 100% bonus is £ 300.

It should be noted that this William Hill Casino bonus can only be used once. That’s why it’s called a welcome bonus, it’s for new users only. That is why it is very important to know how much we want to make this first deposit. Because the amount achieved will depend on it.

We have to recognize that after studying the main online casino operators we can affirm that this is one of the best bonuses that currently exist on the net. Therefore, tens of thousands of new users use it every month.

This bonus is only valid for users with nationality or residence in the United Kingdom, of legal age and who are not part of any self-exclusion list of the game.

Terms and conditions of bonus


  1. What are the main games offered at William Hill Casino?
  2. What are the prizes you can win?
  3. What is William Hill?
  4. Requirements to play
  5. How do I deposit my account?
  6. How are withdrawals made at William Hill Casino?
  7. Can you play at the casino without making a deposit?
  8. Do you have licenses to offer these online casino games?
  9. Responsible gaming
  10. Social networks
  11. Contact forms
  12. Our review on William Hill Casino

What are the main games offered at William Hill Casino?

At William Hill Casino it has a wide variety of the most recognized games of online casinos. The most used by registered users of the portal are slot machines, roulette and card games.

This is the most important section of the online casino, among the William Hill slot games they offer more than 120 different ones. This gives us a data of the importance of the same within the tastes of the visitors. Among the best known and appreciated are Heart of Jungle, Aquaman, Gladiator Jackpot and Buckle Up.

It ranks as the second section in order of importance for its followers. They offer three different rooms: French multiplayer, live and slingshot.

For card games they offer all the traditional online casinos UK such as Blackjack or Baccarat


Better known on the internet as slot games, slot machines form the main group of games at William Hill Casino. It is also the group that accumulates, by far, the highest volume of jackpots accumulated in some of its most important rooms. Here we detail some of the most relevant games by volume of prizes and users.

Slots games
Jackpot Giant Constantly changing Play now
Pharaop´s Treasure Constantly changing Play now
Cat in vegas Constantly changing Play now
Age of the Gods Constantly changing Play now
Furious 4 Constantly changing Play now

Roulette at William Hill Casino

Roulette games form the second largest group of games of chance offered by William Hilll Casino. In this group there are 6 main gambling rooms, all of them based on this mythical betting game, but each of them with specific variants for its players. Below we detail the roulette rooms offered by the portal:

Roulette games
European Premium Constantly changing Play now
Classic Constantly changing Play now
Premium French Constantly changing Play now
French Constantly changing Play now
Premium American Constantly changing Play now

Card Games

Card games have always been a reference within conventional casinos and William Hill Casino is no exception. In this section the most famous card games of the same are offered as:

  • Premium Blackjack
  • Multiplayer Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Blackjack Surrender
  • Lucky lucky
  • Perfect Blackjack
  • Buster Blackjack
  • Cashback Blackjack

Live games at William Hill casino

William Hill Casino Live Gaming is the latest section to arrive but has given a lot to talk about. In them you can play realistically with a particular dealer and other players in real time. This feature has made it grow steadily in the volume of participants using these live rooms. The options to play currently offered are:

  • Cassiopea
  • Express
  • Slingshot

What are the prizes you can win?

To be honest, in casinos it is normal to lose your money. For the few who win, it is also fair to point out that they can win very high prizes. Many of them above £ 20.000. Some over £ 200.000.

Every day the jackpots accumulated in the different casino games offered by the platform are shown.

Besides being able to get these huge prizes, it is also easier to win one of the many medium or small prizes that they give out. These can be found in most of the slot, roulette and casino games offered by the portal. It should be noted that most of the games of chance offered on the portal have returns to the player above 90%.

What is William Hill?

William Hill is a mythical company within the sports betting sector. Its origins date back to 1964 in the United Kingdom. Today it is a London-based macro-company and is listed on the FTSE 250 stock index. It was one of the first bookmakers to make the leap to offering its products online.

Its brand is one of the most recognized in the betting sector and has millions of users spread all over the world. The brand also has sponsorships for large events and is an official sponsor of sports teams. This gives it a special relevance that transforms into a greater volume of users and business on your portal.

Currently it also offers gambling and casino games, a sector in which it occupies a preferential position in most countries with regulations or absence of them that allow this type of online games.

Requirements to play

In order to play at William Hill Casino, it is essential to comply with the requirements set out on its website in an updated way. However, we also remember them in the following list:

  • Register on the web offering identity data.
  • Be of legal age and prove it by sending a photocopy of the personal document
  • Send proof of residence. You can get any electricity, gas or internet bill.
  • Not be on any opt-out list from the game.

For the first point of registration it is necessary to meet the requirements. Once registered it is a fairly quick process we can openly use all the games of chance, casinos and sports betting offered on the platform.

Other important requirements to play at this casino are to have British nationality or residence and to be able to prove it. In addition, it is an essential condition to be of legal age and not be part of any official list of self-exclusion from the game.

How do I deposit my account?

Depositing money into your William Hill Casino account is a really quick and easy process. For this they offer us two options, firstly we have the option of bank cards. It is a highly recommended method due to its level of security and its speed, we can count on the amount entered into our portal account instantly. The bank cards accepted is any under the protection of VISA or Mastercard.

The second of the options to make the deposits in the profile account are the new platforms specialized in carrying out payment operations and money withdrawals. In particular, the options offered in this group are Paypal and Skrill. The percentage of users and players who use this option is really remarkable when years ago it was much lower. The explanation in very simple, these platforms also provide a high degree of security and speed in transactions, so they are also really recommended, fast and secure.

The minimum amount to make a deposit in your account is £10. Always recommending moderation in spending as to play a responsible game at all times for our safety.

How are withdrawals made at William Hill Casino?

To make withdrawals from William Hill Casino to our bank account or online payment platform in case of winning any of the prizes we can use the same means offered to make the deposits. What is advisable is to use the same for both processes, in this way we can streamline the process.

These withdrawals can be made from the amounts generated in prizes. It is important to know that it is not possible to withdraw the amounts offered in the form of bonuses or promotions. These amounts are intended for spending on games of chance and bets offered by the portal but never to collect them.

The minimum amounts to make withdrawals are set at £10. Below that figure it is not possible to carry out the transaction

Can you play at the casino without making a deposit?

Of course. At William Hill Casino it is possible to play slot, roulette and card games without making a deposit with the trial mode. With these demos we can see the characteristics of any of the games offered by the portal. What is also important to know is that in these free versions offered it is not possible to aspire to the prizes in a real way. So we cannot generate real prizes in these demos.

What is essential and mandatory to access these free games is to be registered. Once registered, users can access any of these demos offered to learn about the themes and characteristics of the entire portfolio offered by the platform. We remind you that registration is a quick and easy process, with just three minutes we can be registered.

It should be noted that many of the portal players usually test these demos to see how easy it works before playing for real money. In this way they get familiar with the exposed games and thus avoid any subsequent malfunction.

Do you have licenses to offer these online casino games?

Yes, William Hill Casino has the necessary licenses to offer these slot games, roulette, blackjack and the rest of those offered on its portal to users with nationality or residence in the United Kingdom.

For this, the portal has licenses granted, firstly, by the Gambling Commission with a license granted with the number 39225. And also by the Government of Gibraltar with the granted license number 34.

With both licenses in force, the portal can offer slot, roulette and casino games in compliance with the rules, laws and regulations in force in the country of nationality and residence of the users to whom this portal is directed.

Responsible gaming

Casino gaming and sports betting platform William Hill calls for responsible gaming. To do this, it complies with the requirements set by existing regulations and laws. In its Uk version we can find in its footer two links to GamCare.org.uk and BeGambleAware.org. In these links we can find the best information to play the game in a safe and responsible way or not to do so if these safety and responsibility premises are not met.

In them we can find the correct and precise information to make responsible use of this type of gambling. In them, special emphasis is placed on knowing that all the expenses generated in this type of games are expenses and never investment. We cannot use these types of games to solve financial problems because we will fall into a serious error. As its name indicates they are only games of chance, it means that they are only a form of leisure.

If, on the contrary, we look for an economic solution in them or we spend more money than we should based on our economy, we can generate a big problem that is better avoided by going to a specialist. Games can only be what they are, games. For this reason, responsible use is recommended from all levels and operators in this sector.

Social networks

In social networks we can also find relevant information about William Hill Casino, especially in its official channels open in some of them. Its official channel on YouTube has a special interest, it shows us some of its most relevant promotions and also some of the new games launched on the portal.

Another of the most active official channels in networks is the one they have on Twitter. In it they have released a multitude of information regarding their slot games, roulette and the rest of those offered in the casino.

Contact forms

If we need to contact William Hill Casino to answer any questions, we have different options to choose the one that best suits our preferences. In surveys conducted in specialized forums, this platform has always obtained excellent ratings for its level of information and clarity.

The first and fastest option is to go to the help center. In it we can find the most frequent questions and answers. This center has been developed with the experience of the most common queries and doubts among the rest of the players. So it is quite likely that you will find the information you need here.

As a second option we have the possibility of contacting directly via direct chat, email or telephone. To contact via direct chat during available hours or send an email we can go to the following address https://www.williamhill.com/help

If we prefer to contact directly by phone, we can use the number provided for customer service in the

Our review on William Hill Casino

Our team has the best of opinions on William Hill Casino. Most of the work team already knew the web before studying the review, with this information we already give an image of what we think of it. The great history of the market is especially noticeable, with almost 60 years of life, the work done by its marketing and design departments, simply impeccable, is noticeable.

The navigation on its website is highly intuitive, it is really easy to navigate through the sections until you reach the games you are looking for. The huge list of slots offered is really remarkable. It is noted that it is one of the sections most used by its players. They are also the games that gather a higher percentage of the accumulated jackpots.

As for the security level, it is the highest on the market. Both this portal and the rest of the large operators in the sector have invested a lot and well in this concept, which is always in an excellent place and this is no exception.

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