What is Plus500?


Plus500 is a trading platform with hundreds of thousands of followers around the world.

In the broker market, this portal is one of the world leaders of the CDF (Contracts for Differences). Support that leadership in their professionalism, being an operator with the respect of all market experts. Its website is highly intuitive with a professional profile doing clean operations in real time.

The Plus500 platform offers its registered users investment products according to each of the countries.The products offered through negotiation of contracts for difference are: cryptocurrencies, securities, commodities, funds, forex, indices and options. It should be noted that this platform in one of the benchmarks within the online brokers sector.


Difference contracts (CFDs) are complex investment products and carry a very high risk of losing your money quickly due to leverage. 80.6% of retail investors lose their money in marketing with difference contracts (CFDs) with Plus500. You should consider whether you correctly understand the operation of contracts for difference (CFDs) and if you can afford to take such a risk.


What are the opinions about Plus500?

Opinions about Plus500 cannot be better. As we anticipated in this reference, this website has an average target of users with a broad knowledge of financial and investment products. For them, this platform is very beneficial to streamline any of its operations in real time. Through the free app they can operate at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

When searching forums on Plus500 Broker we found a positive general opinion. Especially in the training sections and their professionalism to operate from different devices.


👦 Rubén García: “This website is perfect for online trading operations. I have used it for months doing CFD operations with Bitcoin with easy operating management. “


👩 María Sánchez: “After receiving the order to test the Trading operations, I have to recognize that it has been very easy for me to operate. In addition, with good results in CFD with Bitcoin.”


👧 Sara Matas: “When the evidence is obvious, the great work behind it in terms of web and mobile usability. However, for my liking, its graphics can be improved.”


What are the commissions you charge?

The commissions charged by Plus500 are quite low in relation to the rest of the market. It should be noted that this is one of the strongest and most attractive points of the portal.

For example, they have a long list of movements for which there is no charge for fees such as: deposits, opening or closing transactions, interactive market tables, renewal of positions or the prices of contracts for difference.

The commission charged for the various operations is always reflected at the user’s disposal. There are some of the portal’s own such as the guaranteed cap order or the rate for excess time in position. All of them are in the general line of the internet investment sector among the main operators.


What is an online broker?

An online broker is a company that offers its investment intermediation services in the markets through different tools, through a digital platform (website).

Within the online broker market, Plus500 is a total reference for the number of users that are part of the web. Having great fame among the users of online investments with a more professional investment profile.


What is the leverage allowed?

In Plus500 the leverage allowed depends on the investment instruments used. Leverage allows you to invest with greater investment volume than we could afford with our capital. But it is essential to understand the high risk of losing the money invested


How can funds be withdrawn?

Withdraw funds in Plus500 in very simple. Once we are willing to make a withdrawal, we navigate to that section and select the payment method.

The means offered by the investment portal to make these withdrawals are three. Via Paypal, is a medium used by a representative percentage of web users. Via Skrill, which represents the lowest percentage, although growing in Internet users in recent years. And the most used in bank transfer. To use this last method of payment, the most common to withdraw funds, we simply enter our bank details such as name, account number and others. Only a few days the funds will reach that account.


How to download Plus500?

Many Internet users wonder if you can download this broker on their different computers. The answer is yes, of course.

The download of the specific application of each of the equipment is perfectly compatible to operate in real time with maximum power.

The downloads are valid and functional for Windows, Android, PC and Mac. With this, it manages to extend the operability for all existing models in the markets. It should be stressed that the number of operations from mobile devices stops growing at incredible figures. All of them are done safely with satisfactory opinions from users.


What are CFDs?


They are contracts for difference, there are three parties involved: buyer, seller and intermediary.



What are the investment instruments?


The financial instruments used in this are multiple. We can divide them between, cryptocurrencies, stock indexes, forex (currency exchange), raw materials, stocks, binary options and listed investment funds.

As you can see the range of investment products is very wide and requires extensive planning to know which one to use. Then we break down the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.




Stock indexes


Stock indexes represent another main category as an investment instrument on this website. Stock indexes represent one of the most stable investment categories or instruments due to their connotations and economic scenario, it should be understood that the indices correspond to groups of companies by sectors, economic volume or economic zone that when grouped in the same index they get that This has more stability, and therefore less fluctuation.

Stock market indexes were always the favorite product of the investor profile and currently still counts as one of the preferred ones. Due to its stability and moderate fluctuation, a variable leverage reflected in the portal is allowed to operate with them.

The stock indexes most used by users registered on this website are the conventional ones such as the Ibex, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, France 40, Germany 30 and others.







The term Forex is the technical name given to currency exchange. This is an instrument of the investors of a lifetime. The fluctuation or change in value in this investment instrument varies greatly depending on each currency pair.

For the forex investment instrument the leverage allowed by Plus500 varies depending on the markets. You can find it updated on the trading website.

The most conventional currency pairs or currencies when trading with forex are the EURO / Dollar, Dollar / Yen, EURO / Yen, EURO / British Pound, Dollar / British Pound, British Pound / Yen. In addition to these, you have a total of fifty different monetary combinations to invest through CFD (contracts for difference).



Raw Materials


Raw materials are the great unknown, in terms of available investment instruments. These have been used for many years by large investors as one of their great secrets. Depending on the time of the year and macroeconomic news, high returns can be achieved.

The raw materials that can be used in this instrument are Gold, Silver, Petroleum, Natural Gas as the best known, but there are also others such as Corn, Coffee, Sugar, Soy, Cotton, Cocoa, Platinum, Wheat, Palladium or Copper .

The most conventional currency pairs or currencies at the time of trading are the EURO / Dollar, Dollar / Yen, EURO / Yen, EURO / Pound Sterling, Dollar / Pound Sterling, Pound Sterling / Yen. In addition to these, you have a total of fifty different monetary combinations to invest through CFD (contracts for difference).




Shares of listed companies


The shares are one of the investment instruments best known by the general public. The peculiarity of Plus500 is the ease to operate with them in its web and mobile versions. Thanks to this ease of operation you can operate with them in an easy and convenient way.

The negotiation through contracts for difference can be made on this website with a leverage that fluctuates depending on the markets, you can find the information on the platform in an updated way. It is always recommended to use a control on gains and losses with custom stops according to previous analysis.

There are multiple options when it comes to choosing actions, currently technology such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Nefflix or Twitter are very fashionable. Although they are part of the star group of shares used those referring to banking entities such as Santander, BBVA, Bankia or Caixabanc. Those corresponding to energy groups such as iberdrola or Repsol are also common. Nor should we lose sight of solid values ​​such as Inditex.





ETFs are listed investment funds. This is the least known investment instrument used by Internet users due to its high ignorance. The funds are usually based on stable values ​​such as Gold or Oil.

For this instrument the web offers a possible variable leverage. You can find the information on the web in an updated way.

The most commonly used funds are VXX, ETFS or GLD Gold.



What documents should I send to Plus500 after registering?


This point is of vital importance. Plus500 is obliged as a regulated online broker to verify your identity with three aspects: identity, residence and funds. In addition, we must bear in mind that the sending of these documents is related to a vital point for all, security.

First you need to verify your identity with the copy of an official document such as your ID or passport. This document ensures that no one impersonates any identity.

Secondly, you need to verify your residence, by means of any document that confirms it, such as a electricity or telephone bill. With this point you ensure your tax residence to offer the taxes and information requested to any Public Treasury.

Thirdly, you need to verify the origin of your funds through any photocopy of the credit card or bank account to ensure that the initial funds are those of a registered person.



What are the bumpers?


The stops as the same name indicates, are safety elements in our operations, there are four different stops:

Loss cap, is that marked in our operation where we mark a maximum allowable loss, upon reaching that cap the operation is over.

Gain cap, is the one selected prior to performing any operation, a maximum gain is set, upon reaching that cap or limit the operation ends.

Dynamic order stop and order stop guaranteed.


What are the risks of operating with CFD?


The risks of operating with contracts for difference are high. Therefore, it is essential that you know the risks associated with this investment tool.

Some of the risks of CDFs are due to market volatility, counterparty risk and leverage risks.


Is there a demo account?


Yes, Plus500 offers all Internet users a free trial version to learn about the ease and operation of the platform. This demos account is recommended to all new users in order to test the tools of purchase and sale, and once familiar with them go to the real account.