What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit ( is one of the platforms with the highest user growth for sending international money transfers to more than 130 recipient countries. Its launch took place on December 22, 2009 and since then it has not stopped growing in total transactions per year.

WorldRemit is headquartered in London, UK, and employs almost 1,000 highly specialized employees. Currently, with the platform and mobile application, we can send money in more than 70 different currencies and each year they expand this list again. A sign that the evolution of the company is on the right track.

The portal is available in 6 languages ​​and has millions of registered users all over the world. It has become one of the main operators in the financial sector on the internet. Especially when we refer to platforms specialized in international transfers.

How does WordRemit work?

How does WordRemit work? rubengrcgrc

The operation of WorldRemit is certainly simple and this is one of the great attractions of the platform. To start we have to register by filling in the form with our email and an alphanumeric security password. To finish the registration we have to verify the email provided by clicking on the verification button that they send us to it. They also send us a customer code number that will be important later.

At the end of the registration process we can proceed to test the different functions offered. The main and most used by users of the platform is the section for sending money to our countries of origin. For this reason, this company is especially well-known among the millions of people who work outside their country and want to send money to their relatives with the lowest possible cost of commissions and the greatest security provided to transactions.

To use the function of sending capital we have to access the main screen of the portal or the apy where we will see the form to carry out the operation in the central part. In this form we see that first we have to mark the country from which we send the money and the currency that we send. Secondly, we have to mark the country to which to send the amount and the currency that we want them to receive. Finally, we only have to mark the option to say how we want our relatives and contact at the destination to receive the money. For this last option we can select:

  • Wire transfer
  • Cash withdrawal
  • mobile money
  • Telephonic recharge

With these 4 options offered for sending money, WorldRemit becomes one of the operators with the greatest facilities for family, friends or contacts in the country of destination to receive our international transfers.

How long does a WorldRemit transfer take?

Most of the transfers made by WorldRemit are available in it. The platform has published the information that 90% of the total transactions carried out are completed on the same day. These transfers end up being completed within a maximum period of 2 days.

Given that the financial sector in general has managed to increase the speed of delivery of this type of transaction, it is correct to recognize that WorldRemit has a reputation for being one of the fastest. We can verify this in countless reviews and comments published in the most relevant internet forums. Data that crucially favors its notoriety and explains the exponential increase in new users in recent years.

Thanks to this speed, many registered Internet users decide to choose this option (bank transfer) as a shipping method.

Identity verification

Identity verification - rubengrcgrc

Before sending the first transfer, it is essential to verify your identity. To do so you have to upload an image of an official document issued by a government administration of the country in which you are a resident and the platform is active.

This verification process is very fast and is vital for the platform to offer the highest degree of security and, more importantly, to comply with the regulations and legislation in force in each country where it offers its internet transfer services.

We have read some opinions in forums against these verifications but we understand that they are completely wrong. The WorldRemit company and the rest of the portals that offer this type of service to send money do very well in requiring each user to verify their identity with a public document. In the short, medium and long term it is a measure that favors all registered users. Safety and compliance with the Law comes first.

WorldRemit Reviews

On the internet we can find thousands of opinions from users who publish their experiences on WorldRemit. In most of them, a high degree of satisfaction is perceived in terms of different parameters of the portal and the app, such as the speed of the transfers received, the ease of registration and the simplicity of operation, among others.

Among the negative opinions that we also find, we can see some related to some problems or delays in receiving the money. In this context, comments are also published about the difficulty in contacting the company to resolve the incident.

We can see all these opinions and assessments published in general or specific forums of the financial sector. Overall we will see a high overall rating. This fact largely explains WorldRemit’s position of relevance in its sector.

Do you offer app?

Do you offer app? rubengrcgrc

Yes, with WorldRemit we have official apps to use the platform from mobile devices. These mobile applications can be found directly on the system’s website or on the most relevant app download platforms.

Users of mobile devices with an IOS operating system can search for the WorldRemit application in the Apple App Store. When entering its file we can see how it is in one of the most relevant applications in the sector called finance within the portal. It has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5. This data reinforces the good degree of satisfaction shown by their customers. It is free, has a total weight of 136.6 MB and is available in the main languages.

With regard to users with mobile devices or cell phones with the Android operating system, you can search for the app on Google Play. When entering your file we will see more than 100,000 ratings with a general score of 4.4 stars out of a possible 5. It is free and has a weight of 112M.

What fees do you charge at WorldRemit?

The commissions that WorldRemit applies to international transfers sent depend on several factors such as the currency exchange, country of origin and the country of destination. Due to this reason it is easier to directly see the commission applied in the form to send money. In this form we will see the exact rate that applies when we enter the data of the amount to be sent, the currencies to be converted and the countries of origin and destination.

In general, we can affirm that the commissions applied by WorldRemit are lower than the average of the specific sector of the platforms specialized in international transfers. And much lower than the average rates charged by conventional banks. The company publishes on its website that compared to traditional banks it charges 47% less.

When we read user posts in forums and professional experts in dozens of reviews, we can see that the general feeling is that this platform charges below average commissions. Something that customers value very positively because they all seek to pay as little as possible for this concept.

Our opinion on WorldRemit

Our opinion on WorldRemit - rubengrcgrc

The opinion of the analysis and publication team of the WorldRemit review ( is the same as that of the rest of the professionals who have published other reviews, quite favorable. It is obvious that we are dealing with a platform with more than a decade of history and that has millions of users all over the world. In recent years it has become one of the most important operators to send money to our countries of origin.

The portal is especially recognized among workers who are occupying positions outside their country or have directly emigrated to improve their future and that of their families. Among them, the platform is increasingly known for its high degree of security and moderate commissions for sending capital.

Undoubtedly, the company will continue to grow given the annual investments it makes in highly qualified human resources that ensure that the corporation continues to rise in the most relevant figures such as the number of new registered users and the total number of international transfers made.

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