Remitly App

Is there a Remitly app?

Yes, Remitly ( users have an official app to streamline money transfers and shipments from our mobile devices. These official applications can be downloaded from the portal itself or from the main platforms specialized in downloads such as Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In both cases we can download the file for free and see the features offered by this application. In the different technical sheets we can check the total number of downloads made and the main characteristics of the file.

Thanks to the offer by Remitly of this official application, users have a complete experience being able to make or receive transfers comfortably and quickly.

Do you have a Remitly app for Android?

Of course, if we want to download the file available for mobile devices with the Android operating system, we can do it from Google Play. In the file we will see that the application is in the finance category and has more than 380,000 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 possible. What positions it as one of the applications best valued by users in its category.

Do you have a Remitly app for IOS?

Yes, the Remitly app for mobile devices with an IOS operating system can be found on the App Store. In the application file we can verify that it is in the finance category with a 37th position in the global of all applications in the same category. Which shows that it is positioned as one of the most relevant companies for sending currencies to different countries through international transfers.

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