Opinions about Remitly

What are the opinions about Remitly?

On the internet we can find many opinions about Remitly with a high percentage of favorable comments about its operation and security. The main sources to see these publications are the reviews that we can find on search engines such as Google or Bing and specialized or general forums.

On both sites we can see a long list of opinions about Remitly with a generally positive assessment. These comments have become excellent publicity for the company that has had an impact on the acceleration of new users registered on the portal.

The most common opinions about Remitly (https://www.remitly.com) are related to the operation of the website, how money transfers are made or to which countries capital can be sent. Reviews about registering on the platform or about its customer service are also very common.

Below we show you some of these opinions that we found published on platforms specialized in reviews or internet forums.

👨 Roberto Sanchez

It was recommended to me to send money to my family through international transfers and it is a success. It works perfectly and the amount arrives in a very short time.

👩‍ Ana Vega

With Remitly everything is advantages. I use it to send money to my country and it always arrives in 2 days. Very happy with the platform.

👩‍ Laura Boceguillas

The best thing is their customer service. I had an incident with a money transfer and they resolved the problem quickly. Really recommended platform to make international transfers.

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