How does Remittly work?

How Remitly works

Remitly ( works in a simple and fast way to send money to other countries through international transfers with low commissions. To start we have to create a user account and verify our phone number and email provided.

When we are registered we can send money to a long list of countries by filling out the sending form that appears on the website or the app. Before starting with the first money transfer, it is advisable to see the list of countries to which remittances can be sent. This list can be found updated on the Remitly web platform or application.

How do the transfers work?

The international transfer made by Remitly work correctly and efficiently. To make them, we only have to complete the money transfer form with the information of the person or company that is going to receive it and we give the option to finish the transfer.

In just one or two days in money you will be at the selected destination. This time depends on several factors such as the destination country of the funds sent and interbank interactions.

What is the maximum that can be sent by Remitly?

The maximum amount stipulated by Remitly that can be sent is $3,000 per day, $10,000 in a month, or $18,000 per quarter. These amounts may vary depending on each country of origin and destination. We can check them exactly on the official web portal.

These limits for sending money from Remitly are established for the security of its users. And to comply with the regulations and laws in force in each of the countries where it offers its services.

Customers who need to send quantities greater than the pre-set maximum can contact the company to assess their case.

How to send money through Remitly?

To send money through Remitly we have to create a free account. Once created, all we have to do is access its app or website to enter the money we want to send, choose the sending method and confirm the operation in a simple way.

Remitly users benefit from the ease and speed with which we can send the money to the country we deem appropriate so that it reaches our relatives or chosen person as soon as possible.

In surveys carried out on the Internet, it can be seen in a remarkable way how the company’s clients value the speed of sending money to the selected destination countries.

What is the maximum that can be sent by Remitly?

With Remitly we can send money with daily, monthly and quarterly limits that are high enough for most of your customers.

Regarding the limit of the day we can send up to a maximum of $3,000, in a whole month $10,000 and per quarter the limit is $18,000. High enough amounts for most users who use Remitly to send money to their home countries.

If a client needs to extend these limits, they can contact the company to explain why they need to extend these shipping maximums so that they can study their case.

How long does it take for the money to arrive through Remitly?

The time it takes for the money to arrive with Remitly to the selected destinations depends on several factors such as the countries from which we send the money and the destinations. As an average range, we can affirm that the money reaches its destination between 3 and 5 business or working days.

These times also depend on interbank operations and can be shortened in many cases. In all of them, Remitly tries to streamline the processes so that customers have their money in the selected destinations as soon as possible to offer the greatest possible satisfaction. We all know that the sooner the money arrives at its destination, the more satisfied we are with the service.

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