What is Remittly? Is it safe and reliable to send money in 2023?

Remitly ( is a perfect platform to send money with low commission international transfers. It is a company that has become very popular among people who work abroad because it is safe and reliable for sending money to a long list of countries.

As we have anticipated, one of Remitly’s greatest attractions is the high degree of security provided to money transfers issued. Something that your registered customers value very positively. It is also highly appreciated by users that the commissions applied to these money transfers are lower than in the conventional banking sector.

Another of the added values ​​of this international money transfer service is customer service. With Remitly we have a 24-hour service every day of the year to resolve any questions, problems or incidents. In surveys published on the Internet, this customer service can be verified as one of the aspects most valued by users.

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How does Remit work?

One of the characteristics of Remitly is the enormous simplicity to use the platform or the app to send money through transfers to your country. The first thing to do is register. To do so we have to provide an email and password. By completing it in just a few seconds we can proceed to send any amount.

To use the web or the application in order to send money we will see the form to do so on the main home page. In the first step of this form we have to mark the different options that are shown such as the amount we want to send, the country of destination and the shipping method between the bank deposit or the cash payment at the window. A very favorable point of Remitly is that when marking the amount and the country where we send the capital, we already see reflected the total commission that they are going to apply to us. Transparency exercise that all customers appreciate.

In the second step we have to enter the information of the recipient. It is important to make sure that we mark the data correctly. Subsequent steps 3 and 4 refer to the information about the person sending the money and the details of the payment. To finish, we only have to give the button to confirm the transaction. Fast and easy.

How much do you charge for a money transfer?

In Remitly they do not have a fixed rate for money transfers but depend on the country of origin, the country of destination, the amount that we are going to send and other factors. What we can say is that the commissions applied in this system are lower than the general average applied in international transfers from traditional banks.

Another very relevant point of Remitly is that in the box where we mark the information of each money transfer, the amount corresponding to the commission applied to the transfer automatically appears. In this way you can know in a clear and transparent way how much it will cost you to send the capital before the first moment.

From which countries can you send money with Remitly?

From which countries can you send money with Remitly? rubengrcgrc

Remitly is a secure money transfer system for international transfers but it is only available in a small list of countries. It is true that the countries in which it remains active as accepted sites for sending are the main territories from which money is sent . What is much broader is the list of countries to which this money can be sent through transfers or from the window with cash. More than 130.

The countries from which you can currently send money with Remitly are:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Slovakia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • latvia
  • Lithuania
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Norway
  • Portugal (Coming Soon)
  • Singapore

There is no doubt that the company has always expressed its desire to expand this list as quickly as possible. It should be noted that this list has improved a lot since the birth of the platform and has now become one of the preferred operators for users to make this type of international transfer.

Remitly Reviews

The opinions we find about Remitly on the internet are quite favorable. It is these positive evaluations that have made the company grow exponentially in the number of registered users in recent years. Thanks to its low commissions and the ease of sending money to 130 countries, it has become one of the main operators for making international transfers over the internet.

The best places to find these Remitly reviews are travel and financial forums. In both cases we can find countless publications of people who use this system showing their personal experiences. In most cases, we find optimal ratings regarding the fact that it is safe to send money, that the rates applied are low, the general good functioning of the web and that the app for mobile devices works correctly. The customer service always available to resolve doubts or incidents is also highly valued.

Among the negative opinions we find some references to the small list of countries from which money can be sent.

The Remitly app

The Remitly app - rubengrcgrc

The Remitly system has different applications in the main languages ​​that you can find on the main app download platforms. For users who have an Android operating system, they can search for the app on Google Play. You will see that it is one of the most relevant applications in the finance sector and has average ratings close to 4.7 stars out of a possible 5. The most current version is currently 5.62 published on April 9, 2022.

For users with mobile devices with an IOS operating system, we can download the Remitly application on the official Apple website (App Store). When we see the file we will also see that it is one of the most relevant applications and with the highest number of downloads in the finance sector. It has more than 10 reviews with a high overall rating.

Obviously all the versions offered are free and do not have additional costs to those of the money transfer service.

Is it safe to send money with Remitly?

Sending money with Remitly is very secure. This is a decisive factor that explains the great growth of the company in recent years. It has invested huge amounts in improving its security systems applied to its transactions to make it one of the cutting-edge platforms for international transfers.

All its portal and official applications offered have data encryption systems using SSL technology. Therefore, our navigation and the data provided always remain completely secure.

In the opinions published in forums by Remitly clients, we always see references to the high degree of security applied by the system and the trust it generates in its users.

Advantages of using Remitly

Advantages of using Remitly - rubengrcgrc

Remitly users have many advantages when using the platform or mobile application to make their transfers. The biggest benefit is the simplicity of its use. The design of the portal is perfectly focused on providing maximum ease of use of the system. This can be verified in the comments published in countless internet forums by the people who use it.

Another of the advantages most appreciated by its clients is the low commissions. It costs a lot to earn the money we send to our families and we all look for the lowest applied rates for the international transfers we make to our countries. With Remitly we have a lower commission than in conventional banking entities.

Other benefits highlighted by users of the portal are the speed in sending money and the convenience of collecting money at a window in a long list of countries. Something that the family recipients of the amounts sent are especially grateful for.


Analyzing Remitly and reading hundreds of comments and opinions published on the internet, we have found few disadvantages of using the money transfer platform. Perhaps one of the improvements expected from the company is that it activates the portal in more countries from which to remit capital. It currently has a small list that it will have to expand in the future to continue growing in its generated business volume.

Another aspect that could possibly be improved is that of the languages ​​displayed on its website. Although it has the most relevant ones such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and others, it should continue to offer a greater number of them to facilitate access to more millions of users.

Our opinion on Remitly

Our opinion on Remitly - rubengrcgrc

After studying Remitly (, specialized in international money transfers, we can firmly affirm that we are dealing with one of the best operators in the sector. Moreover, we must point out that it is the one that is growing the most in some of the countries in which it offers its services.

This growth in its business figures and the total number of registered users corresponds to several factors. In the first place because it is safe and reliable, the proper functioning of the platform and the applications. Another factor that has been decisive is its low commissions when compared to the rates applied by traditional banks.

Thanks to these and other factors, there is no doubt that Remitly has become a leading company on the Internet. Well known especially among the millions of users who work outside their country. Among them it has become one of the most popular portals for people who want to send money to their family in their countries of birth.

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