What is Paysend? Is safe?

Paysend ( is a company specialized in sending international transfers. The platform was born in 2017. Since then it has positioned itself in its sector as one of the portals with the highest growth in registered users and transactions issued in recent years. Currently it is already over 6 million users around the world.

Its popularity is determined by the low commissions that apply to international transfers made by users of the platform. It has also achieved this notoriety due to the simplicity of the operation of the Paysend website and the app and the levels of security provided to carry out these money transfer operations with currency conversion.

One of the population groups among which Paysend is most recognized is that of expatriate workers who are working outside their country. Among them is a very useful and well-known platform to send money to your family or friends to your country of origin. These transfers usually become a source of improvement in the quality of life of their own. To do this, they look for portals to make shipments safely and quickly. And with the lowest possible cost in commissions for transactions made to different countries.

Relevant data

💵 Withdrawal Methods Card, cash or bank account
🔸 Commissions Between 1.5% and 3.5%
🌎 Available + from 165 countries
💸 Sending of money Via international transfer
💱 Available currencies + than 90
🔒 Security Under SSL protocol
📢 Reviews 82% positive
💳 Payment methods By transfer or bank card

How Paysend works?

How Paysend works? rubengrcgrc

The simple operation of Paysend is one of its great attractions. Once we have registered we can start performing any of the functions offered. Being the sending of money to countries other than the country of residence the most popular among its users.

If we want to make an international transfer to any of our relatives, friends or any contact, we just have to go to the main screen where we find the money transfer form. We can also access this form in the main menu of the Paysend website or the app with the name “Send money”. In this form we have to enter the relevant data of the money transfer such as the amount of the amount, the currency you send and the destination currency. By marking this data we will see reflected the commission applied to each transaction.

For users who want to receive money, they can do so by accessing the “request money” section. This section is also located in the main navigation menu on the platform. In it we find another form, in this case to receive money.

Is Paysend safe to send money?

Paysend is a reliable and secure platform for sending money globally, ensuring the safety of financial transactions through a robust infrastructure and various security measures. The platform employs cutting-edge technologies and best practices to protect the privacy and financial data of its users.

Paysend employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), to safeguard sensitive data during transmission. These encryption methods ensure that personal and financial information remains encrypted and unreadable during transit, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

To prevent unauthorized access to user accounts, Paysend employs multiple layers of security. Strong password requirements, multi-factor authentication, and device recognition techniques are implemented to verify user identity and protect against fraudulent activities. Additionally, regular security audits and penetration testing are performed to identify and fix vulnerabilities in the system.

Paysend maintains compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulations. These measures safeguard against illegal activities by conducting thorough verification processes and identity checks, ensuring the legitimacy of users’ accounts and transactions.

Moreover, Paysend collaborates with reputable financial institutions and payment processors who adhere to strict security standards. By partnering with renowned institutions, Paysend further enhances the security of its platform and promotes trust among its users.

In conclusion, Paysend provides a safe and secure environment for sending money by employing robust encryption techniques, multi-factor authentication, compliance with regulatory standards, and strategic partnerships. These measures work together to protect the privacy and financial data of users, making Paysend a reliable and trustworthy platform for money transfers.

What methods do you offer to make transfers?

With Paysend we have three methods to transfer money to our relatives or contact persons. First of all we have bank cards. From them we can make the necessary income to make the transfers with total comfort and speed. They are the most used option by platform users.

As a second method offered to send money, we have bank transfers. With them, transactions usually take a day or two, but there are also many users who choose it for money transfers from their countries.

The last of the options to make these transfers of capital is to do it through the mobile number. This option is newer than the previous ones and each month gains more followers among Paysend customers.

Paysend Opinions

Paysend Opinions - rubengrcgrc

By searching the most relevant forums on the internet and the best positioned reviews in search engines, we can find hundreds of opinions about Paysend. In most of them we see a satisfactory general assessment and recommendation. The most outstanding are the good evaluations on the operation of the platform and the app.

Opinions about the low commissions applied to international transfers also stand out. This is one of the aspects best valued by users all over the world.

Regarding the negative aspects about Paysend, we find comments and opinions regarding the difficulty to verify the registered accounts. Honestly, this is a generalized opinion that we find about all the platforms that offer services related to currency movements. This is because we must confirm the user accounts created by uploading to the portal an image of an official document that proves our identity. It is something that many Internet users complain about but that favors the security of all platform clients.

Is it safe to send money with Paysend app?

Sending money with Paysend app is safe. To make this statement we have based ourselves on the personal experience of some members of the analysis team of this portal who have carried out several international verification transfers with optimal results in a timely manner.

In addition, we have searched the Internet for all published references on user experiences in sending money to other countries with Paysend and all those found spoke satisfactorily. We imagine that there will be some incidence but they seem to be minimal because we did not find published comments about it.

Something that confirms the good level of security of this portal specialized in international transfers with currency exchange is that it has more than 6 million registered users in a very short time of the company’s life. This indicates that a good level of trust has been gained based on different factors such as the security provided in the transactions carried out.

Can Americans use Paysend?

Americans can utilize Paysend services to transfer money internationally, owing to its extensive global network and user-centric platform. Paysend operates as an innovative digital payment solution that enables individuals to send and receive funds internationally with ease and efficiency. The platform’s capabilities and services are not geographically restricted, making it accessible to Americans seeking cross-border monetary transactions.

Paysend leverages cutting-edge technology to offer Americans a seamless money transfer experience. Through the Paysend mobile application or website, users can initiate transactions to send funds to various countries across the world. Once the transfer is initiated, the platform ensures swift and secure delivery of funds to the recipient’s account, providing transparency and peace of mind to users. Moreover, Paysend offers competitive exchange rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness for international money transfers.

To comply with regulatory requirements, including those in the United States, Paysend maintains robust anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures. This ensures a secure and trusted environment for users, wherein personal and financial information is safeguarded. Additionally, Paysend interfaces with reputable financial institutions globally to facilitate seamless integration with the existing banking infrastructure, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

While some financial institutions may have restrictions or limitations on international money transfers for American residents, Paysend remains accessible and convenient for such transactions. Whether it be supporting personal remittances, overseas payments, or fulfilling other financial obligations, Americans can effectively leverage Paysend’s capabilities to send money internationally with confidence and ease.

Is there a Paysend app?

Is there a Paysend app? rubengrcgrc

Yes, with Paysend we have an app for mobile devices available to all users for free. These applications can be downloaded directly from the portal. We can also search for them on the most important app download platforms.

Registered users with Android operating systems on their mobile devices can download the Paysend app on Google Play. The application is classified within the download center in the finance category. The app has more than 85,000 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 stars out of a possible 5. Many negative opinions stand out in the first versions that it seems that it does not work quite well. Currently the ratings are much better regarding performance. Is free.

Internet users who have an IOS operating system on their devices can download the application from the Apple App Store. Regarding the file data, it has a size of 82.5 MB and is available in the most important languages.

Our opinion on Paysend

Our opinion on Paysend - rubengrcgrc

The opinion of our study team and publication of the Paysend review ( concludes that this platform is one of the best options on the internet to send money by international transfers. Surely it is not the best because in the sector there are several operators with very good features, but it is one of the platforms that is in the group of the best.

What is really remarkable is the evolution of Paysend. The company was founded in 2017 and in just a few years it has managed to grow exponentially in the number of registered users and in the total number of international transfers made.

The portal is especially well known among millions of people who work or study outside their country. For these groups, its services are especially relevant due to the importance of constantly sending or receiving money.

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