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Is PayPal available in Mexico?

The operation of Mexican PayPal ( is really practical, simple and intuitive for users. The first thing we have to do to use this online payment system is to formalize the registration on the portal. For this we have to fill in the form they offer for new users.

After completing the registration with Mexican PayPal, we can start using this payment system in our purchases on the Internet or the payment of monthly subscriptions for different services. As you may have seen in recent years, there are many internet platforms and businesses that offer this option to make payments. This is due to the great strength of the PayPal brand that is recognized and used by millions of users around the world. Thanks to it, there are many companies and online stores that offer this alternative as an option for payments made by their customers.

The most relevant and attractive points for using PayPal are the convenience of its use and the security provided in the purchases and transactions of all its users and customers.

What banks are compatible with PayPal in Mexico?

All the banks that offer their financial products and services in Mexico are suitable and compatible with the PayPal payment system. Bancomer, Santander, Banamex and Banco Azteca are among the most prominent entities and the ones that bring together the greatest number of transactions. Although these are the most relevant by number of associated operations, the list of admitted banks is extensive, including those that operate nationally and those that do so internationally.

From these banks you can associate cards to PayPal, send or receive funds as normal. Although this question is one of the most sought after associated with the brand in search engines, there are hardly any incidents of cards or transfers to unauthorized accounts. In the specialized Mexican forums we can find countless references in this regard.

What is the commission charged by Mexican PayPal?

What is the commission charged by Mexican PayPal? rubengrcgrc

The PayPal online payment system does not charge commissions associated with the payment of purchases or paid services. What does exist are fees applied to businesses and portals that offer this option for payments from their platforms. This commission is negotiated between both parties and in no case is it passed on to end customers.

What does entail a commission in PayPal Mexico is doing other types of operations such as converting currencies or transferring international funds. In the case of currency conversions, they usually carry applied rates close to 3.5%. If we choose to make money withdrawals to bank accounts in Mexican entities, they do not carry any type of commission either.

Other actions such as the return of receipts for lack of funds or confirmations of credit or debit cards do not carry specific commissions associated with PayPal either. It should be noted that some of these operations and functions do carry fees attached to traditional banking.

How to create a PayPal account in Mexico?

To create a new PayPal account in Mexico we just have to follow the steps indicated by the portal. First of all we have to fill out the registration form. This box can be found when we press the blue button with the slogan “open account” located at the top of the navigation.

After completing the PayPal form we have to proceed to verify both the email and the phone number. For this we have to follow the steps requested by the system and verify the email and mobile by sending encrypted codes. This verification system is carried out with optimal security levels in our future transactions and purchases.

Once the account has been created with the email and telephone number verifications carried out, we can proceed to use the PayPal online payment system with total comfort. We can use it both on mobile devices and on computers or PCs. To do this we only have to access from the team we deem appropriate through our username, or email and password.

How to withdraw money with PayPal in Mexico?

Withdrawing money from PayPal from Mexico is a safe, fast and simple process. To carry it out successfully from the country we have to have a national bank account associated. If we already have it, we only have to request a transfer of funds available in PayPal to our associated account following the steps indicated. When this provision of funds is made in pesos, it does not entail any type of commission applied.

For users who do not have bank accounts associated with PayPal in Mexico, the best recommendation we can make is that they associate at least one of them if they want to withdraw money from the system easily and safely. To associate an account we only have to insert it into the system and verify it by sending a small amount. As soon as we receive this first test shipment we can confirm it and use it to withdraw funds.

Transfer money transfers to domestic accounts with PayPal are usually available in just 24-48 hours. This time delay is derived from conventional banking interactions and is not applicable to the company that helps in the opposite direction. That of streamlining the sector.

How to verify the account in PayPal Mexico?

How to verify the account in PayPal Mexico? rubengrcgrc

To verify the accounts in PayPal Mexico we have to demonstrate that we are the legitimate owners of the email and the telephone number provided. This action results in the security of all users of the online payment system and thus be able to offer high standards in this relevant point for all.

As a second step to verify an account in this system we have to associate a bank card or account number of any bank in which we are the holder.

These verifications are called “high security” since the application is responsible for moving funds, receiving or sending money and it is important that the access levels are completely secure.

How to pay monthly without interest with Mexican PayPal?

To use the option to pay for a purchase with PayPal in months without interest in Mexico, we have to access the portal or application with our access data and check the option called “Payment preferences”. By checking it you can check if you have the possibility of deferring the purchase in months.

The terms, if available, depend on the total payment. The greater the number, the more months offered in a directly proportional manner.

This payment deferral option is not always available. As a general rule, the greater the volume of expenses generated and the greater the amount of the purchase, the greater the options that we have this function enabled.

How does PayPal work for businesses in Mexico?

If you have a business and want to use PayPal in Mexico as a payment option for your customers, you can register your business and request the payment gateway. It is a fast and agile process that can only last a few days until it is definitively verified and the system can be counted on.

This option is especially suitable for those companies that sell their products or services online. For all of them, registering with this payment system has innumerable advantages and provides a plus of security and guarantee in the purchases of your customers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the sales department and they will inform you of any questions.

It is important to know that PayPal has more than 350 registered users in the system and that is a huge brand strength associated with each business that registers. That is the explanation why more than 27 million businesses have decided to have this payment gateway and easily manage their income through this channel.

What offers do merchants associated with PayPal Mexico offer?

Some of the most recognized brands in different sectors offer offers to PayPal Mexico users. These offers are published in an updated manner on the portal of the payment system.

The following promotions are currently available:

  • Spotify Premium with three months free.
  • You will fly with payment offers with up to 12 months without interest.
  • Privalia with 12 months are interest and up to 500 pesos discount for purchases on your shopping platform.
  • with coupons for a maximum value of 300 pesos to spend in your online store.
  • HP with 12-month interest-free offers on deferred payments and discounts of up to 20% on some of its models.

We always recommend checking the offers and promotions published on the official website because they may be modified without prior notice. In the portal we will always find them updated and with the general rules for their use.

What protection does PayPal offer in Mexico for purchases paid with this system?

PayPal’s online payment system offers protection in Mexico for the purchases of all its users who have paid in this way. This protection remains active for all customers for 180 days from the date the product was purchased.

This benefit can be used by any buyer who has received a product in poor condition and not in accordance with the item previously requested. The protection is also available to those users who, having purchased several units, have received only one or less than those agreed upon. Finally, this guarantee is also valid for those people who have bought an original product and have received a counterfeit.

All those who are affected by these incidents can request the protection in PayPal in Mexico and in case of being accepted they will see the return in their respective balances of the total money spent on said items.

To request this protection, it is necessary to present an incident within 180 days following the date on which the product was paid for. It is also important to note that to enjoy this benefit in case of fraud or scam it is necessary to have paid for the product by PayPal, that it be physical for subsequent shipment and that the payment method was without postponement.

Complementary information of PayPal Mexico in social networks

Internet users who wish to expand the information offered about PayPal Mexico can do so on the main social networks. In these online communities we can find an infinite number of opinions, videos, information and evaluations on different aspects of the payment system.

In these social networks we find published official news from PayPal channels. But we also found thousands of reviews and ratings from thousands of users with Mexican accounts and others from the rest of the world. Among the opinions we find an enormously positive overview of the brand. This rating is determined by the many years it has been among Internet users with millions of followers throughout the world.

This information is related to the associated bank cards, how it works, how to create an account and other factors of interest. Some of the best social networks where to find this associated information are:

  • Twitter posts about PayPal
  • Videos on Youtube about PayPal
  • Images on Pinterest about PayPal

Other perfect internet sites to complement information about PayPal are specialized forums in Mexico. On these websites we can find thousands of opinions published with different degrees of affinity to the portal. Among the comments found, mentions to the ease of using the payment system stand out.

Our opinion on Mexican PayPal

Our opinion on Mexican PayPal - rubengrcgrc

The opinion of our team on Mexican PayPal ( as a payment system could not be more favorable. To begin with, all the members of the study and publication team of this review know about and use this option to process some of the payments and purchases we make on the web. In addition, we have used it for many years. And we are not the only ones, the number of registered clients in the world reaches exorbitant numbers. The number of followers in Mexico is dated in millions today.

The factors on which we rely to give a positive recommendation on PayPal in Mexico are security and trust in the first place. The security that we obtain when using this system to pay for purchases or services on the Internet is very high. This optimal level of security to protect our purchases and transactions is thanks to the portal’s work over the years on this vital factor for customers and buyers.

The trust generated by the PayPal company is based on all the work carried out by the company that has given it a relevant position within this sector of online payment processors. In this market segment, it is the undisputed leader by volume of transactions carried out per day.

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