What is Paypal?

PayPal ( is the best-known platform specialized in online payments and collections and with the largest number of users in the world. The company was born in 1998, in Palo Alto (California, USA), the place where countless ideas and companies sprang up that have helped change the world as we know it. Without a doubt, PayPal was one of them. It did so by offering a fast, secure payment system specialized on the Internet and an alternative to the conventional payment systems that we all know.

The company was created by its founders Peter Thiel, Yu Pan Ken Howery, Max Levchin and Luke Nosek who had the vision of streamlining current payment systems by taking advantage of the benefits of the network. This launched idea quickly achieved notoriety that made the corporation grow to the current figures. Last year he had revenues in excess of $21 million. What positions it as the undisputed leading platform in the sector of monetary transactions over the Internet.

How do I sign up for Paypal?

Registering with PayPal is really easy and takes only 1 minute. For this, it is only necessary to fill in the requested information such as name, email and others. The process is totally free and is considered by security experts as one of the best on the internet.

What are the Paypal commissions?

Buying online with PayPal does not entail the payment of commissions. The earnings of the online payment platform are determined by the rates applied to the businesses and not to the customers who pay for the purchases made.

Receiving money in the account of this platform does not entail the payment of any commission either. To send money to bank accounts we also do not pay any fees if we choose the normal delivery that takes one or two days. If we choose the immediate shipping option, they charge us a commission close to 1% and the money arrives in our bank account in seconds.

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