Payoneer reviews

What reviews are there about Payoneer?

We can find all kinds of reviews about Payoneer (, most of them are positive. This partly explains the success of its last few years with millions of new users registered on its platform. Most of these evaluations are related to the commissions, the operation, the security and the ways offered to send money.

Opinions related to companies that want to expand the information to offer Payoneer as a means of payment in their stores or online businesses also stand out.

Among the negative comments, those that refer to the difficulties in registering on the portal stand out. Or the high commissions applied by the company in currency conversion.

Some of these opinions that we find on the internet are the following.

👨 Ramon Garcia

Payoneer is a perfect platform to send or receive money. I have been using it for years without incident and with total normality. Highly recommended.

👩 Laura De la Torre

It is quite easy to use. I have sent money to my relatives and it has always arrived within the expected time. They could lower the commissions that apply to transfers.

👴 Miguel Aguirre

It is one of the most reliable portals for managing capital on the internet. I’ve been using it for a short time but I like the navigation and the options for sending any amount.

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