What is Payoneer?

Payoneer ( is an online payment processor that has positioned itself as one of the best options for making payments and receiving money online. It is especially well-known among electronic businesses from countless sectors that offer this means of payment as a perfect option for their customers.

Currently Payoneer already has more than 5 million registered users around the world who use this payment processor. A figure that positions it as one of the main operators in the internet finance management sector.

The company is listed on the Nasdaq under the name Payoneer Global Inc. (PAYO). It currently has a market capitalization of more than 1,400 million dollars.

What is the difference between Payoneer and PayPal?

What is the difference between Payoneer and PayPal? rubengrcgrc

Both Payoneer and PayPal are excellent options to pay for purchases or services online and there are not many differences between them. They are also two perfect ways to send or receive money online with excellent security measures applied. If we have to select which of the two companies is better, it would obviously be PayPal due to its long business history, enormous prestige, number of clients and leadership position in the market.

But we have to recognize that both options are perfect for buying internet products or paying for services. In recent years, Payoneer has obtained enormous notoriety and prestige among thousands of companies that have chosen it as a means of payment on their internet portals to collect their items or services.

What is a Payoneer account?

A Payoneer account is having a verified registered user profile in this online payment processor. With these accounts we have the option to receive payments, send money or buy products online in the portals where they offer this option as a payment method.

To open a Payoneer account it is necessary to complete the registration form by inserting our personal data, email and mobile or cell phone number. After completing this form, it is essential to verify the number of the mobile device provided by numerical verification. Email verification is also required. These steps are planned in order to offer the highest degree of security. Especially in the future transactions of all customers of the online payment processor.

Once we have the account activated on the platform we can start using it normally. We can receive money, send it or manage it online.

How to withdraw money?

How to withdraw money of Payoneer? rubengrcgrc

To withdraw money from our Payoneer account, the best option is to do it by bank transfer to one of the accounts you own. It is important that the destination bank account is national in the place where we reside. For this we have to have the bank account to which we want to send the money associated with this platform. It is a really simple step that we can complete in just a few seconds.

When we want to withdraw money we have to go to the portal’s main menu and mark the “Withdrawal” option. Later we have to select the bank account to which we want to send the amount. To finish, we only have to enter the shipment data such as the amount we want to send and mark the “Review” and “Transfer” options. In just a minute we have the transfer made.

How to receive money in my Payoneer account?

To receive payments with the Payoneer account we have three different options:

  • By requesting payments
  • With bank transfers
  • Companies that pay through this payment processor

The most used option by registered Payoneer users to receive money is bank transfers. With this medium it is really simple and receive regular payments from customers, for products or services.

How long does it take for the money to arrive with Payoneer?

Money transfers made from Payoneer typically arrive within 1-2 business days. This time depends on several factors such as the countries from which the funds are sent, the recipient countries and interbank interactions.

Taking into account these external factors, Payoneer can be considered as a fast platform for money transfers with currency conversion online. This fact is confirmed by the thousands of opinions published in dozens of forums in relation to the speed of arrival of money transfers made by this company through international transfers.

One aspect to highlight is the informative level of each transaction. For this we receive an email when the money leaves our Payoneer wallet and every time it reaches its selected final destination.

Payoneer Reviews

Payoneer Reviews - rubengrcgrc

On the internet we can quite easily find thousands of opinions about Payoneer. Particularly noteworthy are those evaluations related to the functioning of the online payment processor, security and the commissions applied to its clients for the different transactions and currency conversions carried out.

The best websites to find these Payoneer reviews are the major social networks and major internet forums. Especially in those that discuss issues related to managing money online and online payment processors.

It’s also relatively easy to find Payoneer reviews and ratings from countless reviews posted online. These reviews can be found when searching in search engines such as Google on the most relevant aspects of this company specialized in processing online payments and managing money online.

Payoneer security level

The level of security that Payoneer offers its customers is quite high and is one of the biggest attractions of this online payment processor. In surveys carried out among registered users, security has been shown as one of the most outstanding values. It is also easy to see comments along the same lines from hundreds of users in dozens of Internet forums.

This level of security offered by the company is visible from the user registration. In these records, verifications of the emails and telephone numbers provided are requested to verify that each user is the legitimate owner of the data provided.

Given the special importance of offering services associated with money, such as sending amounts and managing funds online, it is necessary to provide a high degree of security with data encryption. Something that the platform offered since its inception and has not stopped improving.

What are Payoneer fees?

The commissions applied by Payoneer to the different financial functionalities offered by the portal are different depending on each one of them. For example, receiving money does not entail any commission applied to any registered user of the platform.

For international money transfers, the portal applies different rates depending on different factors such as the sending and destination countries. The general average commission is usually around 2% and we will always see it reflected in an updated and exact way in each operation to be carried out.

Other commissions applied are those related to the exchange and conversion between currencies. We can see these rates updated on the official website of the company or prior to each transaction made.

In general, Payoneer has lower commissions than those applied by traditional banks. All operators that offer the sending and management of money online have lower rates than the conventional financial sector. Something that is favored by the millions of users who prefer to manage part of their capital online.

Is there a Payoneer app?

Is there a Payoneer app? rubengrcgrc

Yes, with Payoneer we have official apps that we can find on the main application download platforms. With this application we can access the processor faster from our mobile devices. The app is free and has the same functions that we can find in the main portal.

Users who have mobile devices, cell phones or tablets with the Android operating system can download the app from Google Play by searching for the application in the finance category. In the file we can see the main characteristics of the file. The app has more than 45,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 possible.

With regard to users who have mobile devices with an IOS operating system, they can download the official Payoneer application from the Apple App Store. To find it, we can use the platform’s search engine or access it directly in the finance section. It has a weight of 36.3 MB and is available in the most relevant languages ​​by volume of speakers.

Our opinion on Payoneer

Our opinion on Payoneer - rubengrcgrc

The opinion of our Payoneer ( review publication and analysis team is that this is an excellent online payment processor. It is a platform with excellent resources towards managing our money online. With it we can make payments online or receive any amount.

With respect to the commissions applied to the transfers made, they are below traditional banking. In relation to the rest of the internet payment processing operators, it is in the average without standing out because they are low or high.

The operation of the platform is quite simple and easy for most of its registered users. The platform works correctly and quickly on both computers and mobile devices. For this, it has different desktop and mobile versions enabled for perfect navigation and control of the offered functions.

In relation to the security provided by Payoneer, it seems totally suitable and appropriate for managing our capital online with new generation data encryption systems.

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