Opinions about AdvCash

What are the opinions about AdvCash?

The opinions about AdvCash that we can find on the internet are mostly positive, but we can find them of all kinds. The best places to find posts from other users are the most relevant social networks like Twitter or Reddit and in specialized forums.

We can also see comments and opinions about AdvCash in YouTube videos that mention the use of this online payment processor.

Regarding the theme of the comments that we find published about AdvCash (https://advcash.com) we see many in relation to the creation and verification of new accounts. Also others related to commissions and the difficulty in understanding the languages ​​of the portal and the mobile application.

Opinions about AdvCash found on the internet

👨Gonzalo Guzman

I signed up to withdraw money from Binance and it works perfectly. Fast and safe apparently. At the beginning I didn’t use it much but now I use it to make transfers. The worst thing is that they don’t put more languages ​​like Spanish.

👩‍ Ana Paez

I do not like it. The issue that the home page is in Russian or English does not give me confidence.

👩‍ Laura Martin

Very reliable. I use it to make withdrawals and money transfers and it has never failed me. I will continue to use it and have also recommended it to some of my friends.

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