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Can money be sent from AdvCash to PayPal?

Currently it is not possible to send money directly from AdvCash to PayPal. If we need to move funds from one platform to another, we can do it in a few minutes using intermediate portals. To carry out this transaction we have multiple options.

One of the ways to send money from AdvCash to PayPal through intermediate platforms is to do it through immediate transfers to our bank account. These transfers will arrive at our bank in just a few minutes or the next day depending on various factors such as the country in which we reside. Once the money reaches our bank account, we can send it back to PayPal from there as normal.

Another method that we have to send money from AdvCash ( to PayPal through intermediate portals is to do it through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase or any other that offers PayPal as a withdrawal method. For this we have to have the capital in any of the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other. If we have these cryptocurrencies we can send them through the personal wallet addresses in AdvCash to the wallet address of the same cryptocurrency that we have in Coinbase. The operation will be completed in a few minutes. When we have it in the exchange we can change it to our local currency. To finish, it only remains to send the amount to our Paypal account in just a few seconds.

Is AdvCash or PayPal better?

Although AdvCash is an excellent online payment processor, it cannot be compared to PayPal as it is the best operator on the market when it comes to specialized online payment platforms. Both in the number of users, total operations carried out, there is no operator that closely follows PayPal.

Many Internet users use different platforms to process their expenses, payments or transfers. In this context we can be perfectly registered in both portals, using each one for different functions.

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