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How to withdraw money from Binance with AdvCash?

To withdraw money from Binance with AdvCash we just have to be registered on both platforms. When we are already registered users in both portals, we only have to access Binance and click on the “Wallet” option that we can find in the top menu of the web navigation or mobile application.

Then we have to check the “Spot Wallet” option. This section is where we see our money reflected in local currency and the total number of cryptocurrencies offered by the exchange. To send money to AdvCash we have to have the amount to send with available capital in our local currency.

Finally, we click on the option called “Withdraw” and a box appears to send money. In it we mark the amount we want to send and the selected method. We mark AdvCash and it asks us to put our address on that platform. We put our email with which we have registered and finally we click on the “Confirm operation” box.

To conclude we have to verify the transaction in Binance with our email and phone number by sending security codes. We insert them when we receive them and the operation is done. It seems to take a long time but it can be done in just a few seconds.

How long does it take for money to get from Binance to AdvCash?

The money we send from Binance to AdvCash arrives instantly. If we have the sessions open in both portals and we refresh AdvCash ( after finishing the sending process from Binance we will see that we already have the money. The handover operation is performed in thousandths of a second. I wish it were so fast in transfers between bank accounts, internet to power.

Thanks to this speed and simplicity in the process, many followers of the exchange have chosen to use this system as a method to make withdrawals.

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