What is AdvCash?

AdvCash (  is an online payment processor that supports some of the main official currencies on the market. The brand is owned by ADVANCED CASH LIMITED company based in Belize. Its license to offer payment, collection and transfer services over the Internet has the number MT 000107/97, ​​PPS 000107/98 issued by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission in Belize).

After more than 20 years offering its services, AdvCash has managed to obtain a relevant position in its sector with millions of users registered on its platform. Some of the factors that have helped this preferential position are the security provided to users through KYC verification systems or the speed of payment processes. Also its support service available every day of the year and the ease of using it.

It is currently well known among Internet users for being one of the options to withdraw money from prominent internet portals such as Binance. Thanks to this, it has managed to grow exponentially in the number of transactions carried out per day.

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How to create an account in AdvCash?

How to create an account in AdvCash? rubengrcgrc

Creating a new AdvCash account is a quick and free process that we can complete in just a few minutes. To finish it, it is necessary to fill in the registration form with our personal data, email and telephone number.

After completing these registration forms for the creation of new accounts, it is essential to verify both the email provided and the mobile number. This is due to the high security standards applied to the portal and the application for mobile devices. Thanks to these verifications, our future payment and money transfer transactions will be completely secure.

Finally, when creating new accounts, it is necessary to choose between one of the two options offered. We can choose the personal (most common) or company.

How much does AdvCash charge?

The online payment platform AdvCash charges fees for transactions made from its portal. Receiving money is free of fees but sending by transfers to bank accounts has commissions that are always shown prior to the transaction.

Due to the actions of an internet payment processor such as the wallet, we do not have fixed monthly or annual costs. This point is highly valued by its followers who can use the application as an online portfolio without additional fees or commissions.

We can see all the commissions applied to each of the transactions carried out in the payment processor in an updated way on its website. In addition, in a complementary way we will see the rates of each operation reflected in a visible way before issuing them.

How to withdraw money with AdvCash?

How to withdraw money with AdvCash? rubengrcgrc

To withdraw money from AdvCash accounts with different options, all of them reflected when we access the section called “Send Funs”. The most common way to make withdrawals is to personal bank accounts, since it is a fast and especially secure method. Time for these shipments to be available to our accounts depends on several factors such as the country of destination and bank interactions, but it is usually between 2 and 5 days. The same for immediate transfers with a higher commission for each operation.

Other options to withdraw money with this platform are bank cards. VISA and Mastercard are accepted and it is the second method most used by registered users of the portal around the world. You can also withdraw money via cryptocurrencies to other wallets where you have personal addresses for each cryptocurrency.

With these options, the withdrawal of capital is easy for all users. As a negative point, we can highlight that the platform is only available in two languages ​​(English and Russian) but its operation is so simple that anyone can use it.

Can you buy cryptocurrencies?

Yes, buying and selling cryptocurrencies is another feature offered by AdvCash. To have it we have to click on the “Buy/Sell crypto” option that we will see in the main navigation menu. Once we access this function we will see the option to buy or sell some of the most relevant cryptocurrencies in the market.

In this section we can make investments with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other major digital assets by market capitalization. This list of cryptocurrencies may change over time to add or remove some of the assets based on their fluctuations in value.

In general, with AdvCash we can buy, sell, store, send or receive cryptocurrencies normally if we are residents in countries where it is allowed. For residents in countries where it is prohibited to have or negotiate with cryptocurrencies, we will have this function disabled.

Do you offer cards in AdvCash?

Yes, at AdvCash we can get two types of card to dispose of the money we have in the online payment processor. The first of the available cards is the virtual one. With it we can pay for purchases or services online with total comfort and security. We can request this card after verifying our account completely. Its cost is approximately $7, in a single payment and we can request it from the portal or mobile application.

As a second option we can request physical cards. They cost approximately $15 and can be requested 15 days after fully verifying ours. Physical cards can be used in any business or trade with use for bank card payments.

With both options, the platform expands the range of financial services available to all registered users. Something that is highly valued in dozens of specialized forums on the Internet.

Opinions of other users about AdvCash

On the internet we can find thousands of comments and opinions about AdvCash as a platform to receive or send money. Most of these ratings found in reviews and general forums show a positive opinion about the platform.

Among the most frequent opinions, the satisfactory evaluations on the times to make money transfers effective or to receive it instantly from some platforms stand out. Also noteworthy are the comments of approval on the level of security offered to users for this type of economic transaction.

Other opinions that we can see on these review platforms or forums about AdvCash are those related to the creation of new accounts, countries in which it is available, supported currencies and other specific factors of the portal specialized in online payments.

As negative data we also find a small percentage of users who express their disapproval towards this payment processor. Among these negative opinions we find adjectives close to fraud and distrust, but it is also true that we find this qualification profile about any company. The important thing is that the percentage of them is a minority.

Security in AdvCash

Security in AdvCash - rubengrcgrc

The level of security in AdvCash for economic transactions of users is high. This is visible from the first moment we register and verify our contact details with two steps.

When searching in independent forums for opinions of other users, we did not find many mentions about it. This is usually a symptom that there have been no notable incidents in security issues. However, we always recommend doing reviews and search engines on these mentions to see the most recent ones.

Its data encryption systems and KYC verification help keep security at a more than acceptable level. The company is expected to continue investing in improving the security it provides to its customers, to the satisfaction of the sector, since it is a vital issue in this type of corporation with online financial services.

Is there an AdvCash app?

No, Advcash does not offer official apps from this payment processor, so it is not possible to download any specific application from the platform. What is possible is to browse and use this online payment system normally from any device. This is due to the fact that the platform has an activated mobile version that ensures that the user experience with the payment processor is the same from computers and mobile devices.

The version of AdvCash for mobiles, cell phones or tablets works correctly on both devices with IOS and Android operating systems. From the studio team we have tested this version from multiple computers and it has always worked perfectly. We have also read hundreds of opinions published in forums about this payment processor and in relation to its use from mobile phones there do not seem to be any noteworthy incidents.

Regarding the functionalities available on the platform to receive money, make transfers or any of the others, we have them in both versions of the processor (desktop and mobile). So we can decide to use one team or another with total normality.


When you register with the payment processor AdvCash and fully verify the account, you have direct access to the affiliate section. In this section you have a personal link that you can share with your family, friends or anyone you consider appropriate.

To share these links you can use your social networks, blog or website mentioning this internet payment system. By doing so you get an extra 20% of the commissions applied to the people who have registered in the processor following your link.

These commissions are generated only in a direct first level on the people who have registered through your link but not from the users who register through second or third level affiliations, unlike other platforms.

Our opinion on AdvCash

Our opinion on AdvCash - rubengrcgrc

The opinion of our team on this review of AdvCash ( that it works correctly and safely. It is a fairly complete online payment processor and can be trusted to make payments or transfers of capital. We have made several and they have always arrived within the expected time frames and with the commissions applied transparently.

Something we don’t like too much is that the platform only offers two languages ​​(English and Russian). We believe that given its international relevance, it should lead them to offer something else, especially Spanish, which has millions of speakers around the world.

The notoriety of the brand is determined, among other factors, by the fact that this payment option is offered by some of the most important platforms today, such as Binance, especially when we talk about cryptocurrencies. This fact has meant that hundreds of thousands of Internet users have been pushed to register with the processor in order to have more options for sending capital from these platforms. It is also true that after registration and some tests, many of them praise their good work.

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