Online payments

Online payment systems

Currently, millions of users prefer to make their payments online in electronic commerce and other online services through platforms specialized in making payments and transfers over the Internet. The first to reach the market and the operator with the largest number of users is Paypal. This platform was born in 1998 with just a few thousand users and currently there are hundreds of millions. A true giant in the sector.

What are the best online payment platforms?

As we have anticipated before, the most important platform in the online payment market is Paypal. To this has been added a long list of platforms with enormous growth in the total number of Internet users who use their systems and especially in the figures that move every day. Some of these relevant companies in the sector are Skrill, Neteller or Wise among others.





What are the best platforms to make transfers online?

To make international transfers over the internet, we have several platforms with millions of registered users and an enormous degree of security applied to transactions.



Online money transfers

Another of the most used functions in these online payment platforms is money transfers. With these systems we can send capital to bank accounts or move it to other wallets or purses on the internet.

Receive money online

In these platforms specialized in online payments and collections we can receive money quickly and safely. Unlike conventional bank accounts, with these wallets we can receive the capital much faster than if we use the usual transfers. The times in which we receive the money sent to these platforms can be from the instant ones that are made in seconds or in days depending on the selected platform.