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Best online bingo in UK

Online bingo halls in particular and leisure in general occupy a central place in the time we spend on the Internet. Here we are going to reference some of the online bingo platforms with the largest number of followers.

Among other leisure activities we are going to study the trends with the highest volume of searches today such as games of chance, poker rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

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Jackpotjoy It is the portal with one of the strongest trends in new online bingo users in the UK

Up to £ 50 on first deposit

Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo is one of the most historic portals in the gambling industry. 

Up to £ 50 on first deposit

What types of games are there in online bingo halls?

The types of bingo games that exist on platforms are basically two. The 75 and 90 balls. Apart from that nuance they are exactly the conventional ones. what if they exist are infinity of graphics with different virtual rooms. Exceptionally, you can also find 80 or 50 ball bingo on the internet, but these are not the usual measures.

In the best online bingo platforms we can also find other games of chance and bets such as roulette, slots (or online slot games), blackjack, poker and other casino games.

In summary, the types of games that we can find on these platforms are:

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 50 ball bingo
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Black Jack
  • Poker
  • And other casino games

Requirements to play online bingo

The requirements to be able to play bingo online are to be of legal age, be a resident of the country where the online bingo license is granted and not be on any gambling and betting self-exclusion list.

In UK these bingo halls are regulated by the Comsission Gambling.

Once these minimum requirements have been met, we can only choose the bingo where we want to play and register by filling in the data for our identification on the platform.

Good practices

As we have mentioned before, the online bingo rooms that offer their services in United Kingdom are regulated by the public body of the Gambling Commission. This entity is in charge of supervising the good practices of these platforms and thanks to this we can play with the peace of mind of knowing that there are no frauds or scams.

This body supervises that deposits and withdrawals are made with all security guarantees. It also ensures that the computer systems used by the bingo halls are fair and honest and distribute the prizes in established percentages.

Thanks to this public entity, we can play bingo on the Internet on licensed platforms with complete peace of mind knowing that it is an honest game. It also ensures that all registered players and users have clear and clear access to the rules established in each of the games offered.

What have been the biggest jackpots?

The largest accumulated jackpots that have been delivered among online bingo halls have been those of Botemania. Some of them have exceeded £100.000, even £300.000. Keep in mind that it is the website with the largest number of users and therefore the prizes end up being higher.

The most common prizes are between £ 1.000 and £10.000. These are distributed daily, for this we have to look at the jackpots that have been accumulating in the different virtual rooms and games offered by the main platforms.

Differences between online bingo and conventional bingo

The main difference between both bingo halls is, without a doubt, the volume of prizes that we can get. In online bingo halls, the prizes are much higher for a very simple reason, because they have a greater volume of players who manage to increase the prizes and jackpots to be distributed. On the other hand, in a physical bingo they have a smaller number of users due to the space available to each venue.

The second big difference is the freedom to play bingo games online anytime, anywhere. Only with our mobile can we play a game when we deem appropriate. On the other hand, in street bingo halls we can only do it during the limited hours in which they are open.

The third and no less important difference is the security of dialing all the numbers that come out. When we play in a physical bingo and we play with several cards at the same time, it is easy for us to miss a number. This happens very frequently with the option of running out of line or bingo because of a mistake. This is impossible that happened in an online bingo because the numbers are marked automatically every time a ball comes out.

Online bingo security

The security offered by online bingo halls that operate on the network is total. We have to make sure that the chosen bingo has a license administered by the General Directorate of Gaming. If it is one of them, we will always be in total security with the data provided.

In online bingo halls we will always find urls with https that assure us that we are at all times with the data secured. And we can carry out the operations of depositing and withdrawing money easily and safely with the conventional means that we usually use on the network.

Cardboard prices

The prices of the cards in online bingo are much cheaper than in the conventional ones that we all know. We can find cards from 1 cent to £ 2, it depends mainly on each game room.

With this type of cost in internet bingo halls, it is common to play with several cards at the same time to increase the chances of success. As we have anticipated before, in addition in the online version the numbers are dialed automatically and it is not necessary to be aware of crossing out the numbers.

Probability of success

The probability of success in online bingo games is low as in any game of chance. They all work in the same way. It does not matter if they are lotteries, bets or any other game of chance. All of them are based on the fact that many lose and only a few win. Of course, those who are lucky enough to sing bingo in a room with a large jackpot can win a really high prize.

Of course, to say that the greater the number of bingo cards in play, the greater the chances of success and win the prize.

Are there tricks to win at online bingo halls?

Unfortunately there are no tricks to win at online bingo halls. We have tried many tricks found on the internet with null results. We already imagined the results before testing them but we preferred to confirm it.

In all games of chance, tricks have little or no success since they depend exclusively on happy fortune.

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