Moon Litecoin

What is Moon Litecoin?


Moonlitecoin is a faucet where you can win litoshis in a simple way, you only have to solve a captcha when you feel like it, the only requirement is that 5 min has passed since the last time.

Faucets are taps where they distribute satoshis in order to promote this virtual currency.

The lithoshis are fractions of a Litecoin, this currency has needed to create small divisions of it due to its great success, it should be remembered that today a Bitcoin is worth more than 40 euros, not to mention what will be worth in a few years. is one of those “faucets” where to get litoshis in a simple and above all comfortable way, that is its particularity, on this website unlike others of the same style you do not need to be aware of it, just when you remember You go through it for 20 seconds, you solve the captcha and they give you those little portions of Litcoin in your account, as we said the peculiarity of this website is that if you do not remember for a long time, when you return you have continued to accumulate money, in a smaller proportion than the first five minutes but you keep accumulating.

In the rest of the faucets, it is normal to be able to earn litoshis every hour, every 30 minutes or every 5 minutes, but after that time it stays stopped until you hit another Captcha.


What is the way to earn litecoins?

It’s very simple, in Moonlitecoin you just have to hit the “CLAIM NOW” button that means “CLAIM NOW”

A Captcha appears that you have to solve.

You solve it and give “submit” which means send

And it reaches your balance.

To apologize for the simplicity but it is that Moon Litecoin has no more, it is that simple to make money in the form of one of the most important cryptocurrencies of the present and especially of the future.

How much money do you earn with Moon Litecoin?


The truth is that it depends a lot on the amount of captchas you solve per day but approximately the average charge is usually 3,000,000 litoshis which in turn would be one euro, one free euro per month.

It may seem like little money but here comes the key to everything, the really important thing is not what you get to win for free today, the important thing is to know that if you keep these lithoshis or litecoins little by little you will multiply that value by 100 in just two or Three years, the current value of litecoin is 40 euros to change but everyone knows that these will not stop going up and up.

This means that you can earn an average of 100 euros per month if you are able to save the cryptocurrencies earned for free.



What is the best Moon Litecoin trick?

Undoubtedly, the best trick in Moonlitecoin is to get referrals, that is, report the existence of this faucet to your friends and acquaintances to become your referrals and get 25% of what they earned for all of them in addition to your earnings.

This is the fastest possible way to win litecoins, get 10 or 20 people to bill for you.

You have to think that you have done all these people a favor by teaching them a good way to earn money and, in return, you can earn a quarter of all their income.