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What is the LeoVegas welcome bonus?

The bonus offered by LeoVegas consists of a welcome promotion of up to £100 for free. With this amount, it is becoming one of the most important operators in the online casino sector, especially among users who use it from their mobile.

LeoVegas with its bonus is a trend in search engines, especially in UK where it has positioned itself as one of the great references in the sector of online casino games. With your bonus you can try all the games offered live casino, slots, roulette, black jack or sports betting.

Terms and conditions of bonus


  1. What conditions must be met to obtain the bonus?
  2. Requirements to qualify for this LeoVegas bonus
  3. What options do they provide for income?
  4. Options do you provide for withdrawals of funds
  5. What casino games do they have at LeoVegas?
  6. Do you have a sports betting option?
  7. Can it be played for free?
  8. What are the biggest prizes?
  9. Other LeoVegas promotions
  10. Platform security
  11. Is it easy to play LeoVegas from mobile?
  12. Experience with the app
  13. Is it legal to use online casino games at LeoVegas?
  14. Responsible Gaming
  15. Ways to contact
  16. Social Networks
  17. Our review on LeoVegas

What conditions must be met to obtain the bonus?

The conditions required by LeoVegas to get the bonus of up to £100 consist, first of registering with the personal data requested. Once registered we have to make a deposit within three days. This deposit must have a minimum amount of 10 euros. To make this first deposit, we can use any of the options provided between bank cards, bank transfers or online payment platforms.

Once the first deposit is made, we have 30 days to achieve the rule of multiplying the balance of your LeoVegas account by 20. Once obtained, the value of the bonus with real money will be entered into your account. Depending on the amount that we have used for the first deposit, they will make the deposit of one or the other, with the minimum £10 and the maximum £100.

What are the requirements to qualify for this LeoVegas bonus?

The requirements to qualify for the LeoVegas welcome bonus are the usual ones. First of all, we have to be of legal age and prove it in the registry with the identity or residence document. The second is to be a resident in one of the countries to which this promotion is directed.

And finally, it will be the first time that you register in the gambling and casino portal. Each player can only open one account, to make sure the portal has limited the opening of accounts to only one per ID or residence document number.

What options do they provide for income?

The options provided by LeoVegas for income are three as we have advanced before. The first option and the one most used by a good percentage of players are bank cards. With them we can carry out transactions in a safe, comfortable and fast way. Once done, we will have the amount entered in our LeoVegas profile instantly.

As a second option we have bank transfers. Although in the early days of the online gaming sector it was the preferred option on any platform, today it has been left with a very small number of players who use them. The reason is none other than the delay in which the amount reaches the account of the portal profile. This delay can vary between one day and three depending on each bank. The truth is, these are too long terms for the online world.

Finally, we have the latest to arrive, the online payment and withdrawal platforms such as Paypal, Neteller or Skrill. These options to make the income have been made with a good percentage of the total operations. The explanation is also very simple, comfort and speed.

What options do you provide for withdrawals of funds?

The options that LeoVegas provides for withdrawals are the same as those offered for deposits. If you are one of the lucky ones who has won a prize and wants to withdraw money from the portal, you can do so with the options offered. One of the most basic recommendations is to use the same means that we previously used in the income. In this way we will be able to streamline the process.

The time it takes us to dispose of the withdrawn amounts depends fundamentally on the option used. If we have chosen the option of withdrawing funds from LeoVegas with bank cards, the time to have this money in our account can vary between two and five days. this time depends on the interaction between banks, card platforms (VISA or Mastercard) and the gaming and betting portal. With what the portal does not have any capacity to speed up and shorten these times.

When we choose the bank transfer as a method to withdraw money, the time for that amount to be in our account also varies between two and five days by the same processes mentioned above.

If we choose any of the platforms specialized in online payments and withdrawals such as Skrill, Paypal or Neteller, the stipulated time for the money to be in our account of the chosen platform will be much shorter, practically instantly. For this reason, many players have chosen to carry out these transactions from these portals.

What casino games do they have at LeoVegas?

At LeoVegas they have a wide portfolio of online casinos UK games available. They are grouped into the different sections of slots, live casino and table games. We can access many of the games offered by the portal in advance and free of charge before registering. You call them fun versions and make them easy so that any surfer can try it for free.

Slots games

Slot games are the most important section of the LeoVegas online casino. It currently has more than 200 different games available, which gives us an image of the importance of this section. These slot games are the online version of the slot machines or slot machines.

With these more than 200 slot games available we have an infinity of varied themes. Among the most prominent by volume of players and amount of prizes we have Immortal Romance, Tomb Raider or the famous Game of Thrones. All of them have their versions of free fun to play with non-real money.

In this section of slots we can find the largest accumulated prizes on the portal. This is due to the large number of players in these slot games, which increases the accumulated jackpots.

Slots games
Immortal Romance Constantly changing Play now
Game of Thrones Constantly changing Play now
Tomb Raider Constantly changing Play now
Starsburst Constantly changing Play now
Dracula Constantly changing Play now

Live casino

Within the live casino section of LeoVegas live roulette is its essential part. These live roulettes have been positioned as the second most important in the portal if we refer to the total number of players and prizes awarded. We currently have 6 hyper-realistic roulette rooms with the variables of lightning, fastball, automatic lightning, partage and la partage fastball.

In addition to these roulette rooms, we also have other live table games in this live casino section, mainly some Black Jack.

Live casino games
Live roulette
Live lightning roulette Constantly changing Play now
Live fast ball roulette Constantly changing Play now
Live automatic fast ball roulette Constantly changing Play now
Live roulette La Partage Constantly changing Play now
Live roulette fast Constantly changing Play now

Table games

The last of the LeoVegas casino sections is called “Table Games”. In it we can find online versions of mythical table games from traditional casinos such as Black Jack.

This section is one of the least visited due to the scarce culture about this type of games. It is much older in some Anglo-Saxon countries very inhabited to play them in their homes.

Do you have a sports betting option?

Yes, although LeoVegas is more recognized for its online casino games it also offers sports betting. To offer this type of bets, it has a general license to offer sports bets issued by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling and has two more unique licenses for this purpose.

Once we access the “Sports” section we will find all the options offered to bet. Among the sports offered we have soccer, basketball, tennis, golf and a long list of more options. Within the section we also have options to bet on major sporting events such as the Champions League, Master Tennis, NBA and others.

In relation to the options most used by registered users in LeoVegas are soccer matches in both national and international leagues. With other sports we can find a greater volume of bets in tennis matches and NBA matches, these agglutinate a large percentage of total bets.

These bets can be made with live matches and with many more features with simple and compound types of bets. These can be activated from a PC or any mobile device at any time of the day. They can remain open and close them with loss percentages offered by the portal.

Common sports betting terms

In the LeoVegas sports betting section, terms specific to this type of bets are used. With many of them, different types of bets are called on matches, results, top scorers and any other relevant factor of the main sports that are exposed on the portal.

Some of the terms most recognized by bettors are the following:

  • Disadvantage (Handicap). It is the handicap applied to a team or player to prepare the winning odds for each bet.
  • First or final part. It is the concept that is applied to the bets generated on one of the times of a match or for the end of the same.
  • Exact results. When betting refers to the exact outcome of a match. They usually contain high quotas due to the difficulty of prediction.
  • Live betting. They are sports bets allowed during the course of a match with changing odds depending on the time until its completion.
  • Initial fees. They are the prices of the predetermined odds before the start of a match.

Can it be played for free?

Yes, as we have commented before in LeoVegas we can try all the casino games available on the web for free. For this, demo versions are enabled where we can enter without the need to be registered. Once inside we can play with non-real money and check the characteristics of each one.

It is obvious and obvious that with the free demo versions we are not eligible for real prizes. These versions are designed only to see the playability of each of the games offered without the need to pay for it. It should be noted that this portal has been one of the pioneers within the casino and betting gaming sector to allow its games to be used in free mode, a step followed by many of the other main operators in the sector.

What are the biggest prizes?

Without a doubt, the biggest LeoVegas prizes are those accumulated in some of its most recognized slots. In this type of game you can win prizes of £ 50.000, £ 100.000 or £ 200.000. These depend on the jackpots accumulated, these occur in the slots with a greater number of participants. When in these games the days go by without giving up the jackpot they accumulate reaching enormous figures.

In general these huge jackpots can be found in the slots but there are exceptions. In roulette games, great prizes have also been seen, although at the moment they have not reached the levels of those delivered in slot games.

Other LeoVegas promotions

In addition to the LeoVegas welcome bonus for new registered users, there are other promotions on the portal for already registered users. These promotions are changing and whenever they are launched they are offered directly to the users of the platform.

Among the current promotions offered by LeoVegas to its users we have “Win prizes with your predictions”. This promotion only valid for registered players consists of playing the free game «Leo Forecast». With it we can try to hit the maximum number of predictions offered and win some of the prizes offered.

Another of the promotions currently offered is the so-called “Win free bets”. Like the previous one, it is a promotion only suitable for registered players with which we can get free bets with the bets processed from the mobile in some tennis tournaments.

It should be noted that you have to be aware of these new promotions launched from time to time, especially when important social or sporting events arrive. When they are released we have the opportunity to win prizes or free plays just by being aware and participating in their promotions and contests.

Platform security

La plataforma LeoVegas cuenta con los más altos estándares de seguridad aplicada a su portal. Este punto podemos comprobarlo a lo largo de nuestra navegación. Cuando nos fijamos en la parte superior podemos visualizar la dirección web y veremos que esta siempre dispone de un candado. Esto se refiere a que todo su dominio esta alojado para el nivel de seguridad https con SSL en cifrado de seguridad.

Por lo que a transacciones de pagos y retiros, se refiere, nuestros datos siempre se encuentran bajo la protección de los datos encriptados por lo que la misma siempre esta bajo las mayores medidas de seguridad.

En encuestas realizadas por foros especializados en juegos de azar y apuestas deportivas la plataforma LeoVegas cuenta con valoraciones altas. Al igual que la mayoría de los principales operadores que cuentan con la inversión en medidas de seguridad en sus plataformas como una de las máximas que seguir en las posiciones preferentes y seguir con las licencias en vigencia.

Is it easy to play LeoVegas from mobile?

Playing from mobile in LeoVegas is as simple as in the PC version. In fact, it is not even necessary to download any app, it can be done because they exist, but it is strictly necessary. The explanation is that just by accessing the web from a mobile device, it automatically redirects us to the mobile version.

This mobile version is perfectly adapted to tablets and mobiles. From this we can play casino games, slots, roulettes or sports bets with the same functionalities. All sections are reflected in the design of the version. Excellent design, it has to be said, thanks to their design team who have done a realistic and welcoming job. Which explains why hundreds of thousands of users use the platform every day.

However, if we prefer to use the app for faster access from any of the home screens of our device, we can download it without problems. These apps are available for both IOS and Android. They can be downloaded directly from the web or from the pages of the App Store or Google Play.

Experience with the app

As we have anticipated in the previous answer, the experience with the LeoVegas app is really satisfactory. It has tens of thousands of highly rated downloads. The application is available for both IOS and Android operating systems.

If we want to download the app for the iPhone or any other Apple device we have to search for the application by the name «LeoVegas Casino: Online Games«. When we find its file we can verify that it has more than 100 evaluations and an average score of 4.1 out of a possible maximum of 5. Version 1.10.12 is currently available. The application is under the name of “LeoVegas Gaming Limited” and has a size of 11.5 MB, which makes it really light. Currently available languages ​​are Spanish, English, Danish, German, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, and Swedish.

To download the app on mobile devices with Android operating system, we can download the application on Google Play. We just have to search for it by its name “LeoVegas – Real Money Casino & Sports Betting” and we will find its product card quickly. In it we can see that it has more than 700 highly positive media comments. Its assessment is 4.2 out of a total of 5. It currently has more than 50,000 downloads on the platform. Its weight is only 5.8M, which makes it easy not to load the devices with too much weight.

Is it legal to use online casino games at LeoVegas?

It is completely legal to use the casino games at LeoVegas. This platform has licenses for United Kindom granted by the Gambling Commission. They grant it the power to offer slot games, sports betting, roulette, bingo games and other games of chance. With these current licenses, the platform can offer these games legally in UK.

For the rest of the countries where the platform offers its games at present or in the future, if any, the platform will always adapt to the laws, regulations and regulations available in each country or the absence of them.

Responsible Gaming

From LeoVegas they request a moderate and responsible game on the part of all the users of the platform. For this, it has enabled informational links to BeGambleAware.org and GamCare.org.uk. In these links you can expand the updated information on responsible gaming.

To begin with, we have to be very clear that the games of chance and casino offered in LeoVegas are only a form of leisure. We can never see in these games a way to generate income because we will fall into a serious mistake. These games can never be an investment, on the contrary, all the expenses generated in these platforms are exactly that, an expense.

If we consider that we have a problem with gambling, it is best to go to a specialist and enter the game’s self-exclusion lists so as not to encourage the problem and focus on the solution. All casino games, gambling, and sports betting are leisure-oriented and so must prevail.

Ways to contact

To contact LeoVegas you have different options and choose the one that best suits your question, request or query. As a first option we have the help center. In it we can find hundreds of questions and answers about casino games, slots, roulettes, forms of deposit, withdrawal of prizes or any other. In this help center, the usual questions from users and players are reflected, so it is usually the fastest option to find it. The web address is https://www.leovegas.com/en-gb/support

The second option is direct chat. With it we can communicate directly with a web operator and ask any questions or queries. This chat is available during business hours almost every day of the year.

Finally, we have email. We can contact you directly and in writing and they will be happy to respond to us within a reasonable period of time that varies between one day and three days depending on the incident. The customer service email is support@leovegas.com

Social Networks

Social networks are a perfect source to expand information about LeoVegas. The best way to search for this information about the casino, slot games, roulette, sports betting or any other is to search with the most relevant keywords. These networks are full of users who publish really relevant unofficial information.

Among the most useful social networks to expand this information are:

  • Twitter is the perfect social network to find news related to online casino
  • Youtube to find informative videos on how to play and other relevant information
  • Pinterest to find the images that best explain the characteristics of the platform and its most famous games of chance and casinos

Our review on LeoVegas

In our opinion, LeoVegas is an excellent option when we want to play at an online casino. It also has a sports betting section but its position is more relevant when we talk about online casinos.

The portal has all the security measures that are assumed to be a great platform, it is honestly no exception. In all navigation we go through https addresses with SSL security applied and updated. The level of security achieved for deposit and withdrawal operations is perfect with applied data encryption.

Regarding the gameplay it is perfect. Both in the desktop version and in its version for mobile devices we have a modern design and all the functionalities and games available with great visibility on any device. It is no wonder that LeoVegas is one of the great references in this online sector.

Regarding the level of awards, it is high. Thanks to the virtual word of mouth generated by this award ceremony with huge amounts of money, he has received many new registered players. We always comment that large platforms, regardless of the sector, need this advertising generated between users by the network, when this is as positive as it is, chain records are generated.

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