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What is the welcome bonus in Jackpotjoy?

Jackpotjoy promotion they offer from for new users who register on the portal consists of making a deposit of 10 £ and playing with 50 £ in the bingo games or 30 spins.

With this welcome promotion for new users, the web has managed to position itself as one of the great references within the platforms that offer bingo, slot and casino games.


  1. What bingo games do you offer?
  2. What slot games do you offer at Jackpotjoy?
  3. The Jackpotjoy casino
  4. Slingo
  5. Poker in Jackpotjoy
  6. Do you offer free games?
  7. Can it be played from mobile?
  8. Income and withdrawals
  9. Jackpotjoy social media
  10. Responsible gaming
  11. Regulated play at Jackpotjoy
  12. Contact forms

What bingo games do you offer?

Bingo games are the most important section of Jackpotjoy both in terms of the number of total players and the level of prizes awarded. This section was the first to be active on the portal since its inception in 2002 and since then the brand has positioned itself as one of the most relevant in the internet bingo sector, especially when we speak for the UK market.

This section of bingo games is made up of several subgroups depending on the type of games offered. First of all we have the 90 ball bingo games. Within this first subgroup we have 8 games available with different and attractive themes. Most recognized and with the largest number of followers on Jackpotjoy are Tiki 90, Blox Bingo and The Crystal Maze.

Second of the subgroups within the bingo games offered by the platform are those with 75 balls. Main characteristic of these rooms is that they tend to be faster and faster with a really live game. We currently have 4 games offered in this section, the best known and with the highest volume of prizes being both SpeedBingo, Bingo 20 and Lounge Bingo 75.

Third of the sections offered in the bingo games section of this website with the special games. In this section we have an offer of 4 very attractive rooms with boats that grow at a high rate. Among the best known and with the largest number of players we have SuperLinks and Session Bingo.

Bingo games
Superlink 10.000 £ Play now
Blox Bingo 15.000 £ Play now
Game show bingo 15.000 £ Play now
Play of palace 5.000 £ Play now
Session bingo 4.000 £ Play now

What slot games do you offer at Jackpotjoy?

Slot games are the great revolution within the Jackpotjoy portal. In the early days of the web, these types of slot games were not offered because they were not relevant within the market segment of online gambling and betting, but that changed a few years ago and slots are currently one of the great attractions within this market segment. The reason is very simple, because it has millions of followers who like to play from time to time.

Proof of the importance that this section has taken on within the portal is the situation within the main navigation menu, where we see it in second place both in the mobile version and in the PC version. In addition, this section has more than 200 games offered, which gives us a more accurate vision of the relevance of slots for the web.

One of the great attractions of these slots is their accumulated jackpots. By having so many followers, massive plays are created that manage to magnify these prizes to reach really high figures.

Among the slot games that have a greater reputation and a greater number of players we can highlight the “TOP Slots” section. In it we can find the games that have the most plays and game generated. Them we can highlight Tiki Island, Double Bubble and Paper Wins among others.

Other sections in this section are the “New Slots”, “Daily Double Jackpots” and “All Slots”. Among them we can find more than 200 references with all kinds of prices for the spins and accumulated prizes. Due to this wide offer, it is advisable to browse its subsections to find the profile and theme of the game that best suits our preferences.

Slots games
Return to player
Double Bubble 96.02 % Play now
Tiki Island 95.73 % Play now
Paper Wins 94.95 % Play now
Rainbow Riches 95.00 % Play now
Double Bubble Jackpot 94.76% + 0.76% Jackpot Contribution Play now

The Jackpotjoy casino

Jackpotjoy Casino is the third gambling section offered by the portal. In it we can find several categories of special interest. In the first of them we have live casino games. In it we find hyper realistic casino rooms with all the elements typical of traditional casinos, croupier included. It should be noted that this is one of the categories with the most loyal players and that it is growing faster. The most famous live casino games we have Instant Roulette Live, Baccarat Live, Monopoly Live and The Card Poker Live among others.

Second group of casino games offered by the portal is online Blackjack. In it, we can find multiple options to play this mythical card game that can not be missing in any casino, whether virtual or physical. Among the innumerable offer of options provided in this group we can find some rooms such as Blackjack Remastered, Multihand Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack or Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

As a third option within the Jackpotjoy casino we find online roulette games. This group is ideal for fans of roulette games as we can find one of the broadest portfolios of rooms offered within the sector. Among the most recognized and famous among registered users we have references such as 10p Roulette, European Roulette, Phoenix Roulette or Roulette Street of Gold.

Fourth of the options offered by the portal’s casino are table games. These cannot be lacking in any casino that lends itself to being one and online casinos are not an option. Among the internet versions offered within this section of table games we have Baccarat, Hi-Lo, Keno and Nice Dice.

To finish with the games offered within the casino we have the section called “Online Scratchcards”. In it we can find fun references such as 7 Up, Diamond Deal or Pillars of Fortune.


Slingo section in Jackpotjoy is one of the newest and most fun within the portal. These Slingos are a very attractive mix between bingo games and slot machines. With them you can combine the best of both forms of gambling and betting. This was a great idea, since at present they are the two most relevant modalities and which bring together a greater number of registered users on the platform. Well, what better way to put them together to increase their appeal.

It should be noted that it is one of the sections of the menu that has a lower number of references offered but some of them have a good group of followers who play with them with some frequency.

Some of the most prominent options in this section are Monopoly Slingo, Slingo Centurion or Slingo Advance among others.

At the level of awards given, the slingos, at the moment are not the most prominent option. Placing these boats between the medium and low level.

Poker in Jackpotjoy

Famous Jackpotjoy portal has a section entirely dedicated to poker. In it we can find two main links where we can direct directly to “Wild Seat Poker” or the active tournaments at all times.

When we go to the first of the links we go directly to “Wild Seat Poker”. In this room we can win up to £ 100,000, which makes it one of the most attractive online poker rooms in the UK when we talk about this card game with millions of followers around the world. Once inside the room, we can choose to play individual hands or participate in specific “Wil Seat” tournaments. In this room we generally have an RTP (return on earnings) close to 90%.

With the second of the links in the Jackpotjoy poker section we go directly to the active poker tournaments in which we can participate at any time of the year. Within them we can find a wide variety of options for all levels of play.

Do you offer free games?

Yes, at Jackpotjoy and other online bingo sites UK they offer free games every day in some of their funniest rooms, both bingo and slots. To access these free games, it is essential to meet two minimum requirements. The first of them is to be registered on the portal and the second is to make a minimum deposit of £ 10. Once both requirements are met we can access these free games that they offer every day.

In these games we can find countless different prizes. The highest are the possibility of hitting up to 50 Free Spins or even cash prizes of up to £ 750.

Currently these free games offered only suitable for registered users with the requirements met are Daily Paper, Doubly Bubbly, Daily Rainbows and Tiki’s Catch of the Day.

Can it be played from mobile?

Yes, at Jackpotjoy you can play from any mobile device. For this, it is not really essential to download any app, it exists but it is not strictly necessary. The explanation is very simple, nowadays, most of the relevant platforms like this have mobile versions for their platforms with the same functions and user experience as if we play from the conventional version for PC.

To access the mobile version, no special action is necessary. Simply when entering the web, it detects that we do it from a mobile device and it automatically redirects us to the mobile version, that easy.

However, if we want to download the app for the convenience of having a direct access on the screen of our mobile device, we can download the application on the main download platforms. If your device has an IOS operating system with any iPhone or iPad model, you can download the application from the Apple App Store.

For downloads on mobile devices with Android operating system you can download from an official Jackpotjoy mobile website.

Income and withdrawals

To make withdrawals and deposits at Jackpotjoy we can use two main ways. The first and the one with the highest number of withdrawal and deposit transactions among players are bank cards. Both VISA and Mastercard are allowed, with them we get to have the amount deposited in a few seconds, in real time.

The second of the options provided are the platforms specialized in online withdrawals and deposits. Currently within this group we have Paypal, a widely recognized platform with millions of users around the world.

Jackpotjoy social media

Jackpotjoy’s social networks are a perfect source of information to keep up to date with new promotions, offers and bonuses for both new users and already registered players. In them we can also find relevant information about their bingo, casino, slot games and the rest of those offered on the platform.

Here are some of the most relevant as official channels:

  • Facebook. In this official Jackpotjoy Facebook account we can find images, articles and videos about some of the promotions offered by the web.
  • Twitter. With this official Jackpotjoy channel on Twitter, it is really easy to keep up to date with all the prizes awarded and the launches of the new games and sections offered by the web
  • Instagram. The official Jackpotjoy channel on Instagram is perfect for viewing the new bonuses and offers launched by the web, especially aimed at its users and registered players.
  • Pinterest. This official Pinterest channel is the perfect place to view infographics with the new promotions offered such as welcome bonuses for online bingo, casino or slots.

Responsible gaming

From Jackpotjoy they appeal to all users, players and participants in the portal to practice responsible gambling free of problems. To this end, it publishes updated information regarding good practices and behaviors for safe and responsible gaming.

In addition, the website offers informative links to Gamcare.org.uk and to Begambleaware.org in the bottom menu of its platform. If we enter these informative links, I really recommend it to everyone, we can find the most accurate information when playing these games of chance and bets with responsible behavior. For this, it is crucial to understand that this is only a form of leisure and we can never see in it a source of secure income because it is not designed for it.

If you have any questions, we recommend accessing the aforementioned informative links to take into account the most relevant aspects to participate in a responsible way, and if not, it is better not to participate.

Regulated play at Jackpotjoy

All gambling and betting offerings offered by Jackpotjoy are offered safely and legally. For this, the platform complies with the regulations, standards and laws of those countries to which they are directed.

To fulfill this purpose, the website has a license issued by the Gambling Commission with number 38905 in the name of the company that owns the brand “Gamesys Operations Limited”. With this license, the company has the power to offer its bingo, slots, casino and poker games on its website. For the maintenance and updating of the license it is necessary that all the established norms and regulations are met, something that the web complies in its entirety.

In a compatible way, the website has another license granted by the Government of Gibraltar with number 46 where it complies in the same way as the one described above, in this case complying with the regulations, standards and laws in force in Gibraltar.

Contact forms

To contact Jackpotjoy we can use different forms of contact depending on our preferences to communicate or the profile of the query or doubts. An important recommendation is to go first to the help center designed by the web to directly offer the most common questions and answers on the most frequently consulted topics.

To go to this help center we have to go to the address https://help.jackpotjoy.com/hc/en-gb

In the same help center we can also find the direct chat to communicate directly with one of its operators who will gladly answer our query.

For phone calls we can go to 0800 458 0770.

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