IQ Option What is it?

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is a platform that offers investment products negotiated through CFD (contracts for difference). Through this type of negotiation we can invest with higher leverages than conventional ones in other markets.

Leverages allow you to invest with amounts above what we have in our possession. These permitted leverages vary depending on the selected investment products or tools.

The investment products offered on the portal are forex, commodities, exchange-traded funds, cryptocurrencies and binary options. Some of the products are limited regulations depending on the countries. The platform adapts and offers only the products allowed in each of the countries where it offers its services. More than 150 at present.

To know IQ Option what is it, we can register and try your free demo account. In it we can check the ease of use of the different tools offered.

What is IQ Option and how does it work?

Knowing what IQ Option is and how it works are two of the usual questions that stakeholders ask about the web. Its handling is really simple. The design of your platform is especially focused on understanding the graphics in the simplest possible way.

To begin, select the investment product in IQ Option and then the selected value. Once this step is done, we will see the work graph. In the graphs we can customize the configuration to adapt it to the preferred historical ones. This point is essential because in operations we seek to follow the change of value in rise or fall. Once the graph is studied, we mark the investment to be made and the direction of the operation with options with raising or lowering.

Once the operation is marked, we just have to wait for the remaining time to end. The cycles of times change according to the chosen products. The fringes can be 15 minutes, 5 minutes or 1 minute.

How to register on the web with options?

The registration is as simple as any other on the web. The only difference of IQ Option with other types of services on the internet is the sending of documentation to prove our identity. In the portal it is enabled to be a very simple step. For this, the documents are uploaded and not sent. This step is important for our security and that of the other users of the portal.

The records on the web are made in an average period of 3 minutes except for exceptions of null or confused identity.

The financial services with options provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose