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How are withdrawals made at IQ Option from Singapore?

Many Singaporeans ask how to make withdrawals from Singapore in IQ Option. The answer is simple, from the investment platform offer three different means to make these withdrawals.

In the first place we have the variant to request the deposit in our bank card. This is the medium most used by Singaporean users who use the web IQ Option Singapore. It is especially recommended when we have used this same method to make the previous deposits of capital.

As a second variant we have direct transfers to bank accounts. At this point, different entities are allowed for this country.

And as a last variant we have the possibility to make withdrawals through specialized online platforms in this process as an option. The most used in this section are Neteller and Skrill. You have a pretty fast execution time with 1 or 2 days.

To make the deposits you can use the same exposed means. It is recommended, if possible, to use the same in both cases to facilitate and expedite the process. With this we gain speed in transactions.

💰 Withdrawals Three different means
⭐ Review of users Very intuitive
📱 Use from the mobile Operative
🇸🇬 Demo account ¡ Try now ! *

What is the review of users about the platform with options?

Among the investment platforms with trading products through CFD (contracts for differences), IQ Option Singapore is one that enjoys a better valuation by traders. Its graphs of operations are very intuitive and it is a vital point for this type of operations.

Users in Singapore are already one of the most important registered groups on the web. A good part of them reside in the capital. His main review is to use these products with extreme moderation. For this, it is recommended to spend an extended period of time in the demo account with non real money until checking the effectiveness of the operations.

The platform app also enjoys a good reputation. With it it is really easy to operate from any device only with good internet access to work in real time with options. For any questions or issues you can consult at

What investment tools do IQ Option offer for Singapore traders?

What investment tools do IQ Option offer for Singapore traders? rubengrcgrc

The tools that IQ Option currently offers to traders and users based in Singapore are cryptocurrencies and forex. Within these two groups we have a multitude of securities to invest from the portal through CFDs (contracts for difference).

One of the most important values ​​in terms of the number of total operations carried out from this country is Bitcoin. Currently, cryptocurrencies account for a good percentage of the total of these trading operations. In addition to this, some of the most important cryptocurrencies by market volume are also used, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Litecoin and some more.

Regarding the group of values ​​offered in Forex, the main currency pairs are the largest percentage of the trading operations carried out from the platform.

Is it legal to use IQ Option in Singapore?

Is it legal to use IQ Option in Singapore? rubengrcgrc

Yes, using IQ Option from Singapore is legal because it is a market that is currently not regulated. It is this absence of a specific regulation that currently allows registering on the portal and being able to use the investment tools offered on the platform.

It should be noted that IQ Option always adapts its products to each country based on the regulations or laws of each one of them. In the case of not being able to offer your investment products in a specific country, it directly prevents users from that country from accessing your website. This is achieved thanks to the geolocation of each of the portal users.

In the case of Singapore, IQ Option offers its investment products to users residing in this country. It is also one of the regions in the world where it allows its users to download both mobile applications, both for IOS and Android.

It is also important to report on the statement from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). This public body in charge of regulating all financial activities in the country issued a statement dated March 14, 2017 in which it warns of the danger of trading binary options in unregulated companies and information on the risk of investors when they operate. with this type of investment tools with a high exposure on the invested capital.

Is there a demo account to practice?

Is there a demo account to practice? rubengrcgrc

This is a really important question and the answer is yes. IQ Option offers demo account or internship account to all Singapore users who register on the web.

In this demo account we have $ 10,000 not real to be able to practice with confidence in all the investment tools offered on the portal. We can use this practice account as many times as we deem appropriate, being able to change from the demo account to the real account as many times as we want.

The demo account is vital to gain affinity in operations. In them we can check our percentages of success or error. In fact, it is only advisable to switch to the real account when our number of hits far exceeds the number of errors.

What other accounts do you offer on this platform?

What other accounts do you offer on this platform? rubengrcgrc

At IQ Option, it offers three types of accounts for Singaporean users to be able to trade on the web. The first is the demo account that we explained in the previous question. With it we can operate with the peace of mind of knowing that it is not real money. In this way it serves us as the perfect setting to practice and check our success rate.

The second of the account offered is the real account. to operate in it it is necessary to make a minimum income of $ 10. Between the real account and the demo account we can change as many times as we consider necessary.

Finally we have the option of having a VIP account. This account is enabled only for traders and investors with more than $ 3,000. Once we have that capital, our account will be automatically considered a VIP. Once we have this account, its benefits are applied for our disposal when we consider it appropriate.

Demo account Free with $ 10.000 not real
Real account With $ 10 minimun
VIP account More than $ 3,000
Other accounts Only those mentioned

Does IQ option really pay?

Does IQ option really pay? rubengrcgrc

Without a doubt. With IQ Option in Singapore you can be sure that if you are successful and earn money you can collect the money with complete peace of mind. For our security it is good to know the general data of the platform. When we observe them, we see that it has millions of followers around the world and thousands of reviews published on the internet that show this.

In addition, this portal is one of the most prominent references in this sector on the internet with sponsorships all over the world. Another interesting fact is to read the independent forums with thousands of posts published by Internet users and traders from all over the world. In them we can see that winning is really difficult, only 20% of all users achieve it. But those who win can collect their winnings in complete comfort through the payment options provided.

Can it be used from mobile?

Does IQ option Can it be used from mobile? rubengrcgrc

Of course, to operate with IQ Option from Singapore you can use your mobile if they deem it appropriate. In fact, today, traders who trade with their mobile devices are already a majority percentage within the platform.

Thanks to being able to operate and invest with the platform from any mobile device with good connectivity, we have the freedom to trade from practically anywhere. It is noteworthy to know that the graphics and the rest of the functionalities that appear in the PC version are the same that we can find both in the mobile versions and in the apps enabled by the platform

In addition, as we have anticipated before, Singaporean users have the option of being able to download the app for both mobile devices with IOS and Android operating systems. We point out that this possibility is not available in all countries and this is one of them.

In which languages ​​can IQ Option be used?

In which languages can IQ Option be used? rubengrcgrc

The IQ Option website offers a multitude of languages ​​for users of the platform. In this way, Singaporean users and traders can choose to use the platform in English, Malay, Mandarin or any other in which they feel comfortable to perform CFD trading operations.

Among the platform’s investors in this country, the majority language is English. You can also see representative percentages of traders using Malay or Mandarin, following the reflection of the country’s society.

In total, the portal offers more than 70 languages ​​for the millions of followers that it has around the world in the countries where it is possible to operate with the platform legally.

How to register on the web?

As with any other service website, we only have to fill in the requested information. As a second step and differential with respect to other services in the network we have to send or upload supporting documents. This point is different from other services but it is essential for this type of investment tools. It protects the security of all IQ Option users.

Once registered in we can use any of the enabled accounts. Although the recommendation of the rest of Singaporean traders is to be a certain formative time in the practice account to become familiar with the products and tools.

The financial services and options provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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