IQ Option review

What review are there about IQ Option?

The opinions and review on IQ Option that we have collected on the internet are very diverse . They could be divided into two large groups, the positive and the negative. The ones we have been able to study and classify are based on the experiences of thousands of investors with the platform. The sites where we have been able to capture them are mainly in specialized investment forums and opinion articles from experts in the market.

In the group of IQ Option review positive we have found two main aspects. First of all, the easy management of the platform is greatly facilitated by the use of the different investment tools offered, all based on CFD trading (contracts for difference). Also stands out from the portal the ease of the records, the handling of the graphics and the free demo account to operate with non real money in

With regard to the negatives we find published the experiences of many investors who have lost the capital invested. It should be noted that in this type of platform a high percentage of investors lose the capital invested. Hence, our recommendation to train and use the demos to practice and improve operational strategies.

What reviews are there about the operation of IQ Option?

As we have advanced in the previous question, the majority review is very positive in this aspect. Most users think that the use of the portal and its investment tools is highly intuitive and very simple.

This facility is what has given IQ Option the possibility of having millions of users. They use the web every day to make online trading through contracts for difference.

However, the best way to check the ease of operation is to register and test the demo account. In it, in an opinionable way, we can operate with non-real money and experiment with each and every one of the products and values ​​offered on the

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What is the review about the IQ Option app?

This is another of the attractions of IQ Option. The review of the registered users that use the mobile to carry out their operations consider that the app works perfectly. In it we can analyze the graphics with the same precision as in the.version for PC. This point is essential for millions of investors who prefer to operate from mobile devices.

This application works with the same effectiveness with any model of the market. It has specific versions for Android and IOS. In recent months, many of the investors who have spent an operation of this type of devices.

The financial services provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose