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Can the IQ Option be used in Pakistan?

Yes, the IQ Option website can be used in Pakistan safely. At present, there are already hundreds of thousands of Pakistani resident users who use the investment portal through CFD (contracts for differences).

The cities with the largest number of users are Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. On the platform with options, users can conduct transactions and negotiations with the products offered by the platform as forex (currency pairs).

The use and operation of the platform IQ Option Pakistan is really simple and intuitive. Its graphics stand out, easy to interpret and the most professional of the investment products market over the internet.

What opinions do other users have about the platform?

What opinions do other users have about the platform? rubengrcgrc

Looking for forums, mainly specialized in investments, opinion articles and social networks we have found all kinds of opinions. Many of them recounted the experience of having lost the capital invested. It should be noted that in this type of platforms with options you can lose money quickly.

We have also found opinions and positive experiences of investors who have achieved good returns. Most of the comments also highlight the ease of use of IQ Option. Of the best in the market in this segment of negotiations through CFD (contracts for differences).

How to make withdrawals in IQOption?

How to make withdrawals in IQOption? rubengrcgrc

Proceed to make the withdrawals is really simple. For residents in Pakistan, IQ Option offers different withdrawal methods. The most used by Pakistani users are transfers to the account number or bank cards.

At a certain distance as the second variant chosen to make withdrawals, users usually choose platforms specialized in income and payments such as Neteller or Skrill. These withdrawals usually arrive within an average period of 2 days from the start of the requested operation. For any questions you can expand the information in

Is it easy to register with IQ Option in Pakistan?

Is it easy to register with IQ Option in Pakistan? rubengrcgrc

It is very simple. The steps for registration in are made in just three minutes. The first thing is to fill in the requested information with the annex of the documentation to be sent. This requested documentation serves to confirm our identity. This point is essential for the security of transmission of personal data, charges and taxes.

Once registered we can start testing the demo account as an option. In it we can use it as practices to observe our ratios and percentages of successes and errors. In this account we also have access to training videos to understand and improve investment trends.

The financial services and options provided by this IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

Is it safe to use IQ option?

Is it safe to use IQ Option? rubengrcgrc

Using IQ Option in Pakistan is completely safe. The best way to check it is to know its global figures, currently it has more than 7 million users spread all over the world in more than 200 countries where the investment portal is operational.

Another highlight in its level of security for data transmission. For this, the broker has maximum SSL security with https url navigation. We can check this at any time during navigation by looking at the url, on the right we will always see a padlock offered by the browser for information on said security applied to our navigation.

Finally we can go to the forums specialized in investment in the network and there we can find the opinion of thousands of traders who publish their experiences on the portal. In them we can find a very high percentage of positive opinions about the platform regarding the security provided to users.

Has anyone made money?

Has anyone made money? rubengrcgrc

With IQ Option in Pakistan and the rest of the world, users who get it will earn approximately 20% of the total users who trade with the broker. The other remaining 80% are users who lose the capital invested in the investment portal.

With these figures we see a very clear scenario, most of the traders lose their investments. But it is also true to emphasize that a 20% quite remarkable achieves great returns.

This leads us to a clear conclusion, the importance of always starting with the demo account and spending a lot of time there trading with binary, forex and cryptocurrency options. By operating with non-real money in the demo account we can operate with the peace of mind of checking if our success rates are acceptable without the pressure of losing real money.

What is the best strategy for IQ Option?

What is the best strategy for IQ Option? rubengrcgrc

The best security strategy at IQ Option Pakistan is moderation and experience.

We have found dozens of strategies on the internet that ensure a reasonable success rate for trading binary opportunities. We can confirm that we have tested most of them applied to the particular forex without any notable success.

Even, to our surprise, we have found advertisements on the internet that offer robots designed to obtain a prominent percentage for this type of investment. We have not tested them but we sincerely trust their results very little.

The best strategy, without a doubt, is moderation and experience as we started in this answer. The best place to achieve them in the practice account, as we have said several times, that is the place where we can improve our percentages of correct answers without any risk.

How much money can I withdraw?

How much money can I withdraw? rubengrcgrc

The minimum withdrawal for IQ Option in Pakistan is £ 10.

For this you have different means to choose the form of withdrawal. The most used by the rest of the traders are bank cards such as VISA and Mastercad and specialized platforms for online payments and withdrawals such as Skrill, Neteller or AstroPay.

These transactions are completely secure through SSL payment gateways in the case of bank cards and encrypted codes for specialist platforms for online payments.

Is IQ Option a good broker?

Is IQ Option a good broker? rubengrcgrc

If we are looking for an online broker to operate from Pakistan that offers investment products through CFDs (contracts for difference), IQ Option is a good choice.

Today we have dozens of platforms that offer this type of product online, but we must recognize that this portal is one of the best. It is especially so for the ease of use and the simplicity for the interpretation of the value charts.

Its wide range of documents related to securities and very complete and detailed investment instruments is also highly appreciated by the other brokers. This training section is usually little visited by users but should be considered a must-see since the information always helps to improve success rates in trading operations.

Can I have two IQ Option accounts?

Can I have two IQ Option accounts? rubengrcgrc

It is not possible to have two different IQ Option accounts from Pakistan. On the platform they ask us for our identity document for registration in the investment portal. And with this unique number we can only register once for security and control reasons.

This limitation of obtaining only one account per user is going in the right direction. In this way you can offer the highest standards of security on the portal thanks to the exhaustive control over all traders.

What we do have with the investment portal are two accounts in the same profile. The real account and the demo account with £ 10,000 non-real ones to operate with the peace of mind of having no exposure.

How long does it take to receive money?

How long does it take to receive money? rubengrcgrc

The time it takes to receive the money from IQ Option in Pakistan is from 1 to 15 days. This especially depends on the method selected to receive the money.

If we choose to receive the money through the specialized platforms for online payments and withdrawals with Skrill, Neteller or AstroPay we will have the money on the same day of the request issued.

When we choose the transfers to the bank accounts provided, it is when a greater time delay can be generated. Depending on each bank we can have the money in our account with a margin of between 2 and 15 days. Because of this, few traders choose this option as a method of receiving money.

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