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Can IQ Option be used in Nigeria?

Yes, the IQ Option investment portal can be used in Nigeria normally. Nigerian employees and investors can use the different products and investment tools in the CFD platform (contracts for differences).

There users of this Central African country located on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea form one of the largest trading communities of the African continent. The cities with the highest volume of registered users are Lagos and Abuja.

The registrations in IQ Option Nigeria can be done in a simple and real way. For the records it is necessary to fill in the access form. Also send some supporting document. The sending of these documents is essential to prove our identity. It is important to realize the income and withdrawals with total security.

The allowed leverages are adapted and changed for each of the tools used in operations with options. This information is always available in each of the open accounts in an updated manner.

How made are withdrawals?

How made are withdrawals? rubengrcgrc

From IQ Option, several options are allowed to make withdrawals. Nigerian users prefer to enter the bank card. Although we have to stand out more than ever. More than using other alternative platforms such as Skrill or Neteller to collect the profits.

These withdrawals can be arranged in our accounts in only 24 or 48 h with different options. Being one of the fastest platforms in the market in the management of investors. For any questions or issues you can consult at

It’s easy to use?

It's easy to use? rubengrcgrc

Its handling is really simple. In addition, you can register with option to use the time we think appropriate the demo account of In this practice account we can test all the tools available in the platform.

According to web, the platform is one of the simplest and most intuitive to negotiate with CFD. Hence, one of the largest volumes of traders in the market. Demonstration of the graphics and investment products in the account. We can spend an account.

Do IQ Options pay?

Do IQ Options pay? rubengrcgrc

The IQ Option portal in Nigeria pays safely and quickly. To do this, select the “withdrawal” button located in each of the user profiles.

Once we have marked the button for withdrawals we have to select which method we want to use. We can choose bank cards such as VISA and Mastercard, bank transfers or specialized platforms for online payments and withdrawals such as AstroPay and Payguru.

As a recommendation it is better not to use bank transfers unless it is strictly necessary. This means of payment is, without a doubt, the one that can take the longest in time. As a faster option we have specialist payment and withdrawal portals such as those mentioned.

Can IQ Option be trusted?

Can IQ Option be trusted? rubengrcgrc

IQ Option Nigeria can be trusted to trade binary options with the main market values ​​and the best way to do this is to know their numbers. The investment portal has more than 7 million traders spread across the world in more than 200 countries. This gives us a global idea of ​​who this platform is.

In addition, when browsing the Internet and looking for related information, we can find thousands of opinions of users who use the portal on a regular basis and the degree of trust in the platform is very high. This is due to the long history with such a high volume of registered users that they produce natural advertising based on virtual word of mouth.

Many of them especially praise the degree of formation of the portal through hundreds of documents and videos. And it also highlights in particular the ease of use with perfectly interpretable graphics and a free demo account with $ 10,000 not real to practice with ease as long as we deem appropriate.

How do I activate my IQ Option account?

How do I activate my IQ Option account? rubengrcgrc

Activating the user account in the IQ Option Nigeria broker is really fast and easy.

First of all we have to provide our personal data and choose a username with a security password. Once we have provided our data, they will send us from the portal an authentication code in the mobile phone number that we have provided.

This verified authentication is designed to promote the security of all registered users. With this series of measures adopted, the investment portal’s control over the veracity of the data provided by all traders is improved.

Upon receiving this code and entering it in the requested box, our account will have been verified and we can operate normally. We always recommend spending a reasonable amount of time in the demo account to be able to practice with the binary options the time necessary to have a good percentage of success in the trading operations carried out.

How do I put money on IQ Option?

How do I put money on IQ Option? rubengrcgrc

To put money into IQ Option from Nigeria you have three different options.

First of all you can use bank cards. In the investment portal they accept VISA and Mastercard and currently it is one of the most used methods by a high percentage of users.

As a second option to deposit money we have online payment platforms. AstroPay and Payguru are accepted for Nigerian users. These options were chosen by a minority of users in their beginnings, but with each passing year they gain followers who choose them for their comfort, security and speed of transactions.

Finally we have the option to make a bank transfer. Today they represent a low percentage of the total of the transactions carried out due to the fact that they take a few days to become effective.

How long does it take to receive money from IQ option?

How long does it take to receive money from IQ Option Nigeria? rubengrcgrc

The time it takes to receive the money at IQ Option Nigeria especially depends on the chosen method.

The transactions requested via online payment platforms such as Astropay and Payguru will arrive the same day of the request. Due to this speed of almost real-time payments, many broker traders prefer to use this type of platform to receive money. In recent years, a clear trend of users who change their method to one of these platforms is clearly perceived.

The greatest time delay occurs if we choose the transfer to bank account as a withdrawal method. In these cases the time until the money arrives can vary between 2 days and 15 days. This depends especially on each bank.

What is the minimum investment?

What is the minimum investment? rubengrcgrc

The minimum required investment in IQ Option Nigeria is $ 10 for deposits made at the broker.

For trading operations the minimum investment is $ 1. With this amount the portal manages to facilitate access to a large percentage of traders. With this amount, moderation and the least possible exposure are recommended.

We remember the importance of testing the practice account first to test our results with the peace of mind of doing it with non-real money.

How much can I withdraw?

How much can I withdraw? rubengrcgrc

IQ Option Nigeria does not have a maximum amount set to withdraw money.

What if you succeed is a minimum amount set at $ 10. From that amount you can withdraw the generated money that you consider appropriate.

For the demo account the portal offers a total of $ 10,000 not real with which you can operate as many times as you deem appropriate, but obviously that money can never be converted into real money.

What options can you trade on IQ Option Nigeria?

What options can you trade on IQ Option Nigeria? rubengrcgrc

At IQ Option Nigeria you can trade with infinity of securities that can be grouped into several groups.

The best known is forex. With it we can invest in currency pairs by selecting the option to raise or lower. These charts are usually very fast given the large volume of global investments in major currencies such as the dollar, yen, euro, pound or Australian dollar.

The second group by total volume of operations is that of the shares of listed companies. In it, the actions of leading technological companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft stand out.

Following these is followed by the group of the most important cryptocurrencies on the market. Here Bitcoin stands out above all, closely followed by litecoin, monero, bitcoin cash, ethereum and others.

Finally, ETFs are the least known and least used group by portal traders. These are listed funds and we can choose the most representative of this segment of the investment market.

What types of accounts do you offer?

What types of accounts do you offer? rubengrcgrc

At IQ Option Nigeria they offer three different account types. All three options are always associated with the same profile account.

The first is the so-called demo account. In it we have $ 10,000 not real with which we can practice as long as we consider necessary. Our recommendation is to spend as much time as possible in it until we can verify with reality that we have good percentages of successes in our operations with binary options.

The second one is the most important, the so-called live or live account. In it we operate with real money and it is important to use it in a moderate way with the least possible exposure. We have to take into account that an average of approximately 80% of investors lose the invested capital and it is essential to be very successful to be part of the 20% of traders who manage to generate profits.

Finally we have the VIP account. Honestly, it is quite difficult to access it since you have to have a fairly high volume of business generated. If you get to it, you will automatically get the privilege of joining the club with countless benefits for the lucky ones.

The financial services and options provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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