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What is the review of IQ Option in Malaysia?

The review of the users and experts who have used IQ Option in Malaysia is very varied. Surfing the Internet in forums, opinion pieces and social networks we have found positive and negative experiences. It should be noted that Malaysian users form one of the large groups of investors in the portal. Mainly from Kuala Lumpur, capital that contributes a good percentage of them.

As for the positive comments of IQ Option Malaysia, the ones that refer to the ease of use stand out. For the vast majority of Internet users, negotiating on the web is really simple. Its graphics have a design that manages to perfectly understand the directions of the values. It also highlights its high level in the demo account, exactly like the real one. With them we can prove the ease of operations with the different products offered.

In relation to negative opinions with options, the losses of the invested capital stand out. In this type of platforms that offer to negotiate through CFD (contracts for differences) it is really easy to lose the money invested.

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How to make withdrawal in IQ Option Malaysia?

This country is one of the fastest within the platform. Here we have several different options to make withdrawal in IQ Option from Malaysia.

First of all, as an variant most requested by Malaysian users is the deposit in the bank card with option. In this case it is recommended that it be the same means also to realize the income. This will speed up the processing.

The second method chosen is the specialized payment platforms on the internet such as Neteller or Skrill. You are gaining many related traders for ease of use and speed in your transactions.

And as a third variant we have direct transfers with means accepted by the portal IQ Option in Malaysia such as Bank Central Asia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Bank Negara Indonesia or Permata Bank. In these options, the average execution time is 5 minutes.

We remind you that to make the income you can use the same methods selected for the withdrawals. For any questions or issues you can consult at

Skrill Real time
Neteller Fast and safe
Maybank Exclusive method for the country
RHB Exclusive method for the country

Is IQ Option legal in Malaysia?

Is IQ Option legal in Malaysia? rubengrcgrc

Using the IQ Option platform from Malaysia is completely legal. The explanation for the legality to use this portal for Malaysian residents is the absence of a regulation based on this type of investment platforms on the internet through products based on CFDs or contracts for difference.

Due to this lack of specific regulation towards this sector in this country you can register on the platform and operate with it with complete peace of mind. It must be taken into account that this platform always strictly complies with the regulations in force in each country. Based on this, it adapts its products to each country, for this it uses the geolocation of the IPs of each user or trader to offer only the products or services that you can use in each country.

Thanks to this, we can enter the web with complete peace of mind, knowing that they will only offer us the investment tools or instruments that you can use legally in each country where your website is operational.

Can IQ Option be trusted?

Can IQ Option be trusted? rubengrcgrc

Yes, IQ Option can be trusted with complete peace of mind. The platform is a world benchmark in its Internet investment sector through CFDs and has millions of users spread all over the world.

When we search for independent information on the internet about the platform, we can find thousands of comments from traders and portal users in countless forums. By reading them we can verify that the investment platform is completely reliable in all interest transactions such as registration, money deposits or capital withdrawals.

Something different in confidence in making money on these types of platforms. We already anticipate that it is really difficult to have a success rate in operations that allow you to earn money. In general, more than 80% of the platform’s users and small investors lose their invested capital. It is also true that almost 20% of traders manage to generate good income. Due to this we recommend moderation in these investments and especially use the demo account to check the percentage of successes and errors in the operations before switching to the real account.

Is Safe?

Is Safe? rubengrcgrc

We can firmly state that IQ Option in Malaysia is really safe. In all the navigation carried out on the portal, both in versions for PC and for mobile phones, we always find https security. We can check this point at any time while browsing by looking at the top where the web addresses are, if we look we will always see the padlock that indicates that we are under an address with SSL data encryption.

Therefore, all relevant transactions such as the registry in which we provide our personal data and identity documents, or money deposits and withdrawals, are carried out with total security.

On this platform our personal data is always protected under strict and modern security measures. Thanks to this, the website has millions of followers around the world who testify to these levels of security.

Can I get rich with this platform?

Can I get rich with this platform? rubengrcgrc

This is a question that many users often ask themselves before registering on the web. Honestly getting rich on IQ Option Malaysia is really tricky. We do not say that it is impossible because we do not know the future, but we understand that getting rich on this platform is really difficult.

Investments made through investment products based on contracts for difference or CFDs are extremely high exposure and it is really easy to lose the money or capital invested. Due to this, in most of the reference platforms in this sector, they have percentages close to 80% of users or traders who lose the invested capital.

As we have advanced before, it is also true that almost 20% of users manage to generate income, in some cases strong income. But from there to affirming that you can get rich with this platform towards a big difference. If we had to opt for an answer to this question, it would be what is really complicated but not impossible.

What languages ​​does it offer?

The IQ Option portal offers a total of 13 languages ​​in Malaysia and in the rest of the countries where it operates, the most relevant in the world. For users in this country, it is important to know what the Malay language, English and others offer to adapt our navigation and platform functionalities to our preferred language.

This selection of languages ​​is available in both mobile versions and PC-enabled versions.

Frequently asked questions

Is it easy to trading with IQ Option from Malaysia?

How to operate with binary in IQ Option from Malaysia?

Where to download the application to start operating with IQ Option?

How to operate with forex in IQ Option from Malaysia?

Where to find the app to start trading with IQ Option from Malaysia?

How to make the deposit from Malaysia in IQ Option?

Is there a demo account in IQ Option for registered Malaysia?

IQ Option can be used in Singapore?

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Where to download the app?

The app can be downloaded from any of the main mobile application download platforms. We recommend that you have previously registered on the IQ Option website. The IOS and Android versions are available for Malaysian users.

Many traders prefer the convenience of being able to negotiate from mobile devices. It should be noted that the app on is one of the best on the market. Its functionality, graphics and speed are perfect to operate from any model of the latest generation in the market.

Is there IQ Option demo account in Malaysia?

Is there IQ Option demo account in Malaysia? rubengrcgrc

Affirmative, since IQ Option in Malaysia offers a demo or practice account for all users who deem it appropriate. To get it, it is only necessary to register with personal data and send the documentation required to verify identity and we can access the demo account.

In this demo account we have $ 10,000 not real to be able to test the investment tools and instruments offered on the portal. This account is exactly the same as the real account and therefore has not only all the investment instruments but also all its functionalities.

This demo account is perfect for testing our operating success rate. If we fail most of our operations it is better that we do not go to the real account because we will have a high probability of losing our money. If, on the contrary, we verify that we are correct in most of our operations, it will be a good time to switch to the real account with good probabilities of success.

What types of account do you offer?

What types of account do you offer? rubengrcgrc

In total, IQ Option offers three types of accounts for Malaysian resident users. In the first place, it offers the demo account that we have previously exposed and to which we can do as soon as we register on the portal.

The second of the accounts is the real account. We can access it once we have registered on the platform and make a minimum deposit of $ 10. In this account we have all the functionalities and values ​​offered in each country based on its regulations, laws or the absence of them. From the real account we can change the demo account as many times as we deem appropriate, and vice versa.

Finally we have the VIP account. This account is not available for these types of platforms that offer investment products based on CFDs in many countries such as all European ones and some more. But Malaysia is one of those that remains active. To access the VIP account we have to have more than $ 2,000 in our profile account. When we have this amount we access directly and we can begin to enjoy the privileges offered in it.

How to improve the results?

How to improve the results? rubengrcgrc

To improve results on IQ Option from Malaysia, it is best to use the demo account that we have explained above for as long as necessary. Those of us who use this type of platform know that you always want to switch to the real account as soon as possible to start trying to earn money but one of the keys to trying to be successful is to do it at the right time.

Therefore, the best way to improve our results when trading CFDs is to spend a lot of time on the demo account. The time required depends on each trader or small investor but a good recommendation is the one mentioned above, switch to the real account only when your successes far exceed your mistakes.

In addition, in an extra way, a good way to improve our results is to do so through training and information. The more we know the securities and investment instruments with which we are going to operate, the easier it will be to get the operations right. Although always knowing that in these CFD trading operations the operation times are short and vary between one minute and 15 minutes. In these very short time frames it is really difficult to have good hit rates.

A good way to improve our training and the information we have is to use the informative, video and news sections that this platform publishes on the securities offered on its website.

The financial services and options provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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