IQ Option leverage

This type of investment platforms like IQ Option leverage offer in your investments. This means that you can operate for more money than you have invested.

All professional investors work with this investment instrument for some time. The leverages are different among the various products with options offered by the online trading portal.

It is important to know that the differences between what is offered in the various tools are linked to the fluctuations and stability of each product.

What is the leverage of IQ Option?

As we discussed earlier, the IQ Option leverage offered depends on the different products offered. In the CDF for shares, an investment differential of 5 times the capital invested is offered. The shares offered are those listed on the most important stock markets in the world.

In the case of currency pairs with options, the allowed is 30 times the capital invested. This the greatest offered in all its products, by far.

With raw materials we can leverage 10 times the deposited capital. Among the most operated commodities are gold, silver, oil, gas, copper and others available.

And finally, in relation to ETFs it is allowed to 5 times the capital disposed on the web. Listed funds are the least known investment product but good returns are obtained.

IQ Option leverage in 2019

Every year the figures available in IQ Option renewed to operate. The figures of leverage that we have explained is that relating to the year 2019.

If any change occurs, we will explain it again.

The financial services and options provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose