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Is the IQ Option a scam?


The Financial Products offered by the IQ Option include Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) as well as other complex financial products. Operating with CFDs carries a high level of risk, since leverage can act both in your favor and against you. Therefore, it is possible that CFDs are not suitable for all investors, since it could lead to the loss of all the capital invested. You should never invest the money you can not afford to lose. Before operating with the complex financial products that are offered, please make sure you have understood all the risks involved.

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is an online broker, its main investment tools are Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethreum, Litecoin and others), Forex and Binary Options. The platform is a total trend in the network thanks to popularize these financial instruments and make them available to everyone (formerly they were reserved or were only known by large investors). The web currently has (2108) with more than 5 million users spread around the world.The company is operated by IQ Option Europe Ltd and regulated by CySEC.

The IQ platform is renowned for popularizing investment tools in the network, such as CFDs, binary options and others that were formerly reserved for high investors. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of users who have and use this type of investment tools. The investment tools offered are binary options, forex, stock, stocks markets, cryptocurrencies, commodities and quoted funds. All of them negotiated through CFD.


IQ Option Reviews

When entering the market of trading operations on the internet, it is important to be informed about the legality of the platform in question, in this case, IQ Option is an operator with all its European licenses in order and hence its users have good opinions on the same. Therefore, we can discard the option that can cheat or defraud us, in this web we have total security.

Opinions of the team of web analysts after having tried it for months experimenting with all the tools offered

👦 Rubén García: “In my opinion, this website is perfect, especially to operate with cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. I would never use it for binary options because of its high risk and ease of losing money. “

👩 María Sánchez: “Easy to use website, with a clear upward trend in cryptocurrencies, this website is one of the reference platforms to operate online”.

👧 Sara Matas: “IQ Option is called to be a reference in the sector, there is an excellent work of navigability and simplicity in its operations. Totally away from scams and fraud. “


How to download IQ Option?

Making the download of the IQ Option app is really simple, you just have to go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store for free.

Download the program on your device in very simple. It is valid and functional in all existing models in the market.We can confirm this because we have tested it with more than 20 different models. You can download IQ Option always securely with encrypted data.

Once the application is downloaded, you just have to navigate intuitively through each of its tools, with it you can verify that it is very functional and it is easy to operate from the mobile, in any of the existing models in the market.


What is a broker of Binary options?


A trading broker is an online trading platform that offers forex trading tools. Of all the brokers, in their online version, that offer this service, it is this online trader that has a greater number of users, therefore the best on the internet. This success has been based on the ease of use and manageability of the web that allows to operate with a lot of simplicity and excellent results. Your web design team has, therefore, a large part of the blame for its success.

Binary options are the investment tool most used by investors in the platform. The best way to have good percentages of operational success is to use the demo account. In it we can check our profit percentages with non real money.


IQ Option pays?


Yes, in the trading website you can withdraw funds, deposits or profits when you deem it appropriate. There are different options for payment. But it is always recommended for greater ease that you use the same method that you previously used to make the income.

The form in the IQ Option mainly pays is by bank card. It is the one used by most registered users in the investment portal.

But you can also request payment via bank transfer, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and some others.


What are the advantages of operating with IQ Option?


Without a doubt for its functionality. When trading binary options, contracts for difference and other investment products through the network, the functionality of the trading platform is very important. And IQ Option is, it is an extremely functional and fast portal.

Another point to highlight as an advantage in this website are its graphics. These are an essential part of online trading. They are graphs very easy to analyze and follow in real time. In our opinion, the best in the sector.

Another advantage of operating this platform in transparency and clarity when requesting payment, commissions and information for finance.

In which countries can you use?


IQ Option offers its investment products online to more than 150 countries. Among the countries where English is one of its official languages, those with the greatest number of followers are India, Pakistan, England, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Ireland, New Zealand and others.


How to login in IQ Option?


Entering IQ Option is really simple. Once we have registered on the web we have two options to do so.

We can access directly through the web by entering the registration data. Email and password for the login section.

Or we can enter through the trading platform app that we can download in the Apple Store, Google Play directly from the web. This option is the most chosen by registered users who use mobile devices to operate.


What are the binary options?


Binary options are a high risk investment instrument. The way to operate with them is very simple, and that is where their great fame lies, and for that reason they have gained a high number of followers all over the world.The binary options are operated simply by investing for or against, marking up or down, for any stock market, for any action of any company that operates in the main world stock exchanges, you can also invest in raw materials such as coffee, sugar , corn, ect … and for any currency exchange.



➤ In IQ Option it is now also possible to operate with an infinity of cryptocurrencies in the platform, it is not necessary to remember the exponential increases of the same and the attractiveness of operating with them due to the high profitability that it offers.

There are already countless of them, here we leave you some of the most important, you can not lose sight of them.



The total assets that the platform makes available to users are three groups: cryptocurrencies, forex and securities.

The cryptocurrencies are the stars of the investment operations at present, there are endless possibilities to invest in them. The ranking of the most important virtual currencies in IQ Option are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and Litecoin. The information provided in this regard is basically related to the price, the capitalization and the change.

In terms of forex, the information provided and required study if we want to operate with it is related to the most important currency pairs and their daily fluctuations or by custom time slots.

The securities are the shares of companies that operate in the most important exchanges in the world. The information for the training of the traders that is provided is related to their values, change and evolution. The most used titles at the time of operating are, without a doubt, the technological ones with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and the rest of the great giants of the network.




The industries are the sectors of activity where the companies that form parts of the securities perform their operations, with what it is possible to invest in

The sectors in which it is possible to be informed and trained in IQ Option are: energy, healthcare, real estate sectors, information technology, healthcare, industrial, financial, materials or final consumer products.




The informative or video tutorial and videos offered in IQ Option are an excellent training and information tool. We are currently overloaded with information, especially the profiles that need to work in the network, for this reason, watching videos is much more relaxed and effective for many of us.

The video channels visited are undoubtedly those related to cryptocurrencies, operability work with graphs and study patterns such as rebounds and exponential increases.

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