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Do you offer binary options in IQ Option?

Yes, IQ Option offer binary but depending on the regulations of each country. Since platformoffers binaries only in those countries where it is legal .

IQ Option Binary are an investment instrument negotiated through CFD (contracts for difference). They are called like this because of the only two investment options that are up or down. Once the product and the chosen value have been selected, we would only have to mark the amount of the investment and the address of the same. Operations end in 1 minute, 5 minute or 15 minute intervals. If after that time the value has risen or fallen, the operation ends in success or loss of the invested capital. For any questions or issues you can consult at

They are instruments designed for large investors and it is easy to lose the amounts contributed. That is why in some countries it is being regulated to limit or restrict this instrument to large investors with a broad investor profile.

How to trade binary options?

How to trade binary options? rubengrcgrc

The way to put binaries in IQ Option is easy and very intuitive for all users of the investment portal. We simply have to choose with which value we want to operate and mark it, when doing so a graph appears where we see how the value moves. Finally we only have to look at the time left to carry out the operations and mark an investment value in the direction of rising or falling.

To finish we can only wait until the end of the set time ends to see the results between the success or the error. If you have failed you lose the invested capital and if you are right you earn a percentage between 60% and 90% depending on each value offered. This percentage of profit in case of success you always see it clearly prior to each operation.

The way to use binary options is one of the strengths of this broker. The vast majority of portal users praise the ease of use on both PC and devices. This fact manages to generate enormous virtual word of mouth advertising among Internet users around the world who are encouraged to try the demo account with non-real money.

How to know if the value rises or falls?

How to know if the value rises or falls? rubengrcgrc

There is no way to know if it rises or falls before trading on IQ Option with binaries. Thousands of experts for decades have tried to check strategies with good success rates and it is practically impossible. Why it is something very simple to explain, when the securities are exposed to operations carried out by millions of investors, it is completely impossible to predict which direction will go in the next few minutes.

It must be understood that in this and other investment platforms through CFDs (contracts for difference), most users lose the invested capital. In this broker that percentage is estimated at approximately 80%.

Of the same, it is also true that there is a remaining percentage of 20% that obtain great benefits. The best recommendation to be part of this group of successful traders is to use the demo account in advance until you demonstrate mathematically that your results contain much more successes than errors. That is the moment when you are ready to go to the real account.

What are the binary options?

What are the binary options? rubengrcgrc

The binary options offered by IQ Option and the rest of the investment portals on the internet are an investment instrument used by large investors for decades. Technically it consists of a futures contract between two parties with two options (raise or lower) where large profits are established in case of success and large losses in case of error in prediction.

This investment instrument is usually applied to the main securities in the market divided into several groups: forex, shares of listed companies, raw materials, ETFs or cryptocurrencies.

Today, the options have become popular with millions of followers worldwide. In some countries this instrument is limited only to the participation of large investors due to the high exposure and ease of losing the invested capital. For this reason, the platform only offers this products to those users with residence in countries where it is permitted or not regulated.

How to trade with Forex?

How to trade with Forex? rubengrcgrc

In binary IQ Option it is really easy to trade forex. This instrument consists of currency pairs that fluctuate between them, for which the main official currencies such as the dollar, pound, euro, yen and Australian dollar are usually used.

The first thing we have to do is go to the forex section and mark the pair of values ​​with which we want to trade. Once checked, it looks like the graph of that currency pair in question. Once studied, we only have to mark how much money we want to invest and mark the direction of the operation between raising or lowering. To finish we can only wait for the result between success or error, profit or loss.

This investment instrument is one of the most widely used by broker users throughout the world, although it should be noted that it is one of the most complicated for various reasons. Firstly, due to the speed of the charts, as they are currencies with a high volume of operations by investors around the world, their values ​​move in a very aggressive way and makes their prediction very complicated. Also for the forex they usually give short time bands for their operations. Due to this, they are usually the values ​​with the greatest benefit in case of hit, ranging between 70% and 90%.

Our recommendation to operate with these values ​​and use them first in the demo account to practice with them without any exposure with non-real money. There we can check our level of successes and errors, when the first one far exceeds the second it will be time to go to the real account.

What is the IQ Option commission?

What is the IQ Option commission? rubengrcgrc

The IQ Option platform usually applies a commission close to 0.5% of each operation with binaries. This rate is already discounted from the benefit shown in each trading operation to be carried out, in such a way that the amount that they offer us when marking each value is a clean figure of the commission of the investment portal. This commission can be seen publicly on the web in an updated way each operational year.

Analyzing the rest of the operators that make up the first line of this sector, we can conclude that they have very close commissions, this portal being one of the most attractive due to the moderation applied to this type of rates.

For the rest of transactions there are no fees applied and to do so they are always made publicly. To register and use the demo account there are no usage fees whatsoever so we can do it with complete peace of mind at no cost. Because of this, millions of users register to be able to test this practice account and check the options for operational success.

How to deposit?

How to deposit? rubengrcgrc

In binary IQ Option we can deposit in three different ways: with bank cards, online payment platforms or bank transfers.

The accepted bank cards are VISA AND Mastercard. Currently this is the preferred option for a high percentage of the total registered users who use this investment portal to carry out their trading operations.

As a second group of options to deposit we have some platforms specialized in online payments. Depending on the country where we use the platform, they will offer us one or the other. Skrill, AstroPay and Neteller are usually offered in most countries where the web is operational.

Finally we have the option to deposit via bank transfer. This method was undoubtedly the preferred one for most traders years ago. But today it is less used to deposit due to the delay in the time it takes to become effective.

What are the best strategies for IQ Option binary?

What are the best strategies for IQ Option binary? rubengrcgrc

The truth is that there is a very simple answer. Any. There is no strategy by definition that works in a general way and prevails over time to obtain success in the IQ Option portal binaries.

In binaries it is important to know that fluctuations in such short periods of time are simply unpredictable.You can find small fluctuation rates in values ​​and that is the success of some investors who get excellent percentage of profit. But obviously no one is going to publish those small cycles that bring you benefit. To find them, it is important to spend a lot of time studying values ​​to understand these movements of rise and fall of value in

Therefore it is really important to spend some time in the demo account provided by the platform. In them we can study and experiment with non-real money. We can do it calmly until we find success percentages.

What accounts do you offer on the IQ Option?

What accounts do you offer on the IQ Option? rubengrcgrc

At IQ Option they offer three different accounts to operate with binary options: demo account, real account and VIP account.

To use the demo account you only need to register on the web. There is no need to deposit any amount. Only with the simple registration we can use this internship account as long as we deem appropriate. In it we can test all the values ​​offered with the same graphs to experiment as many times as we want with non-real money. In this account we start with $ 10,000 non-wages. This account is the key to success, if we are realistic and apply common sense we will check our results before moving on to the real account.

The following account is the real one. To operate in it, it is not only necessary to register but also to make a deposit with a minimum amount of $ 10. Once we have made the deposit we can operate in the values ​​we want always with operations that do not exceed the limit of the available balance. Once we operate on the real account we can return at any time and as many times as we deem appropriate to the demo account.

Finally we have the VIP account. This account cannot be requested but is acquired automatically when we exceed a minimum investment per month on the platform. It is quite difficult to access it, if we do so we will obtain privileges of various types only suitable for the members of this VIP club.

Can you operate with IQ Option binary from the iPhone?

Can you operate with IQ Option binary from the iPhone? rubengrcgrc

Yes, in IQOption you can operate with binaries from iPhone models and any other mobile device in the market. For this they published a long time ago an excellent app that can be downloaded directly from the web. It is available on the Apple Store platform, has a low weight but excellent features. Especially noteworthy is the interactive graphics with trading operations with IQ Option in real time.

Many registered users prefer to perform binary trading operations from mobile devices. With them they can be connected from anywhere with complete freedom. This app works in a really professional way with graphics exactly the same as the version designed for PC.

The financial services provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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