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What is the bonus offered at Heart Bingo?

The bonus they offer at Heart Bingo is to register for the first time and make a first deposit of £ 10 and we can play with £ 50 or get 30 free spins on the Paper Wins slot game.

This promotion is only valid for new users who register for the first time on the platform, who are of legal age, resident in the UK and who comply with the conditions explained in an updated way in the bingo, slots and casino games portal.

With this welcome bonus Heart Bingo continues to occupy a leading position in the UK when it comes to online bingo games, slots or casino. The website currently has more than 10 years offering games of chance and betting with all the necessary licenses.


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Online bingo

The online bingo games section of Heart Bingo is the most important within the gaming and betting portal. To understand this point it is important to know that in the early days of the web it was the only game option offered and they are the ones that, since then, have given it enormous notoriety within the online gambling sector.

To this day, although the website already offers other sections with other types of games, the bingo games section continues to be preferred by number of users and relevance by providing brand. Due to this we can find this online bingo section located in the first position of the top navigation menu of the web.

Once we access the online bingo section we can find two groups of bingo games offered.

Bingo games
Blox Bingo £25.000 Play now
Superlinks £10.000 Play now
Festival time £5.000 Play now
Picnic time £4.000 Play now
Session bingo £2.000 Play now

Bingo Games “Created for You” at Heart Bingo

The “Craeted for You” bingo games on the Heart Bingo website are the first group of games offered in the online bingo section. In it we can find rooms to play bingo with a special care for details. In our team we know hundreds of platforms from multiple sectors and we must recognize the excellent design work carried out in these rooms, it is really remarkable.

Among the bingo games offered in this group we can highlight Candy Club, Festival Time, Coffe Shop or Front Room. All of them have a huge ratio of players who manage to increase the jackpots accumulated in them to really high figures.

More online bingo games

The second of the groups of online bingo games offered at Heart Bingo are the rest of the reviews offered to its players. In this group we can find games of 90 balls or 75 balls with all kinds of themes.

The most famous bingo games within this by number of followers are Superlinks, Session Bingo, Winners Club Weekly or The Crystal Maze.

The price of the virtual cards to play in these games varies depending on each one of them. The accumulated jackpots also depend on several factors such as the number of players and plays of each of them and the time that the jackpot remains without delivering. The longer the time without delivery, the more fatter the final figure of the prize.

Online slots at Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo online slots are the second most important and relevant section of the portal. It represents the second highest percentage of all active players and some of its prizes have risen to rank as some of the largest in the online slot industry.

This section can be found in the second position of the portal’s navigation menu. Once we access it, we can find more than 100 different slot games grouped in various sections.

Slots games
Dubble Bubble Jackpot £100.000 Play now
Tiki Island Jackpot Changing Play now
Paper Wins Changing Play now
Starburst Changing Play now
Tiki Island Changing Play now

Top Slots

The first group of slots offered at Heart Bingo are called “Top Slots”. As its name suggests, it is the group of the most famous slot games, those with the largest number of players and, consequently, those with the highest figures in accumulated jackpots.

Within this group we will find the 8 most relevant slots. Currently occupying this section of relevance Double Bubble Jackpot, The Island Jackpot, Paper Wins and Tiki Island among others.

New Slots

The “New Slots” is the second group of slots offered by Heart Bingo for its registered users. In it we can find the latest news released by the portal. It is important to know that, since slots are the section that grows the most in volume of spending both in this particular portal and in the gambling and betting sector in general, most of the new reviews launch them in the slot sections .

Today, this group of new portal slots is made up of Monopoly Big Spin, Tiki Totems and Hexbreaker among others.

Daily Double Jackpots

The “Daily Double Jackpots” are the third group of slots offered by Heart Bingo. These types of games have the main characteristic of being designed so that their jackpots rise progressively.

Some of the reviews that we can currently find are Arcade Bomb, 5 Families and Aztec Spins.

All slots

Finally we have the groups of all the Heart Bingo slots. A list in alphabetical order where we can find more than 100 games available. Among them we find themes of all kinds and different levels of prizes depending on each of the winning combinations.

We have these prize levels for winning combinations published in each of the offered slots. However, it is important to know that the prizes, in the event that we touch any of them, are always charged to each of the accounts of the winning profiles automatically.

Online casino at Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo online casino is the third of the gambling and betting sections offered by the portal. We can also find it in the upper navigation menu in the same third position.

Although this section has a smaller percentage of players compared to the sections described above, the number of these is constantly growing. Both in the offered games of roulette such as blackjack and others, the numbers of players grow constantly seeing games more and more played, fun and with bigger and bigger prizes.

This section of the online casino is divided between two large groups of games offered. These games are the digital versions of the mythical games that are offered in any traditional casino.

Online casino games

In this group of online casino games in Heart we can find the vast majority of the games offered in this section. In the long list of games offered we can find references to play roulette such as 10c Roulette, European Roulette or Roulette Street of Gold.

Regarding the casino games that they offer to play blackjack we find Single Deck Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack or Hi-Lo.

Among all these casino games offered we can find more than 30 options available to find the most suitable to our preferences to play.

Online Scratchcards

With the Online Scratchcards offered by Heart Bingo we can play this fun game with various reviews available in digital format. In this group of casino games we can find more than 15 different options with titles such as Diamond Deal, Monopoly Scratchcard or Scratchcard Shop.

Live Casino at Heart Bingo

The live casino at Heart Bingo is the fourth of the sections available to play. In it we can enjoy the experience of playing in rooms with a frankly surprising level of realism. In these rooms we have all the elements of what we could find in any of the mythical casinos that we all know, from the dealer, the chips and the rest of the elements of each game.

When we access this section of live casino games we have the option to choose between more than 20 different rooms like all the usual casino games we represent here in their digital formats.

To play live roulette we have rooms like Instant Roulette Live or Lightning Roulette. If we want to play live Blackjack we can access the Live Blackjack or Power Blackjack rooms. As the best rooms to play poker we have Live Three Card Poker or Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em among others.

Do you offer free games?

Yes, at Heart Bingo they offer free games only for their players and registered users. This is the fifth of the gambling and betting sections offered by the portal, in this case, the free ones.

Currently you can find 4 games available in this section. They are Daily Paper, Doubly Bubbly Rainbow Riches, and Tiki’s Catch of the Day. All of them, as we have advanced before, are only valid for already registered users. In addition, to access to play with them it is also necessary and an essential requirement to have made, at least, a deposit on the platform of a minimum of £ 10.

Once both requirements are met, we can play the games in this section for free. In them we can win up to a maximum of £ 750 in real money or up to 50 spins for some of the slots offered on the web.

How do I register for Heart Bingo?

Signing up for Heart Bingo and other online bingo UK sites is a really quick and easy process. Before doing so, you need to meet a series of requirements. First of all, you must be of legal age and resident in the United Kingdom since the portal is oriented only for users with nationality or residence only for this country. Due to this, it has the licenses granted for this purpose.

If we meet these mandatory requirements to be able to participate in this type of games, such as not being part of any official list of self-exclusion of the game, you can proceed to register on the portal.

To register, it is only necessary to fill in the personal and user information requested in the form. These fields can be filled out in just one minute. Once filled in, we go to the next two steps where we propose a username, password and the last one where we verify the information provided.

Can it be played from mobile?

Of course, with Heart Bingo you can play all its bingo, slots and casino games from your mobile with total comfort. For them we have two options, the direct option and the web apps.

With the direct option we mean that when you enter the web from any mobile device, it automatically redirects us to the friendly mobile version designed for this purpose. This redirection occurs on all types of mobiles and with it we get an experience exactly the same as the one we get when we enter from any PC.

However, for those users and players who prefer to play with the direct access of an app set on their devices, we can download on the usual platforms. We can go to the Apple App Store to download the application from mobile devices with IOS operating system and we can access Google Play if we want to download the application for mobile devices with Android operating system.

How to deposit money in Heart Bingo?

To deposit money at Heart Bingo we have two basic, safe and fast options. The first option to deposit money in our web account is to do it through bank cards. It is a fast, safe and very comfortable option, as considered by a high percentage of the players who count as them as the preferred option to make these transactions.

If we choose the option of bank cards we can do it from VISA or Mastercard. With them we can count on the amount we have selected to deposit in just a few minutes.

As a second option to make deposits in the portal we can choose to do it with Paypal. This platform is specialized in payments and withdrawals over the internet, it is known by the majority of Internet users and has the highest security standards in this type of transaction.

Does Heart Bingo have licenses to offer these games of chance?

Yes, Heart Bingo has the necessary licenses to offer these games of chance to users who have an identity or residence in the United Kingdom. For this, the website has the license number 38905 granted by the Gambling Commission. This public body is responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations, standards and laws that affect gambling and online betting.

In addition, given the residence of the owner company with an address in Gibraltar, the website also has license number 46 granted by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

These licenses are granted in the name of “Gamesys Operations Limited”, the company that owns the portal and thanks to them the website can offer all the proposed games in full legality and in compliance with current regulations.

Responsible gaming

To play at Heart Bingo and enjoy the games of chance and betting offered on its website, it is necessary to do so in a responsible way. For this it is important that you consider that any expense made in this type of gambling is always an expense and can never be seen as a form of investment. Gambling is just a form of leisure, a way to have fun. They can never be seen or interpreted as a possible way to earn money on a stable basis because they are not.

The web, complying with the rules, regulations and laws in force in the country where it offers its games, has the most relevant links available to understand that this game must be responsible. These informative links can be found in all the web addresses of the portal, in its footer. These links are directed to Begambleaware.org and GamStop.co.uk

With these links we can expand all the necessary and official information to know how to participate in a responsible way.

Social media at Heart Bingo

The Heart Bingo website has official channels on some social networks. These accounts are perfect to complement the information on the portal, especially on topics related to the new promotions and offers they launch for their registered users and new players.

Currently, the most active official account on social networks is Twitter, where it constantly publishes relevant information about promotions and new bingo, slot, roulette and casino games.


To contact Heart Bingo we can use different options depending on our preferences. An important recommendation is to look in the help center before sending any email or making the call. We say this because in the help center we can find most of the questions and answers that users and players usually ask.

This help center can be found at https://help.heartbingo.co.uk/hc/en-gb

If we prefer to communicate by direct chat we can also find it in the same help center.

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