What is FreeBitcoin?


Freebitcoin is a platform where generating and earning bitcoins for free, incredible as it may seem, is quite simple.

This website has been operating for 8 years worldwide and its followers do not stop growing as a result of simplicity to get this virtual currency more and more quoted.

This faucet has become the most famous of the network for several reasons, the most important is the ease to get satoshis (bitcoin fractions) through the resolution of Catpchas once every hour, however we tell you the best tricks in Freebitcoin.



What are the ways to earn money?

Free BTC

The easiest way to earn money through is with the FREE BTC section, it is really simple, you just have to solve a CAPTCHA and this will give us a random amount of this generated virtual currency.

In addition to this random amount they will give you two redeemable points and two coupons for the lottery that is held weekly.

These CAPTCHAS can solve them every 60 minutes, this means that you could do it a maximum of 24 times a day.

When searching forums on Plus500 Broker we found a positive general opinion. Especially in the training sections and their professionalism to operate from different devices.

Multiply BTC
This is the second of the modalities of generating more money, more Bitcoins to be more exact, in this modality it is about betting your collection generated to bet it double or nothing, if we are sincere we have never tried it, it does not sound good to us.

Earn BTC

In this other possibility of generating free money they give us the option of increasing an extra commission of 4.08% per year over the total earnings generated.

As a minimum amount to request it we have to take into account from 0.0003 Bitcoins.



In this modality of obtaining profits we play the lottery that draws Free Bitcoin on a weekly basis with the coupons that we have obtained when solving our CAPTCHAS.

In addition, new tickets can also be purchased for, an option that we have never tried since you have the option to play for free with the tickets obtained by the normal route.


Reviews about the platform Free Bitcoin


The opinions of the thousands of registered members that have been distributed all over the world cannot be better, they have a prestige gained in proof of being concise in the payments at the required time.

The majority opinion of cryptocurrency followers is to rate this website as the best faucet by far. This valuation has been strengthened with its reputation as a good payer among Internet users.

Can it be used from any country in the world?


Of course, it is this website you can register from any country in the world.