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How to use the Forex in IQ Option?

On the IQ Option website, it is easy to trade forex using CFD (contracts for difference). We simply have to mark the category and mark the chosen currency pair. Once the chosen pair of coins is marked, the graph of the currency pair with the real time valuation will be displayed. From there we only have to select the amount to invest and the direction of the operation with raise or lower. After marking the operation, it is only necessary to wait for the preset time to know if the operation is correct or not. The usual time of this type of operations with IQ Option Forex is usually 1 minute due to the high fluctuation of this investment tool. For any questions or issues you can consult at

This investment tool is one of the investment products most used by registered users on the web. Its volume of operations grows every month. According to experts, this is one of the investment instruments that are negotiated through more technical CFD. Among the characteristics of the FX is the fast speed in the fluctuation of the coins. His graphs have always been considered as the most complicated to analyze.

What are the best strategies for IQ Option forex?

Honestly, although we have read and seen dozens of expert forex strategies on the subject, we can affirm that it is complicated to have high levels of success in IQ Option with trading. Strategies can work in medium or long term operative periods but it is a high difficulty that works in the short term as in the case of CFDs.

In the foreign exchange, the value of the main currencies undergoes strong changes. That make it difficult to apply accurate strategies. Although its difficulty is remarkable, it is true that it is one of the products with the greatest number of followers in the portal and in the rest of the platforms that offer this type of investment products. The main currencies to negotiate are the Dollar, Euro, Libra and Yen with all the possible combinations between them.

Frequently asked questions

How to trade with forex in IQ Option?

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Where to find the app to start trading with IQ Option forex?

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IQ Option can be used in India?

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Is there a tutorial on how to use forex in IQ Option?

In IQ Options, it offers video tutorials to improve the knowledge on the operation and trends of the Forex investment. They are published and English. The level of difficulty of the tutorials is low, medium and high depending on each of them. In them we can see how to improve our way of operating. It should be noted that the FX is a product of high complexity and strong fluctuations that can not be predicted.

We recommend viewing these videos for more information. This is a complex product of value exchange between currencies through CFD trading. With them we will improve the understanding of this investment tool.

The financial services provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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