What is Moon Bitcoin?

Moon Bitcoin is a faucet where you can easily earn satoshis, you just have to solve a captcha whenever you feel like it, the only requirement is that 5 minutes have passed since the last time.

The faucets like Moon Bitcoin are faucets where they distribute satoshis in order to promote this virtual currency.

Satoshis are fractions of a Bitcoin, this currency has needed to create small divisions of it due to its great success, it should be remembered that a Bitcoin is currently worth more than 4000 euros, not to mention what it will be worth in a few years.

You can obtain satoshis in Moon Bitcoin

Moonbit.co.in is one of those “faucets” where you can obtain satoshis in a simple and above all comfortable way, that is its particularity, on this website, unlike others of the same style, you do not need to be aware of it, simply when you remember, you go through it for 20 seconds, solve the captcha and they deliver those small portions of BTC (Bitcoins) to your account, as we said, the peculiarity of this website is that if you do not remember for a long time, when you return you have continued to accumulate money, in a smaller proportion than the first five minutes but you continue to accumulate.

In the rest of the faucets, it is normal to be able to earn BTC every hour, every 30 minutes or every 5 minutes, but after that time it stops until you hit another Captcha.

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