Moon Bitcoin

What is Moon Bitcoin?


Moon Bitcoin is the new faucet where to win satoshis in a simple way, you just have to solve a captcha when you feel like it and win satoshis, you just need to have spent 5 min since the last time.

We remember for those who do not know that satoshis are fractions of a Bitcoin, this currency has to create small divisions of it due to its great success, it should be remembered that currently a Bitcoin is already worth more than 400 euros., For not Talk about what will be worth in a few years.




What is the way to earn bitcoins?

It’s very simple, in Moon Bitcoin you just have to hit the “CLAIM NOW” button that means “CLAIM NOW”

A Captcha appears that you have to solve.

You solve it and give “submit” which means send

And it reaches your balance.


At the moment there are few who have registered and there are not many opinions, but we already tell you from here, that we are experts in this area, that will be one of the most famous faucets in the network for a point that It highlights that you never stop adding, even if you forget, when you remember you will not have lost any sum time, always keep adding satoshis.



How do we register?

This point is important, MoonBitcoin has the peculiarity that you need a previous registration in the Coin Base virtual wallet platform, it is done in 1 minute and it is also a great advantage, because it is a wallet and having Coin Base and Moon accounts Bitcoin together, money can easily be passed from faucets to your electronic wallet.


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