FreeBitcoin 10000

How to get the number 10000 in FreeBitcoin?

It is impossible to have a defined strategy to get the number 10000 in FreeBitcoin. For that number to come out and you get $ 200 you need to solve many captchas and have a lot of luck. In our case, we are several members of the team who have tried to solve captchas for years in FreeBitcoin and we have never gotten this number. If we have managed several times to get very high numbers such as 9998, 9993 and others but never 10000.

We have also searched different reviews published on the internet that talk about FreeBitcoin ( and forums specialized in cryptocurrency faucets and we have never read a publication that claims to have won this award. We are convinced that many have achieved it but have not published it.

How to be more likely to get the number 10000?

As we have anticipated before, the most probable way to have the fortune to get the number 10000 in FreeBirtcoin is to solve many captchas. On this platform we can solve one every hour, therefore, the more times we do it, the more chances we have of getting a number with special value. Above the number 9886 we will always win a volume of satoshis above the usual.

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