Best FreeBitcoin tricks

Best FreeBitcoin tricks

Well, better said, we are going to punctuate the title and we are going to call it «The best Freebitcoin trick», the best trick of this platform to earn free bitcoins is to accumulate gift points and spend them when you reach 3,200 points in the 1000% bonus during 24 hours, we explain it to you step by step.

First of all you have to know that when you solve captchas every hour they give you an amount of approximately 50 satoshis (satoshis are fractions of bitcoin) and they also give you 2 gift points and two coupons for the weekly lottery. These points accumulate and you can see them in the “REWARDS” section as we show you in the image of FreeBitcoin (

Freebitcoin puntos regalo

With the points obtained in each captcha resolution you can do several things, first of all you can exchange them for more satoshis. But don’t. cambio puntos por bitcoins

You can also exchange them for electronic gifts, electronic wallets, gift cards, free BTC bonuses, lottery tickets as you can see in the image. From this list the one that interests us is “FREE BTC BONUS” in FreeBitcoin.

Freebitcoin puntos por regalos

We mark that option and several options appear, the one that interests us is the 1000% Bonus option, this means that depending on whether we mark it we have 24 hours to multiply the income obtained by 1000, that is, if you need 3,200 points for this option, they usually achieve in about 5 months solving 10 captchas a day.

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