What is FreeBitcoin?

Freebitcoin is a platform where you can generate and earn bitcoins for free. Incredible as it may seem, it is absolutely simple. The website has been operating for 10 years all over the world and its followers do not stop growing. This is due to the simplicity of obtaining this increasingly valued virtual currency.

The faucet has become the most famous on the web for several reasons. The most important is the ease of getting satoshis (bitcoin fractions) by solving Catpchas once every hour. Its reliability is also especially relevant, in these years where cryptocurrencies have achieved a great impact, hundreds of cryptocurrency faucets have appeared but many of them have disappeared over time. Unlike them, FreBitcoin is still active and operational, which has given it great notoriety among the followers of the crypto world.

His figures are truly remarkable. It has almost 50 million registered users spread all over the world. Between them, he has doled out more than 234,515 Bitcoins through the main faucet, lottery games, and memberships. Which makes it, without a doubt, the largest platform to get free BTC fractions.


⚡ Service offered Cryptocurrency faucet
💻 Website
₿ Distributed Bitcoins 131,519.69509296 BTC
👥 Registered users 133.745.562



What are the ways to earn money in FreeBitcoin?

Free BTC

The easiest way to earn money through this faucet. It is done with the FREE BTC section. It’s really simple, you just have to solve a CAPTCHA and this will randomly award us an amount of this generated virtual currency.

In addition to this random amount, you will be given two redeemable points and two coupons for the weekly lottery. What gives you a plus of free benefits in each resolution of the captchas.

You can solve these CAPTCHAS in every 60 minutes, this means that you could do it a maximum of 24 times a day. We recommend that you base earning bitcoins especially on this method. It is the one that will generate the most volume of satoshis at the beginning. We recommend doing it as many times as possible in the day. For this it is better to use the mobile. By getting the maximum number of BTC fragments you will get more capital when it is revalued over time with respect to the moment in which you are getting them for free.

Free BTC

Multiply BTC in FreeBitcoin

This is the second of the ways to generate more money, more Bitcoins to be more exact. In this modality, it is about betting your generated collection to bet on double or nothing, if we are honest we have never tried it, it does not sound good to us. In fact, we do not recommend it at all because it is the easiest way to lose the satoshis earned. Although to be honest, we also have to say that we have spoken with users who have also managed to win this way, but they are an exception.

For users who prefer to risk, they can find in this multiplier a good way to expose the capital obtained. In the case of having the fortune to hit the plays, they can obtain enormous benefits. As we have anticipated before, we know of cases of registered users who have told us how they have generated large profits with this option offered by FreeBitcoin.

Multiply BTC

Earn BTC in

In this other possibility of generating free money, they give us the option of increasing an extra commission of 4.08% per year on the total earnings generated in FreeBitcoin.

As a minimum amount to request it we have to take into account from 0.0003 Bitcoins. Very fashionable today, many users use it to improve their volume of satoshis. With this option to generate free money, it is important to note that to see optimal results, the time that passes is essential. The longer this time is and the more upward fluctuation in value Bitcoin has, the greater the profits generated for each user.

Earn BTC

Lottery in

In this modality of obtaining profits, we play the lottery that Free Bitcoin is raffled on a weekly basis with the coupons that we have obtained by solving our CAPTCHAS.

As an extra you can also buy new tickets to play every week in the faucet lottery. Option that we have never tried either since you have the option to play for free with the tickets obtained in the normal way. The best advice in playing this game of chance offered only with naturally generated tickets is by solving the captchas in FreeBitcoin. Because the normal thing is that if you spend them in the lottery you end up losing them. Although those who win get large volumes of satoshis. If we look carefully at the winners of each week, we can see that many of them have thousands or tens of thousands of participations in the lottery offered each week. We do not know the origin of such accumulation of shares. One of the simplest explanations is that they are users with a large number of affiliates, which generates shares derived from said affiliation.



Reviews about the platform Free Bitcoin

The opinions of the thousands of registered users in FreeBitcoin spread all over the world could not be better. They have a prestige earned by being concise in payments at the required time. This reliability has managed to generate a virtual “word of mouth” whose result has led it to have almost 50 million users around the world.

The majority opinion of the followers of cryptocurrencies is to value this website as the best faucet by far. This assessment has been strengthened by his reputation as a good payer among Internet users. Other highly commented points of the platform are the ease of registration and the simplicity of use. We can affirm that both qualifications correctly adjust to reality. Anyone of legal age can use it with extreme simplicity.

Can it be used from any country in the world?

Of course, it is this website you can register from any country in the world.

Affiliates in FreeBitcoin

This is one of the easiest ways to get bitcoins on the platform. These affiliates are obtained through the recommendation of FreeBitcoin among your contacts. You can do it via whatsapp, email or your social networks.

In each profile we have the affiliate link, by sending it to our contacts we can earn part of the bitcoins they earn. This is how both parties win, your contacts because you have shown them a way to earn easy money on the internet. And you for getting that reference. Without a doubt, one of the best options to earn bitcoins. These affiliates obtained also contribute a percentage of the promotional points accumulated and free entries to play in the lottery each week (on Sundays).

How do we sign up for FreeBitcoin?

It’s very simple, in you just have to fill in your details and confirm your email, you can do it in 2 minutes. Easier is impossible, once this step is done you can start receiving fractions of the famous coin. If you are looking to get fractions of free bitcoins, this is the best option on the market. They are fast and also do not block your mobile with endless advertising.

A recommendation after registering on the platform is to have the profile open on several devices. In this way we can solve captchas every hour with greater effectiveness and with a higher number of times each day. In this way, our profits over time will be much higher.


How to collect profits in

We will be paid in three ways in FreeBitcoin: Automatic (once a week), manual (within 24 hours of requesting it with a commission of 0.00003285 BTC) or instant (within 15 minutes with a commission of 0.00164140 BTC).

Of course, always in Bitcoins. This is one of the aspects, along with the speed of the payment process, that has made FreeBitcoin stand out above many other faucets that have been created in recent years. Thanks to this reliability in payments, it has earned a reputation among millions of followers of cryptocurrencies. This repercussion ensures that its numbers of attracting new users do not stop growing over the years.

How can I earn free Bitcoins?

If you are looking to earn free Bitcoins, the FreeBitcoin portal is one of the perfect places to do it. On this platform you can use different functions offered to get small fractions of BTC called satoshis for free. One of the most used sections of the portal by users is the faucet. In it we can solve a captcha every hour, by doing so we get a number between 1 and 10,000. Depending on which number we get and the price of Bitcoin each day, we can win a number of free satoshis.

Another way to get small portions of this cryptocurrency on FreeBitcoin is through its lottery games. In them we can bet on the prize multiplier or play the weekly lottery that is held every Sunday. We do not recommend these functions because the best way to earn BTC on this platform is through the faucet by solving captchas.

In addition, we also have the option of using the referral link to recommend the website on your social networks, blog or website. Through this affiliate link it is also possible to generate these fractions of Bitcoins. The more referrals we get, the greater the benefits obtained in a directly proportional way.

How to get the number 10,000 in FreeBitcoin?

How to get the number 10,000 in FreeBitcoin? rubengrcgrc

It is not possible to know how to get the number 10,000 in FreeBitcoin. Our team has tried dozens of different strategies to achieve this and it has been impossible for us. It is obvious to think that the only way for all registered users of the platform to get the number 10,000 to win $200 in Bitcoin (BTC) is to be very lucky.

Among the members of our study team on this portal, we have solved some 3,000 captchas in the years that we have been registered and we have won second-level prizes with the number 9988. We have also obtained several third-level prizes with different numbers between 9994 and 9997. And many more prizes in the following bonus levels but we have never hit the top prize. Nor have we read any publication in forums related to a winner of number 10,000, although we imagine that there are.

In conclusion, we cannot recommend any advice to have a chance of getting this prize that we opt for every hour in the FreeBitcoin faucet. The only recommendation is to participate more times each day with the resolution of captchas to have the highest percentage of probabilities and call luck.

How trustworthy is

How trustworthy is rubengrcgrc

The FreeBitcoin portal is a fully trusted platform to this day. To verify it, we can search the internet for related information in forums and reviews where we will see that many users use it normally for years. Thanks to this perfect operation, millions are registered on the web in a long list of countries. It can be categorically stated that this faucet is the best in the market by volume of followers and has now become something much bigger than a simple cryptocurrency faucet.

One of the aspects that makes it more reliable is knowing that for years you can earn little free money in the form of satoshis (Bitcoin fractions) and you can withdraw it easily to other exchanges or wallets on the market. This information is also easy to check on the internet by going to the main social networks, forums and information portals.

In conclusion, it can be firmly stated that is reliable. In it we can register safely and use the different sections to earn small fractions of BTC easily and quickly.

What are reward points in

Reward points are bonuses that FreeBitcoin gives us in each captcha resolution and in other sections of the platform. These points are accumulated and can be consulted at any time. To see them we just have to access the main menu and mark the “REWARDS” section. In it we will see the main table with the points that we have been accumulating and the options to redeem these bonuses.

For each captcha resolution we have a minimum of 2 points. On special days they can give us 6 or 8 in each of the resolutions made by each registered user. These bonuses can be redeemed for satoshis with a minimum of 100,000 points accumulated for the conversion. We can also exchange points for a long list of technology products such as iPhone, Samsung, headphones and more. Another option to redeem points is to do so for Fun Tokens, or bonuses in weekly lottery draws.

What is the “BETTING” section of FreeBitcoin?

The “BETTING” section of FreeBitcoin is a section where you can place bets in different categories against other users of the platform. The categories currently offered are about movies and some sports like cricket and motor racing. In these bets against other users we have the option of winning prizes based on whether we are correct in the choice and the age of the bettors. The first to place the bets have a greater weight in the prizes awarded.

This section is especially focused on users from Anglo-Saxon countries that have a greater betting culture. In these countries they have a greater participation in this section and it is something that we can easily verify in the forums that talk about cryptocurrency faucets.

By participating we have refunds. For every 0.00500000 BTC or 500 satoshis spent in the betting section, they offer us a lottery ticket.

Is there a Premium account in

Is there a Premium account? rubengrcgrc

Yes, in FreeBitcoin there is currently the option to change the normal account to a Premium one. To do so, it is necessary to invest a minimum amount set in FunFair (FUN), which is a new token offered on the portal. By doing so, we receive a series of privileges on the platform, such as the reimbursement of 1% of all bets placed in the MULTIPLY BTC and BETTING lotteries. They also give us 16 spins a day on the «Wheel of Fortune» roulette with many followers within the web.

Another of the benefits acquired by having a Premium account in FreeBitcoin is to increase the interest rate by 25% when buying and selling tokens from the portal. A privilege highly appreciated by registered users who have this type of VIP account.

Among the different Premium accounts that we find on platforms with faucets or Internet cryptocurrency faucets, we have to highlight that this is one of the most complete. It is true that few users are encouraged to access them, but their benefits have been highly commented among followers of cryptocurrencies and block technology.

What is the FreeBitcoin “Win ​​a Lambo” section?

The FreeBitcoin “Win ​​a Lambo” section is one of the most surprising sections that we can find on this platform. This is a draw for an impressive sports car from the Lamborghini brand valued at more than $200,000. Specifically, the raffled model is the Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2, a true super sports car that we all dream of. Any registered user can participate in this contest by buying shares at a price of 0.00025000 BTC or 25,000 satoshis.

This giveaway is well known among fans of cryptocurrencies in general and faucets (cryptocurrency faucets) in particular. It is especially popular among users who have many affiliates on their accounts. Because these are the ones that are easier to participate thanks to the profits made through the referral system.

To date, 5 editions of this Lamborghini draw have been held. In the last one, a total of 1,167,477 shares were purchased. The winner had participated with 473 tickets. Which indicates that it has a lot of solvency or a huge number of affiliates that bring great income to the platform. It is obvious to note that with a greater number of participations we have greater options and probabilities of winning the Lambo.

How to unsubscribe from FreeBitcoin?

There is no specific procedure to unsubscribe from FreeBitcoin. Nor have we found information related to this process on the official portal or in reviews or forum posts. What we have seen is that this question is relevant to users looking for information related to the faucet in search engines.

We understand that if any user wants to unsubscribe from this platform, they can do so by sending an email with the request to the information email provided. But we do not have confirmation that the withdrawal will be completed because we do not know of any case that has published it on the networks.

How to transfer from FreeBitcoin to Binance?

How to transfer from FreeBitcoin to Binance? rubengrcgrc

Transferring money from FreeBitcoin to Binance is really easy and we can complete the process in just one minute. In the first place, it is important to have a minimum available capital of satoshis to make the withdrawal. This minimum is currently set at 0.00030000 BTC (30,000 satoshis). If we have this figure we can proceed to transfer money when we deem it convenient.

To start, we click on the blue button located at the top of where it says “Withdraw”. When clicking on this blue button, the box appears to enter the withdrawal data. In this box we have to put the amount we want to transfer and the type of withdrawal between the AUTO, SLOW and INSTANT options. These types of withdrawals have different money delivery times and different commissions.

Lastly and most importantly, we have to enter in this box the Bitcoin (BTC) address on Binance to which we want to transfer the money. To do this, we go to our exchange account and copy the Bitcoin wallet address to paste it in the FreeBitcoin withdrawal box and mark the option to finish the process.

Finally, the faucet sends us an email to verify the operation. In this email there is a link that, when marked, sends us to a page with the confirmation of the transfer. It is a fast, safe and simple process.

Our opinion on FreeBitcoin

Our opinion on FreeBitcoin - rubengrcgrc

The general opinion of the FreeBitcoin study team is that it is the best cryptocurrency faucet on the market. In this particular case it is a Bitcoin (BTC) faucet where we can earn small fractions called satoshis. That it is the best platform on the internet with these characteristics is not only what we say, the majority of the followers of this type of portal where you can earn free money think the same. All you have to do is read the most relevant forums on the web on this subject.

For those who start in this type of portal, we have to warn you that it is not easy to earn a lot of money. What is really simple is to earn a little money every day in the form of satoshis. A good recommendation is to save the daily profits generated until the value of Bitcoin (BTC) grows noticeably again. Something that cannot be confirmed but that is a probable scenario. In the event that it occurs, our FreeBitcoin earnings will grow significantly.

In conclusion, is a perfect website to register and earn satoshis easily by solving catpchas every hour. It is very easy to use and has had millions of followers around the world for several years. As advice, we invite you to look at the affiliate section where it is possible to earn a greater volume of fractions of Bitcoins if we have a large number of referrals obtained through our particular affiliate link.

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