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Can money be sent from FaucetPay to MetaMask?

Yes, money can be sent from FaucetPay to MetaMask using the same cryptocurrency wallet addresses. It is important to note that we always have to choose the same cryptocurrency to send money from one platform to another. Otherwise we would have a shipping problem.

Many users of FaucetPay (https://faucetpay.io) ask in a general way if it is possible to send money from different platforms and we are going to give them a generic answer when we talk about cryptocurrencies. If the platforms have different wallets of the same cryptocurrencies, if money can be transferred from one to another in the form of said cryptocurrency. For example, we can send Bitcoin (BTC) from one to the other by selecting the address of the Bitcoins wallet in both.

To carry out the transfer operation of a stipulated minimum amount from FaucetPay to MetaMask we must go to the section of the cryptocurrency wallets and select the one from which we want to withdraw. To later click on the “Withdraw” option. Finally we have to indicate to which wallet address we want to send the amount, in this case the address is taken from MetaMask. We put it in FaucetPay and click to finish the operation.

They will ask us to verify the transfer and by doing so we have finished making the withdrawal.

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