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How do I sign up for FaucetPay?

Signing up for FaucetPay (https://faucetpay.io) is a fast and secure process that we can complete in just two minutes. The first thing we have to do is access the registration form that we can find in the main navigation menu of the web.

Once we access this “FaucetPay Register” we have to complete it with our personal data such as the chosen username, email and security password.

To finish we only have to verify our email. For which they send us a 6-digit code that we have to enter on the platform. After completing this last step we can start using FaucetPay normally.

What happens if I lose my FaucetPay registration password?

If we lose the password with which we have registered in FaucetPay, we can ask them to send us a link to recover or modify it. The important thing is to keep the same email because it is where we must verify our identity in the recovery or password change steps.

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