FaucetPay APP

Do you offer any APP in FaucetPay?

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, they do not offer any official APP on FaucetPay (https://faucetpay.io). In recent months we have seen how there is a strong trend in many platforms in many online sectors that prefer not to offer mobile applications. What they do is simply invest large amounts of money in improving both desktop and mobile versions. FThis portal has also opted for this route and does not offer any FaucetPay app, but instead navigates directly with the same experience for users in both options.

We started the answer by asking whether the absence of a specific FaucetPay app is a benefit or a drawback, and went with the former option. We believe that it is an advantage because it does not make sense to have an app installed for each of the platforms or portals that we use on the Internet. In this scenario we have a preference for navigating directly to each of the internet pages.

Other platforms with cryptocurrency taps or faucets also do not offer official mobile applications. Although it is recommended for exceptional cases such as the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

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