What is FaucetPay?

FaucetPay (https://faucetpay.io) is a microwallet where you can store some of the main cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash and some others. The portal offers numerous quite attractive features for its registered users. One of them is to store different fractions of cryptocurrencies that come from faucets where you have previously been generating larger or smaller amounts of digital assets. If you have different accounts opened in different Internet faucets, it may be a good idea to pool all those amounts in a single platform such as FaucetPay. Thanks to this solution provided by this review, many Internet users have registered in this wallet to use it as a general wallet.

Another of the most relevant and appreciated functions by FaucetPay users is the faucet list section (cryptocurrency taps). In this section we can find countless active internet faucets classified by the different cryptocurrencies offered. In total we can find more than 700 references. With this information, there are many Internet users who manage to register on many platforms with a faucet and although they get small amounts for free, if you add up all the amounts obtained among all the faucets used, you can win more attractive amounts. If you also add that they can grow in value over the months and years thanks to the growth in value of the entire blockchain sector, we can be generating good profits in the future.

Within the sector of digital assets with exchanges, wallets and faucets, FaucetPay is one of the web pages that is growing the most in number of users. Mainly because it is a perfect option to save cryptocurrencies for free and on top of that you find information and options to continue earning assets. As small as they are, they are free.

💸 Payments made $7.420.156
💱 Total Faucets 1.305
👥 Registered users 4.023.672
📒 Register In two minutes
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How does FaucetPay work?

How does Faucet Pay work? rubengrcgrc

FaucetPay’s operation as a cryptocurrency wallet and earning center couldn’t be easier. To start we have to complete the registration. Finishing it will take us less than a minute by completing the two-step email verification action. The second involves a confirmation with a 2FA code to secure our future transactions.

After completing the registration in FaucetPay we can start using all the offered functions. On the home page of the platform we can check the balance of the different cryptocurrencies wallets. Navigating through the menu we can see the rest of the options offered such as the list of internet faucets, cryptocurrency trading, affiliates and information help center.

Studying the industry in general we can quickly come to the conclusion that this is a serious platform with such simple operation that it is suitable for everyone. Its use and user experience is exactly the same on computers as on mobile. This greatly facilitates its usefulness for registered Internet users who can open it on any device at any time they see fit.

Is reliable?

Is FaucetPay reliable? rubengrcgrc

Currently FaucetPay, if it is a platform, is the one that can be trusted but with nuances. The first nuance is not the fault of the portal but of the faucets or microwallet sector itself. In the past, some operators with countless users have disappeared overnight. This has caused great disappointment among many users who have not been able to re-enter those platforms to mobilize the stored money, much of it for free, but losing it does not stop hurting. Other operators continue to stay online and operational. And that’s the first nuance, that FaucetPay seems totally reliable today but because of past experiences with other similar reviews we prefer to be cautious and see if it remains active and growing in registered users or not.

The second tip about FaucetPay comes to speak of the same scenario. It seems to us an ideal platform to collect fractions of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others earned for free in other faucets. It’s also perfect for earning satoshis on your paid ads and videos. But our recommendation is that to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies it is not valid and it is not focused for it from our point of view. To save remarkable figures, it is better to use highly reputable TOP wallets such as Coinbase or Binance. We repeat that it is due to no incorrect action attributable to this review but to experiences lived by many users in other similar portals.

With regard to facilitating the registration data in FaucetPay, it seems to us to be correct and trustworthy with medium security levels like thousands of other platforms. The data provided on the platform will remain secure under data encryption. This technology is already implemented in most of the most prominent internet platforms.

What are the opinions about FaucetPay?

What are the opinions about FaucetPay? rubengrcgrc

The opinions that we have found about FaucetPay are positive in a majority percentage. These comments can be found in hundreds of forums of all kinds, but especially in those specialized in cryptocurrencies. In them we can see countless publications that describe this microwallet with other functions as attractive.

In addition to the forums, we also see hundreds of opinions posted in reviews positioned on search engines. Most of them we see positive experiences, something normal because they are usually affiliations to FaucetPay. In general, it is normal to find satisfaction ratings because it is a platform where we can earn fractions of cryptocurrencies and everything free always scores well.

Other internet sites where we find opinions of all kinds about FaucetPay are the main social networks. In them we see posts with user experiences that highlight the ease of registration, the simple operation of cryptocurrency wallets and the option to earn satoshis (fractions of BTC) with ads and videos. Regarding the negative comments, our negative assessment of some faucets that have disappeared in recent years is repeated. Some of these disappearances have arisen in large upward swings of the blockchain sector with Bitcoin in the lead. Obviously, these bad experiences are not attributable to this portal.

Do I need to download APK to use FaucetPay?

Do I need to download APK to use FaucetPay? rubengrcgrc

There is no need to download any APK file to use FaucetPay on our computers. It is not even necessary to download any APP to use this microwallet on our cell phones, tablets or mobile devices. This is because the best way to use the cryptocurrency portal on these devices is to enter its web address and navigate through it in the same way as on computers.

The design of the FaucetPay portal has two desktop and mobile versions and it is difficult to find differences because thanks to the programming work they seem the same. Today, there are many platforms from countless sectors that are no longer creating specific APK files, even APPS, because they prefer direct browsing with two versions adapted to the access device.

For users it is better because they do not have to fill their computers or cell phones with unnecessary files. If we continue at the download rate of recent years, we need too many uploads that can harm our computers and the current trend is to skip these files. Something that most experts and users agree on.

Is there APP in FaucetPay?

Is there APP in FaucetPay? rubengrcgrc

There is no official FaucetPay app. As we have advanced in the previous answer, to use the cryptocurrency portal from cell phones or mobile devices it is only necessary to enter the web with conventional navigation. To do this, FaucetPay has developed two similar versions that are adapted for desktop and mobile.

When browsing both versions of FaucetPay it is not possible to notice the differences. They have the same functionalities and in both you can move the fractions of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets. You can also trade both layouts with toyal normality and same layout.

Users win by not having to download any FaucetPay APP. In recent years we have all accumulated too many applications that generate unnecessary load for our devices. So it is appreciated that this and other portals stop forcing us to download the official apps to be able to use the mobile platforms.

How to create an account on FaucetPay?

Creating a new FaucetPay account is as easy as doing it today on any other relevant platform on the internet. Currently these registration processes have been sped up so much that they can be done with practice in less than a minute. Those who are less in a hurry can take two. It is as simple as filling out the usual form with personal and future access data.

Something of special relevance that we have commented at the beginning of this review on FaucetPay is the double verification of the email. With the first we confirm that we have ownership of the email. The second is technically called 2FA and serves to improve the level of security in secure withdrawal transactions between different wallet addresses to deposit different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). In recent years, this last step is common in a long list of portals specialized in the storage and trading of cryptocurrencies.

In general, the main feature of creating a FaucetPay registered user account is the simplicity and speed of the process. Once registered, we can access when we deem appropriate with or without a password depending on the configuration of each device. The recommendation is not to save identical passwords for different platforms on the same computer.

How to withdraw money?

If we want to withdraw money from FaucetPay we have to check the “Withdraw” option that we can find in the main menu. Once this option is checked, we will see the box where we indicate which cryptocurrency we want to use to withdraw funds. Obviously we must have available capital of the selected cryptocurrency for withdrawals.

When we mark the cryptocurrency from which we want to withdraw money, we have to enter a wallet address of the same cryptocurrency of the exchange where we are going to send the capital. For this operation we can use Binance, Coinbase or any other wallet. It is very important to make sure that the destination platform where we send the amount to has wallets of the same cryptocurrency that we want to withdraw. In the exchange platforms or exchanges we have different personal wallet addresses for each of the available cryptocurrencies and it is vital that capital is sent between portfolios of the same cryptocurrency in transfers.

Finally, we only have to indicate the amount we want to withdraw. It should be noted that there is a minimum withdrawal for each of the digital assets offered, being 0.00001 for Bitcoin (BTC).

These transactions carry commissions applied depending on each of the cryptocurrencies. When marking the amount that we want to withdraw, the portal automatically offers us what is the rate that we have to discount. At this point we have to highlight that the platform has an average commission below the general market average. Something that its registered users appreciate and value positively in surveys published in Internet forums.

Our opinion on FaucetPay

Our opinion on FaucetPay - rubengrcgrc

Our opinion about FaucetPay (https://faucetpay.io) is quite positive. We believe that it is a good portal to collect the small profits accumulated in different cryptocurrency faucets such as Bitcoin (BTC) on the internet. Instead of having them scattered on various platforms, it is a good idea to pass them on to FaucetPay and better control our cryptocurrency portfolio.

To save outstanding amounts of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other cryptocurrency, it is better to do it in the most renowned exchanges and with the highest volume of users and operations carried out daily, such as Binance or Coinbase. In them we will have greater security for our investments with derivative digital assets and based on blockchain technology.

The FaucetPay website is ideal to start in the cryptocurrency sector. In it we can find very relevant information such as the list of the best faucets on the market with their respective links to access them. These crypto faucets are online place where we get small fractions of Bitcoin (BTC) and other values ​​for free in exchange for viewing ads or solving captchas.

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