CoinPayU Tutorial

Is there a CoinPayU tutorial?

No, the CoinPayU faucet does not offer a tutorial on how it works for visitors to the website. But we can assure you that it is not necessary either. The way to use it is so simple that you do not have to read anything to know how to get fractions of free cryptocurrencies.

The most relevant section of CoinPayU (  are the cryptocurrency faucets (faucets). In them we can earn fractions of cryptocurrencies by solving captchas from time to time. It doesn’t have much difficulty. In fact, the portal is in English and it is not necessary to know this language to access and earn free money.

The great ease of using this platform is one of the explanations for its great success. It is currently one of the most famous faucets among cryptocurrency followers and many of them are registered on its portal. After registration we can use it from the computer or mobile to get the maximum volume of digital assets.

How do you make money on CoinPayU?

To earn small fractions of cryptocurrencies in CoinPayU we can use different options such as faucets, viewing ads or affiliation. With all of them we can generate free profits that can be revalued over time. This last factor can provide us with better benefits based on the possible increases in the valuations of each cryptocurrency obtained.

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