CoinPayU tricks

What are the best tricks in CoinPayU?

One of the best tricks in CoinPayU is knowing how to select well the three cryptocurrency faucets that we can use every day. Among the options offered are Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin as the best known and most relevant. But a good trick is to use the lesser known cryptocurrency faucets. The explanation lies in the fact that these can surely have a greater upward value run in less time. They are securities with lower market capitalization and therefore are much more volatile. As the small portions that we receive by solving the captchas are free, it can be a good strategy to accumulate those that are more speculative.

Other tricks widely used by users registered in CoinPayU is to carry out surveys with greater benefit of satoshis. In some of the surveys offered we can find rewards above 2,000 satoshis and although today it does not seem like much, it may be a significant amount in a few months or years. There are many Internet users who have been storing small portions of Bitcoin and today they are quite attractive amounts.

Finally, although it seems obvious, it is better to have the web open on the mobile than on the PC. In this way, we can use the free faucets every 60 minutes and get a greater volume of rewards. It is estimated that the earnings of people who use their mobiles to use CoinPayU  ( is three times higher than the earnings of users who use their computers to get fractions of cryptocurrencies on faucets or by watching ads.

Strategies of other users on CoinPayU

Strategies of other users on CoinPayU - rubengrcgrc

The strategies followed by users in CoinPayU are practically the same all over the world. Basically they are to be aware to get the most out of it. The more ads we see and the more catpchas we solve, the more free money we get. One of the recommendations that we find published by other followers of the portal is to store and not convert cryptocurrencies. By storing we can increase its value with the exponential growth of the blockchain sector seen in recent years.

Other strategies used by the followers of CoinpayU are to see the maximum of ads until completing the limitations of videos viewed each day. The more time spent as a visitor, the greater the prizes and bonuses. It doesn’t have much more mystery.

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