How does CoinPayU work?

CoinPayU ( is one of the best known faucets today to earn small fractions of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. Currently there are millions of users and Internet users who are informed about the world of cryptocurrencies and this is a perfect place to do it. In this platform we can register for free and start generating small profits just by solving captchas in the faucets (taps), seeing short ads, with offers and by attracting new users (affiliation).

One of the great attractions of CoinPayU is the simplicity of its registration and operation. To register we only need a minute, which is the time it takes to have the account created. We simply fill in the form with our future access data, verify our email and registration is complete. From that moment we can begin to enjoy the benefits of the portal specialized in cryptocurrencies.

The first thing that all new registered users do is to start watching videos with which we will see how our available capital in BTC (Bitcoin) begins to increase. Let’s not fool ourselves either, what we get are small fractions of cryptocurrencies. If we change them to our local currency we will see that it is little money but it is free and over time it can be revalued a little, nothing, a lot or a lot. There are many cases of netizens starting to store free small fractions of cryptocurrency faucets whose value has grown enormously in just a few years.

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How to earn bitcoins by watching ads on CoinPayU?

How to earn bitcoins by watching ads on CoinPayU? rubengrcgrc

We’ve teased it before, one of the most popular ways to earn bitcoins on CoinPayU is by watching ads. To access them we just have to go to the menu and hit the “view ads” button. When we access the section we will see the entire list of videos that we can view and the price in BTC that they pay us for each of them. You can only see a maximum number of reviews per day, these limits are established based on the IP of each registered. The general price paid for them is quite low but as we have written before, it is free and in the future adding many of them can become a significant amount. Everything is adding.

The average time of the ads is usually between 10 and 60 seconds. As a general rule, the longer it lasts, the higher the price they pay to see it. One aspect to highlight about CoinPayU is that they are quite transparent by indicating in advance what the benefit is precisely. We have tested many platforms where this value was indicated at the end of the display of the ads. We prefer this portal where they provide you with this information in advance.

On the right side of the list of videos that we can see, we can check the total number of users who have seen it before us. It is good to check it because when they reach a very high number they are usually cut. The positive thing is that the list is so long that we will never finish seeing all those offered.

How do you earn cryptocurrencies in the CoinPayU faucets?

How do you earn cryptocurrencies in the CoinPayU faucets? rubengrcgrc

Earning small amounts of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on CoinPayU faucets is really easy. We just have to go to the menu and click on the “Faucet” option. By doing so, we will see that they offer us the possibility of earning small fractions of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Shiba Inu, Tron, Tether, Bit Torrent or Solana. You have to know several relevant factors before you start. The first is that we can only earn small amounts every 60 minutes from three of the offered cryptocurrencies.

Getting these amounts in the CoinPayU faucets is available to everyone, we just have to solve simple captchas. It only takes us a few seconds to solve each of them. And remember that we can do it every hour as many times as we want on the same day of the 3 cryptocurrencies that we choose each day. Our recommendation is to choose as one of these cryptocurrencies one of the assets that we believe may have a greater increase in value in a shorter period of time.

In addition, we can see in each faucet the largest amount by portal users in the last day. This data is always relevant to see how much money other users with greater fortune get in exchange. As a negative or negative factor we can highlight the excessive publication of ads that sometimes makes navigation difficult. Although, to be honest, we find this fault in each and every one of the most recognized faucets or taps that distribute fractions of cryptocurrency on the Internet.

Where to earn money with CoinPayU affiliation?

Where to earn money with CoinPayU affiliation? rubengrcgrc

With CoinPayU affiliation, earning money is easy, we just have to access the section with the motto “Affiliate” located in the top menu. When clicking on it we will see that three options appear. One of them is called promotional marketing, we enter it and we will see that we have a link and several banners.

Any registered user can share this personalized affiliate link with their account and share it on their social networks. Just by copying and pasting it you can share it in any WhatsApp group, Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or any other. By sharing this link, offer the possibility to your friends or followers so that they can also earn small amounts of the main cryptocurrencies. And also, they become users who, having been sent by you, generate small extra earnings for you. The greater number of users sent, the greater profits in a directly proportional way.

Using personalized promotional banners with your user ID is designed for those registered users who have web pages or blogs with a certain volume of visitors. If you have a web page with a certain relevance, you can also use these banners offered to get a percentage of your visitors to register on the portal to earn cryptocurrencies and generate profits. Everybody wins.

The ultimate in affiliation occurs when you have a relevant web page and create a review about CoinPayU and then position it in the main search engines. If you succeed, you will get many users to register on the platform and generate great benefits for it. This route needs SEO experts or specialists given the great competition generated over the years and the enormous search trend associated with the world of cryptocurrencies. This has caused many specialists to position their domains in these associated terms.

What are offers on CoinPayU?

What are offers on CoinPayU? rubengrcgrc

The offers in CoinPayU are another of the sections offered to earn small amounts of bitcoins (satoshis). To access it we have to go to the menu and mark the option titled “Offers”. When we enter we will see a list of options to earn different amounts of BTC. Most of them are surveys that last between 3 and 10 minutes to complete and are usually paid with bands ranging from 500 to 2,000 satoshis. Before starting the surveys, it is advisable to browse through the different options offered to see which one is better paid.

Many registered users spend much of their time in this section. Among the operators that offer this type of forms paid with cryptocurrencies, we can recognize that CoinPayU is one of the best. In our team we are not very given to doing surveys but of all those analyzed this is the least expensive. They are easy to fill out and very intuitive.

Other offers published in this section of CoinPayU are registrations. In many of the available windows they offer us amounts close to 100 satoshis just for filling out records with our data. For our team, it is not the best of the functions offered by this platform specialized in PPC and crypto faucet. A lot of time is lost between loading the forms and there is too much information with our data browsing the internet. We wouldn’t waste much time on this.

What is the minimum withdrawal at CoinPayU?

The minimum withdrawal of money that we can make in CoinPayU is currently located at 10,000 satoshis. With this low amount we have the advantage of being able to test withdrawals in a very short time. How long it takes us to reach this minimum amount.

To reach this figure of 10,000 satoshis, we can use any of the functions offered by the platform to get fractions of free Bitcoins. We always recommend using all the options offered such as the faucet, ads or referrals. With this last function we can get much larger amounts of BTC. The greater the number of referrals, the easier it is to reach the minimum amount to withdraw money in a short period of time.

Once we reach 10,000 satoshis, we can mark the “Withdraw” option and do it through the means that best suits us. One of the most used by registered users of CoinPayU is to do it through wallet addresses in the same cryptocurrency to other exchange portals or exchanges with a higher level of security.

Tricks in CoinPayU

On this platform we have different tricks that can substantially increase our earnings on the portal. First of all, we count the daily choice of 4 faucets (cryptocurrency faucets) from a total of 9 cryptocurrencies currently available. Selecting these daily faucets is one of the best tricks for all users who sign up to CoinPayU and we explain it. If we select cryptocurrencies with a greater potential for revaluation, our future profits will be higher. Currently we can select the Shiba Inu or BitTorrent faucets, since the upward run can be much greater than other values ​​that have already seen huge upward fluctuations in recent years.

Another of the best tricks for all new users who register on this platform is to try to access any of the surveys offered on the web. We warn that it is usually difficult for them to admit our profile in any of them, but if we do, we can earn attractive amounts above 1,000 or 2,000 satoshis. For this reason, it is advisable to access these surveys and answer your first question to find out if we are admitted to answer it completely.

Finally, another of the most recommended tricks for CoinPayU followers is to watch ads from time to time and take advantage of the maximum number of options provided to earn free money. Mainly with the faucets. Solving 4 catpchas a day is not the same as solving 10. Over the months and years, the amount of earnings generated for free can change a lot based on the number of times we take advantage of these cryptocurrency faucets and other functionality to win. cryptocurrency fractions.

Our opinion on this faucet and PPC

Our opinion on this faucet and PPC - rubengrcgrc

After analyzing, studying and publishing this review on CoinPayU ( we can affirm that this is one of the best platforms to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and start earning small amounts of some of its biggest referents. The last decade has seen many making faucets or derivatives of them, many have grown and others have disappeared. In this case, it seems that this portal has a long way to go. It has currently positioned itself as one of the largest faucet and PPC platform by number of registered users and volume of operations carried out.

Among the most outstanding qualities are the fast registration that we can complete in less than a minute and the simplicity to use the platform. To earn money we have different options such as the main cryptocurrency faucets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether or Cardano among others. Another of the favorite sections for his followers is the viewing of ads via videos. With them you can earn satoshis with extreme simplicity.

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