Opinions about adBTC

What are the opinions about adBTC?

When we look for opinions about adBTC we can find a general comment about the simplicity of getting free satoshis by watching ads. It is not the best portal to earn Bitcoins (BTC) but it is a perfect platform to be on the list that all cryptocurrency followers have.

One of the most repeated opinions in specialized cryptocurrency forums about adBTC is the difficulty in accepting your email. It is a comment that is also repeated in reviews like ours where the study team reflects the same problem.

Below we are going to show some of these opinions about adBTC (https://adbtc.top) that show the general assessment of this portal specialized in PTC (pay per click). In this case by advertisements seen.

👨 Ishmael Sanchez

adBTC is a perfect portal to get satoshis. It’s not the best but since it’s free I don’t care if it’s on my list of sites where I can make money.

👩 Lorraine Baez

It is very complicated to register. In my case I had to try three times with different emails. A bit annoying. Then it’s okay to earn satoshis.

👴 Alvaro Montalvo

A perfect portal to earn free money. You don’t earn much but it all adds up and I hope my earnings will appreciate.

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