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How to create an account in adBTC?

Creating a new adBTC account ( is a quick and easy process that we can complete in just a few minutes. To begin we have to visit their website and click on the registration option that we can find in the top menu of the portal.

After clicking on the link to create an account in adBTC we have to enter our email and a password. This email is vital because we must confirm this account with verification from it by clicking on a link sent by adBTC. This link comes to us a few seconds after creating the account.

Once this process is finished, we can start using all the services offered by the web to get fractions of Bitcoins.

What information do you request to open an adBTC account?

As we have anticipated, the data requested to open a new adBTC account are only the email and a security password. What is important to know is that on this platform they only accept emails from relevant sites such as gmail or similar.

In the case of providing emails of less importance or less security, we will not be able to register. This platform is a pioneer in taking this type of security measures for new registrations.

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