What is adBTC?

adBTC ( is a platform where we can get fractions of Bitcoin (BTC) better known as satoshis for free. Thanks to the enormous growth of the most representative values ​​of the Blockchain sector (block technology), this type of platform has achieved a huge impact with millions of followers spread all over the world.

Currently adBTC has more than 2 million users. This positions it as one of the most relevant portals to get fractions of free Bitcoins by viewing ads and other features.

One of the biggest attractions of the web is the possibility of viewing advertisements to receive small portions of Bitcoin in exchange. The amount we earn with each ad is reflected in advance to have concise information before viewings. Another great advantage of the portal is its simplicity. In just a few minutes we can be registered and start earning satoshis quickly.

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How do we sign up for adBTC?

How do we sign up for adBTC? rubengrcgrc

To register in adBTC we only have to fill in the registration form. In it we have to enter our email and password for future access.

It is important to note that problems with registering are common on this platform. In its early years there were already difficulties with some generic emails like hotmail. Currently the incidents continue and it is also not possible to register with gmail addresses. Therefore, to complete the registration correctly we have to find our own email that is supported by the platform.

These problems with emails are derived from the security systems applied to the platform. The purpose of which is to prevent the same user from opening different accounts with different email addresses that they have in their possession.

How adBTC works?

How adBTC works? rubengrcgrc

The operation of adBTC is really simple. After accessing your portal we will see the main functions in the main menu. With them we can access the vision of ads in video format that carry rewards in satoshis. The more advertising we see, the more income we will receive in this way.

We can view these paid ads in two functions:

  • Surf ads. Where we manually select which ads we want to see based on the satoshis that can be earned
  • Autosurfing. In the function with which we see ads automatically with a direct selection of the portal itself.

Another way to monetize as users on this platform is the affiliate feature. With it we can receive income from users who register with our personal affiliate link. This link can be found in the “affiliates” section that we can find in the side menu of the platform.

Referral system in adBTC

With the adBTC referral system we can easily generate passive income. To do this, they offer us a personal affiliate link that we can share on our social networks, blog or website. Many users get extra income through this route.

With this link we can send new users to the platform and after registering we will take a commission from their earnings without them losing anything. With the affiliation everyone wins. The commissions stipulated for this referral system are as follows:

  • 10% commission from the page links of your referrals
  • 5% commission on the amount spent referrals from advertising

Thanks to these commissions generated by the users sent, you can earn money faster than viewing the ads and solving the captchas. This amount will depend especially on the total number of users sent through our referral link. The greater the number of people sent, the greater our profits will be.

One of the most commented features by web users regarding the affiliate system is the daily classification of those who earn the most satoshis through this referral channel. This information is very useful to know how much the best affiliates earn. This manages to motivate the rest to improve profits in this way.

What are paid referrals?

In a somewhat unusual way, the adBTC portal offers the option to buy referrals directly. Honestly, it is a function that we do not understand and we consider that it is not attractive in the short, medium or long term. It is much more profitable to invest time in getting referrals naturally through our social networks or personal pages to get the maximum number of satoshis (Bitcoin fractions).

What is remarkable is that it is the first platform where we find this option. From a long list of portals studied in the Blockchain sector, there are many that offer the option of an affiliation system through commissions, but we have never seen a function of direct purchase of referrals.

How to withdraw money from adBTC?

How to withdraw money from adBTC? rubengrcgrc

To withdraw money from adBTC we just have to check the “Withdraw” option and mark the amount we want to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal is 5,000 satoshis, so it is necessary to wait a while to reach that amount by watching ads with captchas or through affiliation.

Once we mark the total that we want to withdraw, it is necessary to enter an exclusive Bictoin (BTC) wallet address to send us the final amount. It is important to emphasize that this wallet address must be our property and be Bitcoins in particular. Remember that in exchanges like Binance or Coinbase we have different addresses for the different cryptocurrencies.

This withdrawal process is processed in a few hours depending on the interactions between adBTC and the platforms to which we send the capital.

Opinions of other users

The best place to find opinions of other users about adBTC is obviously the internet. In particular, the forums and countless reviews that publish information about this portal to earn free money by watching advertising. In many of these forums and reviews we found a positive opinion about the platform.

Among the most common comments we find mentions of gratitude for being able to get small fractions of Bitcoin (BTC). It is true that they are small but they are free and in the future they can be revalued to no one knows where.

We also found negative opinions. Especially related to the difficulty of registration. They should improve this access to have a greater and better notoriety among the followers of cryptocurrencies.

In which countries is adBTC available?

The adBTC portal is available in all those countries where it is legal to have cryptocurrencies. They are the majority of the total number of countries in the world but there are exceptions. In many of the countries from which you can have Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency, we can register normally.

Currently, most of the countries in the world lack specific legislation regarding the ownership or trade of cryptocurrencies, but in many of them such legislation is beginning to be prepared. In those in which regulations have already been established in this regard, it is really important to comply with them in detail.

The platform strictly complies with the regulations or legislation of each country. And in those in which the trading or ownership of cryptocurrencies is not allowed, it is not possible to access the web for the safety of all users.

Is adBTC safe?

Is adBTC safe? rubengrcgrc

The security level of adBTC ( is quite acceptable for a platform where you can earn Bitcoins for free. Due to the security systems implemented on the web, it is really difficult to create new accounts. In this way they ensure that each person can open only one profile. Something that benefits the future viability of the portal and therefore all registered users.

One feature of adBTC security that surprises users is the section where they can see the geographic IPs of your account logins. In this way it can be verified quickly and easily that our account remains secure at all times. Honestly, it is a function that we have not seen in other portals and it is really useful information for any Internet user.

In short, we can consider this website as a secure site with “https” addresses in which our data remains safe. A reliable portal to earn free money.

Our opinion on this PTC

Our opinion on this PTC - rubengrcgrc

The general opinion of the adBTC study team is that it is a valid portal to earn fractions of Bitcoin (BTC) quickly and easily. One of the most attractive features to register on the platform and that it is free and not much time is wasted.

Among the most negative factors we highlight the difficulty for registrations. First of all, it is very difficult to find an email that they accept. Something that bothers all users and is reflected in the forums. In addition, as if that were not enough, it is also expensive to verify the accepted emails, which limits some functions within the portal.

In conclusion, it is another portal that we can have on our list of platforms where you can earn free money, but it is not one of the most outstanding.

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