Cryptocurrencies as a trend on the internet. These virtual currencies collect millions of daily searches on Google as a TOP trend in the network. Obviously the most wanted is Bitcoin, but also Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, ect …

The demand for information on faucets such as Freebitcoin, Moon Bitcoin, Moonlitecoin, BonusBitcoin, Bit fun, ect … are also in high demand.

And everything related to cryptocurrencies such as security purses like Coinbase, social networks to operate with them as eToro, ect …


Virtual Purses

Cryptocurrency purses or wallets are the perfect places on the net to buy, sell, trade and store your cryptocurrencies. In them you can operate with complete peace of mind. To do this, these wallets establish double-level passwords. With them, your investments in cryptocurrencies always remain in total safety.


The microwallet is a new format that is not classified as a wallet but is valid and perfectly suitable for storing small fractions of cryptocurrencies accumulated in different internet faucets.


Here are some of the best faucets you can find on the internet. In them you get fractions of cryptocurrencies that although it is true, have a small value, they can be worth much more in the future. And they are free, this is the most relevant point of the faucets that we offer.


The PTC are the portals where we can earn fractions of cryptocurrencies through surveys or viewing ads