IQ Option Broker

Is IQ Option a Broker of CFD?

Yes, IQ Option is a broker that operates through CFD (contracts for differences) with variable leverage depending on the investment products offered. The investment tools offered change according to the residence of registered users. Globally, the range of tools is made up of binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities and quoted funds.

IQ Option Broker offers its products via online and is regulated by CySEC. It currently has more than 25 million registered users spread over more than 150 countries.

Within the sector of brokers that offer investment products traded through CFD, this is one of the most important by number of users and total value of their operations.

How does trading work with IQ Option broker?

The operation of IQOption as a broker is extremely simple. After registering we can start using the demo account to familiarize ourselves with its products and graphics, an essential element in trading operations.

In the broker IQ Option demo account or the real one we only have to mark the category of the investment product to operate. Then we mark the value with which we want to negotiate. Once this step is done, the specific graph of said value appears. When we have clear the operation to be carried out we only have to mark the investment capital and the direction of the operation between raising or lowering. The previous study of the operation to be performed is convenient due to the unawareness of the fluctuations. For any questions or issues you can consult at

The mode of operation is as simple in the PC version as the app intended for mobile devices. The vast majority of the users of this type of products in the network stand out from IQ Option these versions and designs that greatly facilitate the trading functionality.

Frequently asked questions

How to trade in IQ Option broker?

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Where to find the app to start trading with IQ Option broker?

How to make the deposit in IQ Option?

Is there a demo account in IQ Option broker?

IQ Option can be used in India?

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IQ Option can be used in Indonesia?

Where to download the IQ Option broker?

It can be downloaded directly from the IQ Option broker. But first you need to register. This can be done in just three minutes, it is downright simple and fast. When registering, it is essential to upload documents that accredit us to maintain the highest level of security. The portal has the highest standards of encryption and online security. This level of encryption in the data is in favor of all users. Especially for the processes of deposits, withdrawals and taxes in case of obtaining benefits. Therefore, the follow-up of the guidelines indicated by the portal is essential.

You can also download the web application on the two main mobile application download platforms. In Google Play it is located in the investment category and has already been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users for free. It is also found in the Apple Store with a large volume of downloads for IOS devices.

The financial services provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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